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Due to the sensitive nature of this template or the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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This template provides a uniform look for all Elder Scrolls Online location pages, and should be used at the top of the pages for any dungeons, settlements, campsites, houses, or other locations. It automatically fills in the breadcrumb trails, primary image, and primary description. The description is also made available for other templates, such as {{Place Link}}.


Note that several parameters are case-insensitive for backwards compatibility. Lower-case parameters are customary for templates. Parameters marked as being "autolinked" can be provided either as links or plain text and will convert plain text to links.

Online Place Summary
Parameter Scope Description
type required Any sensible term, for example, "Cave", "Fort", "City", "House", "Store", "Inn", "Guildhall". Used in infobox title and trail.
class optional Gameplay classification of the location, for example, "Quest Hub", "Unmarked", "Explorable", "Delve", "Striking Locale". Used in infobox subtitle and trail.
addtrail optional Used to add additional categories to the trail. Must start with /.
required A description of the location. Use skipdesc=y to omit the description, useful on pages where more than one Place Summary is being used, for example.
addabove optional Any text to be added above the description. A space is automatically added after addabove. This should generally only be used for descriptive text and should not contain tables or images that would be better placed outside the template call.
addbelow optional Any text to be added between the title and the description. A space is automatically added before the text unless addbelow starts with a comma. This should generally be used for alternative names or other text that belongs before the description.
is/are optional Define as anything to change from Place is <description> to Place are <description>.
image required The name of an image file for this place (without "File:" or [[brackets]]). If this parameter is missing, a {{NeedsImage}} banner will automatically be added to the quest article. In cases where an image is truly never needed, set image to "none".
imgdesc optional Description of image. Optional, but should usually be provided with image.
titlename optional Name of place, used in infobox title and description sentence. Defaults to LABELNAME.
optional Name of location on the Online Map. Defaults to LABELNAME - set to "none" to omit this field. Use skipmap=y to disable the link if the mapname is required for another template, such as {{Place Link}} or {{ESO Alliances}}. Note: if no map is to be linked at all, use mapname=none instead of skipmap.
mapx optional If mapname cannot be used for some reason, the location of a place can be specified using mapx and mapy. These are coordinates taken directly from the relevant map.
mapy optional See mapx.
mapworld optional Name or ID of the world to use in the map link. Will default to "zone" or "settlement". Use to override these defaults.
lorepage optional Name (or full link) to a Lore page with more information on the location.
basepage optional The base name of the page to use when checking the links at the bottom of the infobox. For example, with a basepage of Necrom, Apocrypha will show the Necrom links of Achievements and Fish instead of using links starting with Apocrypha. (Default: PAGENAME)
achievementspage optional Override the achievements link. This should be the name of the page without the Online: prefix. (Default: basepage Achievements)
anglerpage optional Override the angler or master angler ("Fish") link. This should be the name of the page without the Online: prefix. (Default: basepage Angler and basepage Master Angler are both checked)
antiquitiespage optional Override the antiquities link. This should be the name of the page without the Online: prefix. (Default: basepage Antiquities)
bookspage optional Override the books link. This should be the name of the page without the Online: prefix. (Default: basepage Books)
level deprecated The level, or level range, that the content of this location is designed for. If this parameter is in use, it should not currently be removed, as it may be useful in the future.
battle_level deprecated The level to which players are battle-leveled in zones where battle leveling exists. Only available on zone pages.
deprecated Champion Point equivalent of level for Cadwell zones. Only available on zone pages.
discoverable optional Does this place have a map icon that can be discovered? Leave blank if this place is a Zone or building.
completion optional How does this place get marked as "complete"? Is there a location objective to fulfill, or is it a dungeon that needs to be cleared? If the location cannot be completed, enter "none". Leave blank if this place is a Zone or building.
dungeon optional Does this place count towards Dungeons Achievements? Required if the place has a loading screen and is not an Overworld Zone. Leave blank if this place does not have a loading screen.
zones optional Number of zones at location.
skyshard optional Number of Skyshards at this location.
owned optional Is this place owned by someone? Can take "Yes"/"No" or the name of the owner if known.
restricted optional Is this place a restricted area (somewhere in which Trespassing is a crime)?

optional List of people with functions at the location.

optional Corresponding headings to use for job parameters. Defaults to "Innkeeper" for Inns, "Magister" or "Steward" for Guildhalls, and "Proprietor" for anything else.
occupants optional Type of occupants.
hub optional The main player hub of a zone. This is the city with any or all of the following services: bank, outlaws refuge, guildhalls, crafting sites, navigator transport.
treasure optional Listing of important treasures.
zoneheader optional Header to use with zone. Defaults to "Zone", or "Zones" if zone2 is provided.
alliance optional The Alliance in which the place can be found (Base Game Zones only).
chapter optional The Chapter in which the place was originally introduced.
allegiance optional The faction which controls the place, if not otherwise defined by the alliance or zone.
nocat optional Set to anything to omit the categories automatically added by zone and other fields.
optional Name of the zone(s) in which the place can be found. Autolinked.
subzone optional Name of the subzone in which the place can be found. Autolinked.
safe optional Indicates a "safe zone" in a PvP area by changing the corner icon. The text entered here is displayed when hovering over the icon.
settlement optional Name of settlement in which the place can be found. Autolinked. Used by maplink to display the settlement map instead of the zone map.
location optional Where this place is located. (Optional if settlement is used.)
coords optional Coordinates of place.
services optional A list of services in a settlement, starting with * . Use only if there is no Shops and Services section for that settlement; otherwise add *''See [[#Shops and Services|Shops and Services]]''
houses optional A list of houses in a settlement, starting with *
realms optional A list of Connected Realms, starting with *
other optional A list of other buildings in a settlement, starting with *
notrail optional Specify any value to omit trail at top-left of screen. Defaults to omitted on User and Template pages.
marker_icon optional Name of icon used for this place on the map. Icon will be added to the title of the infobox.
marker_id optional Name of an icon in the -mapicon- set.
noiconsave optional Set to 1 if the marker_icon should not be saved due to multiple summaries on the page.
loadscreen optional The name of the image file for the loading screen of this area.
loadtext optional The text that shows in the load screen the first time you enter the area.
optional Additional loading screens and text for subzones of the same area.
alchemy optional # of alchemy stations.
dye optional # of dye stations.
enchanting optional # of enchanting tables.
provisioning optional # of cooking fires.
blacksmithing optional # of blacksmithing stations.
clothing optional # of clothing stations.
woodworking optional # of woodworking stations.
jewelrycrafting optional # of jewelry crafting stations.
Use only if the location is a group area.
grouparea optional Use to indicate that this place is a group area.
group optional Recommended group size.
Use only if the location is a zone.
quests optional Number of story quests
wayshrines optional Number of wayshrines
delves optional Number of delves
pois optional Number of places of interest
locales optional Number of striking locales
setstations optional Number of set crafting stations
publicdungeons optional Number of public dungeons
groupdungeons optional Number of group dungeons
worldbosses optional Number of world bosses
worldevents optional Number of world events
regions optional List of subzones/regions in this zone
Use only if the location is an instance.
solo optional Use to indicate that this place is a solo instance.
scaled deprecated Whether the instance scales to the player's level or not. (solo only)
instanced optional Use to indicate that this place is a group instance.
group optional Maximum group size.
minlevel optional Minimum level required to access this dungeon in the Group Finder.
bosses optional Number of boss fights in the dungeon. (Bosses with three pips)
minibosses optional Number of mini-boss fights in the dungeon. (Bosses with two pips)
veteran deprecated Set to "Yes" if this dungeon has a Veteran version; previously, Veteran Ranks the Veteran version of the dungeon would scale between.
vetbosses deprecated Number of boss fights in the Veteran version of this dungeon.
vetmini deprecated Number of mini-boss fights in the Veteran version of this dungeon.
vetspeed optional The required time limit for a speed-run of this dungeon at Veteran level.
Use only if the location is a player house.
secondary_icon optional For displaying the house icon from the Collections menu.
price optional The purchase price in gold
priceunfurnished optional The unfurnished purchase price in Crowns
pricefurnished optional The furnished purchase price in Crowns
unavailable optional Set to 1 if the house is no longer available in the Crown Store
housetype optional The type of house
housesize optional The size of the house
housestyle optional The architectural style of the house
furnishings optional The total number of Traditional Furnishings that can be placed in the house (without ESO Plus)
furnishings2 optional The total number of Special Furnishings that can be placed in the house (without ESO Plus)
trophies optional The total number of Collectible Furnishings that can be placed in the house (without ESO Plus)
collectibles optional The total number of Special Collectibles that can be placed in the house (without ESO Plus)
playercap optional The total number of players, other than yourself, that can be in the house at once
appendicon optional An icon to append to the name, indicating that it is associated with a DLC or the Crown Store, e.g. Crown StoreCrown Store, ESO MWMorrowind, ESO SSSummerset
requirements optional Requirements for purchasing the house using gold.
houseid optional The in-game ID of the house, for /script JumpToSpecificHouse(userId, houseId) or /script RequestJumpToHouse(houseId)


{{Online Place Summary
|class=Quest Hub
|description=a port city on [[Online:Khenarthi's Roost|Khenarthi's Roost]].
|addbelow=, also known as '''This Place''',
|image=ON-prerelease-Khajiit Town.jpg
|completion=[[#Related Quests|Objective]]
|alliance=Aldmeri Dominion
|zone=Khenarthi's Roost
|location=Northern [[Online:Khenarthi's Roost|Khenarthi's Roost]]

(view on map) (lore page)
Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Khenarthi's Roost
Northern Khenarthi's Roost

Mistral, also known as This Place, is a port city on Khenarthi's Roost.

Blank Template

The following is a blank copy of the Online Place Summary template, which includes additional framework for any Place page. Remove and add headings as needed.

<!--Instructions: Remove and add parameters (seen in /Doc) as necessary.-->
{{Online Place Summary
General information goes here
<!--Instructions: If this Place is related to any quests, replace "Quest Name" with the quest's name.--><!--
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Quest Name}}
<!--Instructions:Add any NPCs that can be within or near this Place. If hostile area, feel free to change heading.--><!--
Sections and walkthroughs go here
<!--Instructions: Add any miscellaneous notes about the Place here, with a bullet for each note.--><!--
* Add note here
--><!--Instructions: Add any bugs related to the Place here using the format below.--><!--
{{Bug|Bug description}}
** Workaround
--><!--Instructions: Add any maps related to area. Can be found in><!--
<!--Instructions: Add any additional images here. Use <gallery> --><!--