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This template stores the standard Health values for ESO NPCs and creatures, and includes a multiplier based on the NPC/creature strength. Calling the template with a defined multiplier type produces the health value for an NPC/creature with that multiplier.


ESO Health
Parameter Scope Description
1 required See list below.
2 deprecated The level of the NPC/creature.
Health Type
Weak (w) = 13846
Below Average (ba) = 29870
Average (a) = 31364
Above Average (aa) = 34501
Strong (s) = 60370
Justice/Friendly Low (jnl/fl) = 25974
Justice/Friendly High (jnh/fh) = 39959
Justice Very High (jvh) = 59939
No-Combat Friendly (ncf) = 15000
Delve Boss Low (dbl) = 66924
Delve Boss High (dbh) = 127470
World Boss (wb) = 1846117
Guard (g) = 10229568 (Invulnerable)
  • Their health value is shown in-game as 10229568, but the value is meaningless as reducing it to 0 will not kill them.


Average NPC
{{ESO Health|a}}


Weak NPC
{{ESO Health|w}}