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Home Settlement Shor's Stone
Location Shor's Stone Mine, Taarengrav, Trolhetta
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Companions

Narir is a Nord miner working at the Shor's Stone Mine. After the attack by the Boneshaper Clan Reachmen, he decided to join the Companions.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Move out Miners[edit]

If you haven't started the quest, you will find him trapped by vines. If he is the first miner to be rescued, he will ask to be freed so he can defend Shor's Stone and will reveal his other mining colleagues that need to be rescued:

"I can't stay here!"
What did they do to you?
"Just held me with these vines, so far. Get them off me and I'll join the defense, if I can reach the surface."
I'll get you out. Is anyone else down here?
"Yes! They led Jaknir, Adana, and Raena away through the mines. Please find them.
I will. Get going.

If he was not the first miner rescued:

"I don't want to die down here. What will my brother do without me?"
Hold on, I'll get you free.
"I've got to get out of here. Got to find my brother!"
Go, find him!

Once freed:

Narir: "I need to get out of here. Those shamans are looking for some long-dead monster!"

Speaking to him outside the mine after the quest is completed:

"What would Lodunn have done without me, eh? He'd be dead for sure."


When Sinmur is released from his tomb:

"I can't believe this. Shor's Stone ruined and the Companions' Hall overrun!"
Narir in medium armor

Storming the Hall[edit]

If you choose to follow Vigrod, he will order Narir and Lodunn to move out to Fallowstone Hall:

Vigrod Wraithbane:"Get moving, lads. I'll be right behind you."
Narir:"Yes sir!"
Lodunn:"Let's go, brother!"

The brothers will be at the outskirts of the hall to help retake it from the Reachmen.

After exiting out of the vault, you will find Narir mourning his fallen companions in the courtyard.

To Taarengrav[edit]

Narir will be a part of the group of Companions that arrived to assist the delvers at Taarengrav. After you helped Netapatuu and his team protect Hakra, you will be sent to Narir to assist his team against the Worm Cult:

"My friend, I'm glad to see you again. We could have used you here."
What's happened here?
"The Worm Cult made a mess of this dig site. We arrived in time to blunt their first assault, but they'll be back. I don't know if we'll live through another one, but I won't abandon these people."

A Grave Situation[edit]

Holgunn will also direct you to Narir from Honrich Tower. You can complete this quest and the previous simultaneously.

"My friend, I'm glad to see you again. We could have used you here."
Holgunn was worried when you didn't report back in.
"I told him I could handle this, but Taarengrav is overrun with cultists. Perhaps with your help, we might have a chance to turn the tide."

The Shackled Guardian[edit]

He is assisting an injured soldier named Aelakja when you arrive on the scene. When you approach, he encourages her to stay conscious.

"You're going to make it, soldier. Stay with me."

Speak with him:

Met before
First meeting
"My friend, I'm glad to see you again. We could have used you here."
"You'd best move on. Taarengrav isn't safe."

If you accepted the quest from Raynor further up the road:

I'm here to help.
"In that case, I'll take any help I can get.
We tracked the Worms from Stony Basin. Got here just ahead of the cult. I guess that's why some of the delvers still live. And a few of my men."

If you're accepting the quest from Narir:

I can help. Let me.
"I'll take any help I can get.
We tracked the Worms from Stony Basin. Got here just ahead of the cult. I guess that's why some of the delvers still live. And a few of my men."

He will mention that the Worm Cultists killed the delving team in the ruins to get a hold of their notes and he insists to not let those notes fall in the cult's hand and to save as many survivors as possible:

Why did the cult attack a ruin?
"The delvers found an ancient puzzle and gathered notes about it - clues. The Worms killed the delvers to get their notes. Whatever they're after, we can't let them get it.
Save who you can, but we need those notes."
I'll take care of it.

You can ask him more about the task after accepting the quest:

"The Worms won't stand a chance. I hope some of my men still live down there."
Tell me more about the ruin and the Worm Cult's purpose here.
"We know precious little about their plans, other than we have to stop them. But I'll tell you what I know."
You mentioned a puzzle. What's it like?
"Doors. Lots and lots of doors. With some old runes above them, the kind you see at these mounds. We tried lots of them, but they never seemed to lead anywhere."
What do the cultists want down there?/What do you think the Worm Cult is up to?
"I'm not entirely sure. That pretty delver, Kireth. She translated some of the old runes and we got to talking. I wonder if she's all right?
Anyway, she said the runes talked about a guardian. Something or someone powerful."
What is this place?
"It's a dragon mound. The old dragon cult used to do horrible things here. So goes the legends, anyway. The dusty old bastards still walk around down there, too. Protect their old secrets."

Return to him after completing the quest and he'll be treating Daneras' wounds:

"With Valdur on our side once again, who will stand against us? Any time you need it, my blade is yours."

Securing the Pass[edit]

He will be at the Pact camp at Trolhetta. If you speak to him before speaking to Jorunn, he'll say:

"Trolhetta has been a slaughterhouse. So many have fallen."

Names of the Fallen[edit]

When you collect seven amulets of fallen Pact soldiers, you will return to Narir back at the base of Trolhetta where you will give him the amulets:

"We must not forget the names of our valiant fallen."
I've collected amulets from the bodies of fallen Pact soldiers.
"I'll make sure the families of the fallen get these. It should give them some closure at least."

After the quest:

"Thank you for collecting these. I'll give them to the families of the fallen."


  • After being rescued from the mine, Narir will appear twice in Shor's Stone at different positions. ?
  • After completing The Shackled Guardian quest, Narir will appear twice at the Delver camp. ?