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Put an end to the Khajiiti upstart threatening the Argonian captain.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Alten Corimont — Investigate the Dominion's influence in Alten Corimont.
Quest Giver: One-Eye
Location(s): Alten Corimont, Tsanji's Hideout
Prerequisite Quest: Warm Welcome
Next Quest: A Pirate Parley
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1837 XP
One-Eye wants to get rid of Tsanji, the Khajiit in Alten Corimont. Since the Khajiit is running Dominion supply lines, her sudden demise would benefit both One-Eye and the rest of Shadowfen.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to One-Eye in the captain's quarters of the Blasted Breton.
  2. Question the three pirates on the Alten Corimont docks.
  3. Enter Tsanji's Hideout and find Tsanji.
  4. Talk to S'jash.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When starting the quest, your conversation with One-Eye will continue from where it left off when you finished Warm Welcome:

"So now we understand each other. My problems are your problems.
The crews in this town are loyal to one thing: gold. This Khajiit has been buying a little too much loyalty. She might even think she can threaten my power."
What can you do about it?
"Me? I won't do anything. However, someone else could deliver a good lesson.
The docks crawl with foreign 'merchants' tempting the local crews with their sweet High Elf gold. A little bloodshed will send them a message."
You want me to beat up some pirates?
"Fah! They're no good to me injured. But the Dominion lackeys are another matter.
Put the fear of One-Eye and her crew into them. That should loosen some tongues. Then find out where our Khajiit is hiding."
Not a problem.

You need to speak to three pirates out on the docks — Burnscar, Shumishun, and Uzurnarr — and convince them to cooperate with your investigation. Most of them are in the presence of Dominion troops. Killing Dominion troops will frighten the pirates into cooperating, but if you can reach them without encountering the Dominion, you can intimidate or persuade them instead. Together, the three pirates will give you your target's location -- a trapdoor inside of a warehouse -- and a key to get inside.

Go to the warehouse. One-Eye and Senil will arrive shortly after, and the former will remark, "Here all along, was it? By Sithis, it was right under my feet!" She'll add, "It's about time someone paid that Khajiit a visit."

With that, enter the trapdoor to Tsanji's Hideout, and kill Tsanji and her pet, K'dels. Once they're dead, another Khajiit, S'jash, will run up to you. Speak to him:

"This Khajiit is not here to challenge. You have won your right to lead. All here will follow you, if you spare them!"
Who are you, and what are you talking about?
"You have come to challenge for leadership, yes? That is why Tsanji is dead, and you are not. You will be the new gang boss, if you ... uh, decide not to kill us.
Let me show you our usefulness! You desire the riches offered by the Dominion, yes?"
Yes. One-Eye wanted me to bring that back to her.
"We do not have it, not yet. Tsanji hasn't met with the High Elf to get our cut. But if you could take it, like you took the life of Tsanji ...
Let us talk above ground, where it's safer. The others may not see you as their leader yet."

Follow S'jash up a nearby ladder, across the room from where you entered, and speak to him again to complete the quest:

"You're here to make a deal, right?
We show you the Dominion's treasure ship, you take their prize, and we all stay alive. Much better than the alternative!"
So you propose a partnership, then?
"Partnership? Not much choice, is there? We can aid you in exchange for our lives. We can help you get our treasure for One-Eye.
If you're on One-Eye's good side, this is better for all of us."

Quest Stages[edit]

Last One Standing
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The pirates consorting with Dominion troops on the docks of Alten Corimont know where Tsanji is holed up. If I show them I mean business by smashing a few heads, they may be more amenable to talking.
Objective: Question the Pirates on the Docks: 0 / 3
Objective Hint: Kill Dominion to Impress the Pirates
I got the information I needed from the pirates working for Tsanji, along with the key I needed to get in to [sic] the warehouse on the docks. I need to go to the warehouse and find the trapdoor to her hideout.
Objective: Go to the Warehouse
One-Eye wants me to kill Tsanji in her hideout. Hopefully, that will stop the trafficking of Dominion supplies into Shadowfen.
Objective: Kill Tsanji and Take the Dominion's Treasure
In the underground hideout, a Khajiit approached me, right after killing his leader. I should speak to him and find out what he wants.
Objective: Talk to S'jash
The treasure One-Eye expected to be in the Khajiit's hideout was not there. A pirate named S'jash said he and his gang would be willing to help me track it down, if I spared them. I should follow him out of the hideout and up the ladder.
Objective: Talk to S'jash Outside Tsanji's Hideout