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Location Castle Rilis
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)

Sorondil is an Altmer who can be found at the ruins of Castle Rilis. He is the illegitimate son of High Kinlord Rilis XII and an Altmer woman named Elanwe, and he is determined to prove to his ancestors that he is worthy of the name Rilis.

Sorondil after wearing the helm

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Rightful Inheritance[edit]

After you start the related quest, you find him outside the vaults performing a ritual.

Sorondil: "As heir to the name Rilis, I command the Vaults be open!"
High Kinlord Rilis XII: "Sorondil! Leave this place, bastard. Or face the wrath of my loyal guards!"
Sorondil: "Father! I'm your son! Don't turn me away, it's mine by right!"

Talk to him.

"Banished to Oblivion and the man still won't acknowledge me. Who are you?"
Your mother asked me to—
"Damn it! She doesn't think I can handle myself. I'm a Rilis! The blood of Auridon's greatest warriors flows in my veins."
She mentioned a treasure. What are you looking for?
"The Rilis Helm. It imbues the wearer with the strength of a mighty warrior. It's the birthright of my family. Been in the Rilis line for generations—all the way back to Rilis the First."
I'll get it for you, for your mother's sake.
"No! I mean. You can't. It's in the vault below us. The vault is shut fast by a trio of wards. Each ward is guarded by one of Rilis's loyal captains. And only I know how to lower the wards."
So I'll take out the captains, you take down the wards?
"Fine. Fine. I'll even pay you for your time. Just remember, the helm will only work for a scion of house Rilis. It's no use to the likes of you. Let's go."

Go and defeat the captains of the guard. Sorondil does not seem to like them: "Kill it again! Make it die!" After you defeat them, he'll announce lowering the wards:

"Now I do my part!"
"Nice work! Now, for the ward."
"This ward is going down."

After he lifts the last ward, he'll say, "That's the last of them. Let's get back to the vault entrance."

There waits the worried Elanwe.

Elanwe: "Sorondil, what's happening? What did you do?"
Sorondil: "Don't worry, mother. It's safe now. Trust me."

You need to speak to him once again before entering the vaults.

"The vault is open. Are you ready?"
Yes. Let's go.
"Mother will stay here while we're down in the vault. We will fulfill my destiny!"
Will your mother be safe up here?
"We'll only be down there for a moment. And when I emerge with the helm, I'll be a powerful Rilis warrior. I'll be able to keep her safe for the rest of our lives!"

Inside, he'll say, "Protect me. I'll return the favor once I have my helm." As the two of you proceed through the dungeon, the Rilis ghosts will try to prevent Sorondil from reaching the helm.

High Kinlord Rilis XI: "Wretched child! Leave this place."
Sorondil: "Leave me! I'm a Rilis, and I'm here for what is rightfully mine!"
High Kinlord Rilis XI: "As you wish. Bastard. Guards, take him!"
Sorondil: "No! Stop them!"

Defeat the undead guards.

Sorondil: "Good, good. Let's move on."

Going on, the next ghost appears.

High Kinlord Rilis X: "Rilis has ruled here for centuries. How has that warped, twisted our souls?"
Sorondil: "Stop with your whining. It is my destiny to claim my birthright!"
High Kinlord Rilis X: "Your quest ends here, bastard."
Sorondil: "Damn my ancestors. Help! Protect me!"

Defeat the next wave of skeletons.

Sorondil: "We're almost there. I can feel the power in the air."

The helm is in the next chamber.

Sorondil: "There! The helm! And it's mine. All mine."

He runs to the helm.

Sorondil: "I am! I am a Rilis!"
High Kinlord Rilis IX: "Take it, then. And see what it means to be a Rilis."
Sorondil: "Stand back. And behold the scion of Castle Rilis!"

He takes the helm.

Sorondil: "What's happening to me? Help me! Help! I am. A Rilis!"
High Kinlord Rilis VIII: "We warned you. Tried to stop you."
High Kinlord Rilis VII: "Only those with pure blood can master the helm."
High Kinlord Rilis VI: "Welcome to the family. Slave."
Sorondil: "Not a slave! I'm a Rilis! I'm one of you!"

The ghosts disappear and he transforms into a werewolf. Defeat him, his last words will be, "Mother. I'm sorry."

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