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Kinlady Avinisse
Home Settlement Shimmerene
House Kinlady Avinisse's Mansion
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Kinlady Avinisse

Kinlady Avinisse is an Altmer noblewoman and the ruler of Shimmerene. She hates Ayrenn's decree to open up Summerset Isles, and invited Aldarch Tilcalar to help her screen the new immigrants to the city.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Queen's Decree[edit]

When entering the garden party, she'll make an announcement to her guests:

"We all have concerns regarding the Queen's decree. I assure you that I am working with Aldarch Tilcalar to safeguard the sanctity of Shimmerene and all of Summerset."
"Enjoy the food and drink. Business of the city requires my attention, but I shall rejoin you shortly."

You can find her on the upper floor of her mansion, in the large bedroom. As you approach, she exclaims, "How dare you barge into my home without so much as a by your leave!" She then continues:

"No, I refuse to deal with one of the Queen's guests—especially not in my own home! How did you get in here, by the way? No, Never mind that. Since you found your way in, I assume you can find your way back out.
Before I call the guards."
Why do you oppose the Queen's decree?
"Oh, such innocence! You really want to know why I oppose the Queen's order to allow newcomers to enter Summerset?
Because I'm trying to protect both the island and the newcomers. It's in everyone's best interest that we maintain a separation."
And the Aldarch agrees with your efforts to protect the island and the newcomers?
"Aldarch Tilcalar... came highly recommended. He has grand plans for protecting Shimmerene. Grand plans.
Unfortunately, in my haste to deal with the Queen's decree, I may have made an error in judgement."
An error in judgement?
"Not that it's any concern of yours, but my chancellor has been unable to verify the Aldarch's existence prior to when we met and I recommended him for the position at the monastery.
I assure you, Kinlord Milunthel praised Tilcalar to no end."
And were you aware that the Aldarch's monks are killing the newcomers under the monastery?
"That's preposterous! Aldarch Tilcalar sequesters the newcomers to ascertain their suitability for life in Summerset.
Those who pass will find a place here. As for the rest, they'll be returned to wherever they came from. That's what we agreed to."
It sounds like you should see for yourself what's happening at the monastery.

After you finish talking to the Kinlady, Galmelor arrives with an important message:

Galmelor: "My Lady, one of the monks said to deliver this message. It's from the Aldarch himself."
Kinlady Avinisse: "The Coral Forest? An odd location for a meeting, but I need to hear the Aldarch's explanation."

When you go to search the Coral Forest, you will witness Avinisse confronting Tilcalar regarding about killing the newcomers:

Kinlady Avinisse: "Murder? That wasn't part of the plan, Aldarch!"
Aldarch Tilcalar: "You know nothing of the plan, you fool. Let me give you a taste of what the Prince of Bargains has in store for this pitiful world."

After dealing with Tilcalar, Razum-dar apprehends the protesting Kinlady:

Razum-dar: "Ah, five-claw! The Kinlady and Raz had the most illuminating conversation."
Kinlady Avinisse: "You can't treat me like some sort of criminal, you horrid creature!"

You have the option to speak to Avinisse before traveling to Artaeum. She sounds devastated, asking you:

"Have you come to gloat? To kick me while I wallow in my own misery? Well, go ahead. I deserve it."
How did you get involved with Aldarch Tilcalar?
"I met him at Kinlord Milunthel's party in Alinor. We had similar ideas about the Queen's decree and I recommended that he lead the monastery.
Summerset isn't a stew pot, and the various races aren't ingredients to be sprinkled in like so much spice."
So you knew he planned to kill the newcomers?
"What a hateful accusation! Tilcalar told me he was going to send them back where they came from. I had no idea he planned to kill them. I give you my word. I just wanted the newcomers to go away.
And to find out he worshiped Daedra! How crude!"
Do all of the monks at the monastery worship Daedra?
"I certainly hope not! We'll have to get the Divine Prosecution in there to gather up the monks Tilcalar brought with him to Shimmerene. We can't have Daedric cultists desecrating a holy site.
I suppose I need to beg for mercy from the Proxy Queen."
That would probably be for the best.

A New Alliance[edit]

After saving the Crystal Tower, it falls to you to convince the Sapiarchs to take on outside help to prevent such disasters in the future. To help make the argument, Kinlady Avinisse will provide character testimony:

Kinlady Avinisse: "I will vouch for this adventurer. While I was blinded by prejudice and hate, their actions saved Shimmerene."


After completing the main quest, she'll say:

"I've had a lot of time to reflect on my actions in Shimmerene. To truly see how I let my prejudice blind me.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still not pleased that we've opened our borders. But if my home is changing, then so must I."