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Class Nightblade
Role DamageON-icon-role-Damage.png
Primary Stat Magicka
Suggested Weapon(s) Destruction Staff
Suggested Armor Light Armor
Sap the life-force from unsuspecting victims and use shadows to cast deadly spells.

Deathweaver is one of the builds for the Nightblade class designed for dealing Damage, with Magicka as their primary stat. It combines class skills with Destruction Staff and Light Armor, so this is the recommended choice of equipment for this build.

Recommended Skills[edit]

Skill Prerequisites
Assassination Shadow Siphoning Light
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Strife.png Strife 1
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Assassin's Blade.png Assassin's Blade 1
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Wall of Elements (Frost).png Wall of Elements 4
ON-icon-skill-Shadow-Refreshing Shadows.png Refreshing Shadows I 8
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Recovery.png Recovery I 2
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Evocation.png Evocation I 6
ON-icon-skill-Morph.pngON-icon-skill-Assassination-Impale.png Impale Assassin's Blade IV
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Death Stroke.png Death Stroke 12
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Penetrating Magic.png Penetrating Magic I 10
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Tri Focus.png Tri Focus I 5
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Touch (Frost).png Destructive Touch 14
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Recovery.png Recovery II 10
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Magicka Flood.png Magicka Flood I 14
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Spell Warding.png Spell Warding I 14
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Executioner.png Executioner I 14
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Penetrating Magic.png Penetrating Magic II 17
ON-icon-skill-Shadow-Refreshing Shadows.png Refreshing Shadows II 18
ON-icon-skill-Shadow-Path of Darkness.png Path of Darkness 20
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Evocation.png Evocation II 30
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Cripple.png Cripple 20
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Soul Siphoner.png Soul Siphoner I 22
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Annulment.png Annulment 22
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Pressure Points.png Pressure Points I 22
Skill Prerequisites
Assassination Siphoning Light
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Executioner.png Executioner II 27
ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Magelight.png Magelight 2
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Siphoning Strikes.png Siphoning Strikes 30
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Magicka Flood.png Magicka Flood II 27
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Ancient Knowledge.png Ancient Knowledge I 28
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Recovery.png Recovery III 30
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Spell Warding.png Spell Warding II 34
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Grim Focus.png Grim Focus 42
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Tri Focus.png Tri Focus II 34
ON-icon-skill-Assassination-Pressure Points.png Pressure Points II 36
ON-icon-skill-Morph.pngON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Clench.png Destructive Clench Destructive Touch IV
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Soul Siphoner.png Soul Siphoner II 36
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Prodigy.png Prodigy I 38
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Transfer.png Transfer I 39
ON-icon-skill-Morph.pngON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Inner Light.png Inner Light Magelight IV
ON-icon-skill-Morph.pngON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Siphoning Attacks.png Siphoning Attacks Siphoning Strikes IV
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Concentration.png Concentration I 42
ON-icon-skill-Morph.pngON-icon-skill-Assassination-Merciless Resolve.png Merciless Resolve Grim Focus IV
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Ancient Knowledge.png Ancient Knowledge II 46
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Prodigy.png Prodigy II 46
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Elemental Storm.png Elemental Storm 50
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Transfer.png Transfer II 50
ON-icon-skill-Light Armor-Concentration.png Concentration II 50

Compatible Builds[edit]

Assassin's Blade Siphoning Strikes no conflicts no conflicts
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