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Help a young man prove others that fate can be changed.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Quest Giver: Palbatan
Location(s): Brass Fortress; Slag Town, Vale of Tiers
Reward: Oracular Sandals
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
The people of Slag Town apparently seek predictions about the future from a factotum known as the Grand Prognosticator. Kamid, whose mother died during the last pilgrimage, plans to prove that the oracle is a fraud.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Palbatan.
  2. Speak to Kamid.
  3. Speak to Kamid at the Vale of Tiers.
  4. Find a working Animo Core.
  5. (Optional) Look for signs of Kamid's mother.
  6. (Optional) Use the Passphrase.
  7. Wait for Kamid to speak to prognosticator.
  8. Speak to Kamid.
  9. Meet Kamid in Brass Fortress.
  10. Speak to Palbatan.
  11. Meet Kamid at the wrecked merchant site.
  12. Defeat Gear Grinder.
  13. Return to Kamid.
  14. Speak to Kamid inside Slag Town.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Both at the Vale of Tiers and at the wrecked caravan site, Kamid can be intimidated into assisting you.

Quest Stages[edit]

Cogs of Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Palbatan asked me to go to the Outlaws Refuge in Slag Town and talk to Kamid. He wants me to find out what the young man is planning and see if I can help him and keep him safe.
Objective: Talk to Kamid
Kamid plans to find the Grand Prognosticator and destroy it to show his people that they can determine their own fates. He asked me to meet him at the Vale of Tiers.
Objective: Meet Kamid at the Vale of Tiers
Kamid wants to activate the Grand Prognosticator so he can prove that it lies. To do that, he asked me to descend into the Vale of Tiers and acquire a working animo core from a roaming factotum.
Objective: Find a Working Animo Core
Optional Step: Look for Signs of Kamid's Mother
Optional Step: Use the Passphrase
I acquired a working animo core. I should return to Kamid and see if we can use it to activate the Grand Prognosticator.
Objective: Talk to Kamid
Optional Step: Use the Passphrase
Kamid asked me to insert the animo core into the machine to power up the factotum. Then he can ask it to reveal his fortune.
Objective: Place the Animo Core
The Grand Prognosticator provided a fortune to Kamid that matches the ones given to all the pilgrims from Slag Town. It couldn't furnish me with a fortune, however. I should talk to Kamid and see what he thinks.
Objective: Talk to Kamid
Kamid plans to recover a lost treasure to change his fate. We need to return to the Brass Fortress and find Palbatan, who Kamid believes knows the secret for locating the treasure.
Objective: Meet Kamid in the Brass Fortress
Now that I'm back in the Brass Fortress, I should locate Palbatan and see what he can tell Kamid and me about the lost treasure of the Radius.
Objective: Talk to Palbatan
Palbatan provided us with the location of the wrecked caravan where Kamid hopes to recover a lost treasure. We just need to get past the fabricant called Gear Grinder and search the area.
Objective: Find the Merchants Lost Treasure
Optional Step: Meet Kamid Near the Wreckage
I recovered the treasure. Now to turn it over to Kamid.
Objective: Talk to Kamid
The lost treasure of the Radius consists of valuable spices that Kamid can sell for a small fortune in a metallic desert like Clockwork City. He asked me to meet him back in Slag Town to settle our accounts.
Objective: Meet Kamid in Slag Town
☑Finishes quest We found the lost treasure. Kamid claims that the treasure—crates of spices—is extremely valuable in the Clockwork City since nothing organic grows here. He wants me to meet him back in Slagtown for my reward.
Objective: Talk to Kamid

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