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Help the illegitimate son of a High Kinlord prove himself to his ancestors.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Castle Rilis — Discover the truth of Sorondil's claim at Castle Rilis.
Quest Giver: Fasundil, Caritaale, Relulae, Gilien, or Elanwe
Location(s): Castle Rilis
Reward: Despot's Shoulderplates
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2116
Sorondil lowers one of the wards
A crazy person on the beach directed me toward the bridge into Castle Rilis. Said people claiming to be relatives of Rilis the twelfth were searching through the ruins. I should look into this. [if taken from the beach]
Elanwe's son, Sorondil, is the illegitimate son of the deceased High Kinsman Rilis XII. Sorondil has come to these ruins to retrieve a great treasure and his inheritance. [if taken from Elanwe]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Speak to one of multiple crazy people on the beach, Fasundil, Caritaale, Relulae, Gilien, or directly from Elanwe, to start the quest.
  2. Speak to Elanwe.
  3. Find Sorondil.
  4. Defeat the three guardians and let Sorondil lower the wards.
  5. Enter the vaults of Castle Rilis.
  6. Follow Sorondil until he finds the helm.
  7. Defeat Sorondil.
  8. Return to Elanwe.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The beaches of the island containing Castle Rilis are populated by several crazy people, Fasundil, Caritaale, Relulae, Gilien. If you speak to them, they will insist "This is MY beach!" and complain about Elanwe and her son Sorondil, who are searching through the ruins of Castle Rilis, claiming that they are relatives to High Kinlord Rilis XII - something the people find suspicious. Alternately, you can start the quest by speaking to Elanwe.

You will find Elanwe near the castle's bridge. She will explain that she was a mistress of High Kinlord Rilis XII, and that her son, Sorondil, is trying to prove that he is a Rilis, and that she is afraid he will get himself killed. You will find Sorondil across the bridge, performing a ritual that ends in his departed father insulting him. He explains that he wants to get into the vaults of Castle Rilis in order to find a helm that has been in the family since the first Rilis, as he believes it will make him a great warrior and a true Rilis. He agrees to let you dispatch guards while he takes out the wards blocking entry to the vault.

There are three wards: the Eastern, Southern, and Western wards. They are guarded by Rilis ancestors named Arame, Ralimbar, and Taarulae. When each is defeated, Sorondil will lower the ward that they were protecting. Once all three are lowered, you will be able to enter the vaults of Castle Rilis. As Sorondil travels through the vaults, his ancestors will mock him and warn him away. He finally finds it, and refuses to heed his ancestors' warnings, instead insisting that he is a Rilis and putting the helm on. He quickly realizes that he has made a grave error: he cannot control its power. His last words are "Mother, I'm sorry," and then he is transformed into a werewolf. You must defeat him, and then return to Elanwe to break the bad news to her. Along the way, you will learn that Sorondil isn't the only one who met an ill fate with the Rilis Helm: the ghosts of several other ancestors will tell the stories of what happened to their relatives who tried to wear it.

Elanwe will understandably be upset at her son's death, and you can either lie about how he died or tell the truth that the helm overwhelmed him. She will thank you for listening to her plea and reward you. Once this quest is completed, Castle Rilis' objective will be marked as completed on your map.

Quest Stages[edit]

Rightful Inheritance
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Elanwe
Hidden Objective: Find Sorondil
Objective: Wait for Sorondil to Complete Ritual
Hidden Objective: Lower Eastern Ward
Objective: Defeat Arame
Objective: Wait for Sorondil to Lower Ward
Hidden Objective: Lower Western Ward
Objective: Defeat Taarulae
Hidden Objective: Lower Southern Ward
Objective: Defeat Ralimbar
Objective: Travel with Sorondil
Objective: Talk to Sorondil
Objective: Return to Vault Entrance
Objective: Enter Castle Vault
Objective: Follow Sorondil
Objective: Defeat Sorondil
Objective: Return to Elanwe
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