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This article is about The effect in combat. For Scribing script, see Taunt (script).

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Taunting is a combat tactic most commonly used by tank builds. It will cause the affected target to attack you instead of your allies. Although some can be completed without a tank, most of the game's 4-player group content is designed with taunting in mind. When one player has taunted an enemy, another player may not taunt them for 15 seconds afterwards. After 15 seconds, the taunt will wear off, which can be disastrous in certain boss battles. Generally speaking, if you are in a group and not playing the tank role, you should avoid using any kind of taunts.

There are a very limited number of ways of taunting enemies. They include:

There is also one set which has a bonus effect that triggers when you taunt an enemy.


  • Taunted enemies can either be tanked (i.e. attacks are absorbed) or kited (i.e. you stay out of attack range).
  • Some enemies perform attacks which cannot be blocked. In situations like this, it's best for non-tanks to roll dodge to avoid these attacks.
  • If an enemy is not taunted, it will usually attack the greatest damage threat.
  • Bringing a taunted enemy outside its leash zone will reset the fight.
  • Originally, it was possible for a single player to trigger an enemy's taunt immunity by applying it three times within 15 seconds. This is no longer the case, meaning taunts can be constantly applied if desired. This was replaced by "taunt immunity", whereby if three players attempted to taunt an enemy within a 12-second period, the enemy would briefly become immune to taunts. These penalties have since been relaxed to be more than five taunts between at least two players in the same 12-second period.