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The Dark Descent
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Quest Hub
Discoverable No
Ghostsong Guardian, Ghostsong Ritualist, Ghostsong Witch, Shade, Shade Colossus, Void Rot
The Reach
Lost Valley Barrow
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It was there in the darkness that Lorkh understood. Nothing does not exist. Where there is nothing there is possibility. And so he found a space in the Void where all that is could be. —Vateshran Eoinola
The Dark Descent

The Dark Descent is an ancient cavern located beneath the barrow at Lost Valley Redoubt. The Dark Descent is where the first Ghostsong witch made a bargain with Namira. From then on, the clan was deeply intimate with the Spirit Queen, and would pass the Prophecy of the Dark Heart down through generations. There's a massive pit in the cave which is said to separate the land of the living from that of the dead. Skavengers and the occasional spider scurry across the stone floors.

Related Quests[edit]


The first half of the Dark Descent contains a hallway preceded by a bridge that crosses over a ravine with waterfalls pouring into it. The entrance to the Chamber of the Watchers lies at the eastern end of the long hall. A Ghostsong Witch summons a Shade in the hallway, and a Ghostsong Guardian patrols the staircase leading to the door.

Chamber of the Watchers[edit]

Chamber of the Watchers

Nathari is here with a Ghostsong Witch and Ritualist. She teleports away when you approach. Once her two witch minions are dead, a Shade and a Void Rot are summoned. After you destroy these creatures, a Shade Colossus appears. There are a few urns in this room.

Ritual Cavern[edit]

Ritual Cavern

You must pass through a cavern. In the first tunnel, you'll see a witch summon a Shade Colossus. Her creature subsequently punches her hard enough to send her flying, killing her instantly. Two Shades are summoned on the slope past the doorway beyond the colossus. The cavern opens up in this area, revealing the sacred pit. Two Shades will accost you while you're running down the slope to reach the pit where Nathari performs the ritual. Bradan, Jolnengar, Largruff, Mavlyn and Ferratha are being held captive on a platform nearby. The door to the west leads outside.