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Hi there. Im creating a page so that this doesn't appear as a redlink.

I'm Timeoin. Please to meet you. I'm a long time fan of the elder scrolls series.

I've got over 100,000 edits under my belt over various wikis (not as many on here, but it'll come with time).

Obsessed fan of the Elder Scrolls series.

Former Admin of a number of different wikis, including one which won't be named here.

Useful Links[edit]

{{Map Link|21919}} (On an Online: namespace page)

Image links: Template:Cleanimage - use when image needs cleaning up.

To Do[edit]

To Do:

  • Add List of where to acquire Motifs.
  • Update Patch Notes. - PC Up to date. (For now)
  • Unique Creatures lists very outdated!!
  • Add creature lists:
    • Locations (excluding uniques)
    • Quests (excluding uniques)
    • Unique versions
    • Variations (i.e. generic). (e.g. Clannfear variation = Dread Clannfear.
  • Add data from ESO Morrowind.
    • including dialogue.
  • Faction Data.
  • Add loot data to creature pages. ("drops" in Online NPC Summary Template)
  • Add {{Mod Header|Morrowind}} (And others) to relevant pages.
  • ESO "loottype" - A seemingly neverending project.
  • ESO character health - {{ESO Health}}.
  • ESO combat classes - and attacks.
  • ESO Map Links - Add for Lorebook locations.
  • Thieves Troves, etc.
  • Fishing - use maps to add the links for the different fishing types. (Particularly foul water)
  • Add locations to Auridon Quest Items and other zone pages. Most are missing locations where quest items can be found.
  • once find consensus page for ESO format - create a subpage for proposed style for Elder Scrolls Online pages. (If anyone reading can link me, that would be greatly appreciated.)
  • Create "people" subpages, for cities.
  • Remove "level" and "soul" references from relevant infoboxes (hasn't been in ESO for over a year now)


Experience Gibberish[edit]

  • (((x / (cap ^ 0.995)) + 0.085) * 400000) if x ≤ cap
  • (((x / (cap ^ 0.995)) + 0.085) * 400000 * 1.5) if x > cap

Contact Me[edit]

Any questions - let me a message, or ping me on discord. Other than that, hit me up on FB, I guess?