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Discover the purpose of the Dominion's extractor at Hatching Pools.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Hatching Pools — Determine the Dominion's purpose in Hatching Pools.
Quest Giver: Strange Device
Location(s): Hatching Pools
Reward: Hatching's Keepsake Torc
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
A strange device...
I found a strange device in the Dominion camps at Hatching Pools. The instructions for its use were signed "Alchemist Ruuvitar."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Examine the instructions for the strange device.
  2. Collect giant wasp larvae and hist sap.
  3. Test the poultice on a jungle plant.
  4. Find a Keeper of the Shell.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A strange device can be found on a cart at the northeast corner of the Xanmeer that comprises the Hatching Pools. Investigate it.

<This strange contraption is surprisingly heavy and would take several people to move. You spot a half-opened satchel nearby.>
<Search the satchel.>
<Inside you find a list of instructions and several strips of white linen. The signature on the instructions reads "Alchemist Ruuvitar.">
<Take the contents of the satchel.>

If you examine it again:

<This strange contraption is surprisingly heavy and would take several people to move.>

While standing near the strange device, interact with the empty air to read the List of Instructions found in the satchel. The instructions require Hist sap and larvae from giant wasps. Aldmeri Dominion soldiers that carry a Phial of Hist Sap will be marked with a waypoint when you approach them. Phials of Hist sap can be found in tents around the Dominion's camps at the Pools. Giant Wasp Larvae can be found whenever you loot Wasp Nests (inhabited by Swarming Wasps) that have spawned around the area.

Once you have the needed supplies, the Poultice will automatically be brewed. You'll now have to locate a suitable jungle plant to test it on. All such plants are marked with waypoints; approach any one of them and interact with it. Using the poultice on it will rapidly kill it.

Armed with this knowledge, locate Keeper Keel-Lurash along the inner perimeter of the Hatching Pools; you'll find her in armor, surrounded by dead Dominion soldiers. Speak to her to complete the quest:

"The kagouti walk amongst the guar, but do not hunt unless the guar strays from her herd. Then wooden wasps would fly, bringing the guar down to the mud."
The Dominion created poultices to harm the hist.
"The kagouti gore the Hist to drink its sap. In the Hamlet, a Tree dies screaming. In the Mire, a Tree goes mad.
The guar watch the kagouti, but do not understand."
These instructions should explain.
"A weapon once gifted to the wasp-children! Bound in blood, it slips through the Hist's dreams. Tree-blood burns, and Tree dies a lonely death, removed from its sisters.
The guar thanks the mighty wamasu for its mercy."

Quest Stages[edit]

Outside Interference
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Examining the instructions closely may prove illuminating.
Objective: Examine Extractor Instructions
Instructions for the device include a list of ingredients for a poultice to be used on a Hist tree. Creating one may reveal its purpose. Giant Wasps live nearby and the Dominion is sure to be in possession of the Hist sap I need.
Objective: Collect Giant Wasp Larvae: 0/3
Objective: Collect Hist Sap
Testing the poultice on a living plant might reveal its purpose without endangering the Hist.
Objective: Test Poultice on a Jungle Plant
The plant died when I applied the Dominion's poultic [sic]. It would likely do the same to a living Hist tree. I should inform a Keeper of the Shell in Hatching Pools.
Objective: Inform a Keeper of the Shell
Finishes quest☑ Keeper Keel-Lurash seemed quite interested in the poultice. I should speak to her further.
Objective: Talk to Keeper Keel-Lurash
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