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Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Kamid is a Redguard found inside Brass Fortress. You'll initially meet him outside Daram Stables where he's arguing with Gathviel. He has vowed to discredit The Grand Prognosticator to avenge his mother.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Cogs of Fate: Help a young man prove others that fate can be changed.
Kamid has found the treasure with your help


As you approach Daram Stables, you'll hear the following exchange:

Gathviel: "How dare you, Kamid! Your mother wanted a better future for you!"
Kamid "Because a factotum with delusions of grandeur told her fortune? Do you really believe that?"
Gathviel:"She believed it. Why can't you see-"
Kamid "See what? That following the predictions of a deluded machine got my mother killed? I'll prove the Prognosticator is a fraud, see if I don't!"

After speaking to Palbatan and seeking Kamid in Slag Town, he'll try to get you to leave him alone:

"Go find another beggar to bother. I've got more important things to do than carry some apostle hopeful's sack of dirty laundry!"
Palbatan sent me to help you.
"Palbatan's an old fool and a coward. He knows that the Prognosticator provides nothing but false hope and dangerous dreams to our people. That's what got my mother killed.
I swore I'd never let another person get caught up in its games."
So what do you plan to do about it?
"Prove that the Prognosticator is a liar and a fraud. It tells them over and over again how terrible life is, and then once every generation it provides an actual fortune to keep them coming back.
So I'm going to the Vale of Tiers to destroy it."
The Vale of Tiers is dangerous. Let me help you.
"You want to help? I won't refuse - though I don't have anything to give you, if that's what you're after.
The Vale of Tiers lies to the southwest. If you really want to help, meet me there."
Tell me about the Grand Prognosticator's predictions.
"I've never gone on a pilgrimage, but I've heard tales. The poor and weak will continue to be poor and weak. We'll live a miserable existence and then die from hunger or sickness. Cheerful, right?
Makes you wonder why we kept asking the question."
So why do your people keep going back to the Prognosticator?
"Because every once in a great while, it actually spits out a different prediction. Something about finding a lost treasure and attaining enough wealth to change the course of your destiny.
Or something close enough to that to get everyone excited."
You don't believe people can change their destiny?
"Of course I believe that! Why else would I want to prove the Prognosticator wrong? I want to show everyone that we can make our own futures. We can shape our own destinies- despite what some malfunctioning factotum has to say."

As you approach his location at the The Grand Prognosticator east of the Vale of Tiers, you'll hear:

Kamid : "By Tu'whacca's breath, you will talk to me!"
Kamid : "Say something, damn it!"

Speaking to Kamid, he'll tell you:

"The Prognosticator refuses to talk to me. I request a fortune and receive only silence. Is that what my mother died for?"
A fortune? I thought you wanted to destroy the Grand Prognosticator.
"I will destroy the false prophet, but not by taking a hammer to its shell. Instead, I'll show my people that it isn't infallible. I'll destroy it by proving that the predictions it makes are blatant lies.
To do this, we have to activate the machine."
How do we activate the Grand Prognosticator?
"As part of every pilgrimage, the faithful have to descend into the Vale of Tiers and secure a working animo core from one of the factotums that roam the area.
Head down there and see if any of them have a working power source."
And what are you going to be doing while I take that kind of risk?
"I'll figure out how to turn the factotum on and get it to make a prediction.
Look, I can't go down there. My mother's body … if I found it, I'd lose the resolve to finish this—and I have to finish this. I hope you understand."
All right, I'll find a working animo core.
[Intimidate] Go down there and get your own animo core!
"I … no, I can't. My mother's body is down there somewhere. If I were to find it … I'd lose my resolve and wouldn't be able to finish what I've started.
If you need my help, use this whistle. I'll do what I can from up here to assist you."
All right, I'll find a working animo core.

Whether you intimidate him or no, he'll say:

Kamid : "Be careful in the Vale. It's dangerous down there."

If you use his whistle, he'll say any of the following:

Kamid : "There's more where that came from, you mechanical monstrosity!"
Kamid : "Chew on this, construct!"
Kamid : "Stand back, I've got this!"

After retrieving the animo core and returning to his location, he'll call out:

Kamid : "Were you able to find an animo core?"

Speaking to him he'll say:

"I see you've brought back an animo core. It works, I assume? Good job!
While you were gone, I figured out where to install the core. There's a cavity in the machine that looks to be about the right size. I think it goes in there."
What happens after we install the animo core?
"I'm not sure. I never went on a pilgrimage, so I've never seen the Grand Prognosticator in operation. My mother told me a few stories, but she was always vague about the oracle.
Speaking of my mother … did you find anything else down there?"
Your mother's name was Maliah?
"How did you know …. Oh. You found her. I didn't want to imagine what happened to her, but after seeing what you went through down there ….
Wait, how did you learn my mother's name if you just found her body?"
I found her journal. You should have it.
"Let me see that. Hmm. A passphrase? My mother never mentioned anything about a pass phrase. I wonder what she hoped to learn by talking to an obsolete factotum.
I remember something about a sacred text, though. I'll ask Palbatan about it later."
I'll place the animo core in the machine.
I found her journal. It contained a pass phrase that activated an obsolete factotum.
"A passphrase? Let me see. Fascinating. I wonder why she kept this a secret. I remember something about a sacred text, though. I'll ask Palbatan about it later.
Right now, I want to know what an obsolete factotum said after you used the passphrase."
The factotum said it collects and analyzes data about the people of the Brass Fortress.
"So that's what the Prognosticator uses to make its dire predictions? Information collected about our habits and patterns! How insidious!
It makes sense, but how can I get the people to believe it?"
I'll place the animo core in the machine so you can ask the Prognosticator.

Regardless if you told him about activating the factotum or not, you'll hear the following:

The Grand Prognosticator : "Initializing … reflecting … reflecting … memory engaged. By the will of Seht, please state your query."
Kamid : "It worked! Prognosticator, tell me what the fates have in store for Kamid of Slag Town."
The Grand Prognosticator : "Reflecting … charting possible outcomes. Kamid of Slag Town, minimum income, inferior quality of life …."
Kamid : "Great, you know all about me. But what does it mean? What's my future, you stupid construct?"
The Grand Prognosticator : "Query … reflecting …. Prognostication unsatisfactory. Poor quality of life will lead to sickness, starvation, depression, and ultimately … death."
Kamid : "Perfectly dire, just what I expected. And what about my friend here?"
The Grand Prognosticator : "Reflecting, reflecting …. No relevant data in memory vaults …. Error occurred. Please present yourself for immediate data collection."

Speaking to him again, he'll say:

"Interesting. The Prognosticator doesn't have a prophecy for you. More proof that it uses what it knows to make calculated guesses.
But it predicted doom and gloom for me. Now I can change my future and show everyone that our fate isn't fixed."
How do you plan to change your fate?
"By doing the impossible. I'll find the lost treasure of the Radius! In the past, the pilgrimage included both a visit to the Prognosticator and a search for the treasure. That changed after a lot of people died during an unsuccessful hunt."
How are you going to find something that has eluded your people for generations?
"Palbatan survived that doomed hunt. I'll get him to tell me exactly what happened. Then I can retrace their steps, avoid their mistakes, and find enough wealth to change my fortune!
Let's go find the old man in the Brass Fortress."
"I'll meet you back in Slag Town. We can talk to Palbatan and find out what he knows about the lost treasure.
He can also tell us about my mother's journal. I think I remember him mentioning Sotha Sil's honored assistant once or twice in the past."

As you approach Kamid and Palbatan near Daram Stables, you'll hear:

Palbatan : "Are you sure about this, Kamid? Remember what happened to your mother."
Kamid : "With the outsider's help, that treasure is as good as mine. Then everyone will see that the Prognosticator is a fraud!"

If you speak to Kamid before speaking to Palbatan, he'll say:

"You talk to Palbatan, tell him what we discovered. The stubborn old Dark Elf refuses to share any information with me about the lost treasure."

Speaking to him after speaking to Palbatan, he'll say:

"I can't believe Palbatan revealed the location. Now we can show my people that the Prognosticator isn't infallible. That we can forge our own destinies.
I'll meet you near the wrecked caravan and we can figure out how to deal with Gear Grinder."

Once you arrive at his location northwest of the caravan site, he'll be crouched behind a rock, and having second thoughts:

"That creature—it's even worse than Palbatan told us! Look, I appreciate all the help, but I don't want to see you die on my behalf.
Are you sure you can deal with that beast?"
I can take care of Gear Grinder, but what will you be doing?
"I'm no warrior, you know that. Without you, we wouldn't have gotten this far. I'll stay out of the way, so don't worry about me.
Just be safe out there and try not to die."
[Intimidate] Oh no, you're not sitting this one out! You're going to help me with this or ….
"What? Throw rocks? I won't even be able to dent that monstrosity!
Listen, if you really need my help down there, use the whistle and I'll see what I can do. It won't be much, but I might be able to cause a distraction so you can catch your breath."
"You do your part and I promise to do mine. And don't worry. If we find the treasure, you'll get a share."
All right, I'll handle this. Wait here.

After defeating Gear Grinder, he'll say:

"You did it! Thanks to you, we found the lost treasure! This proves the Prognosticator isn't an oracle, it's just a machine—and not a very good one at that!
Now I can show the people of Slag Town that we're not prisoners to destiny."
This is the treasure you wanted?
"Yes, my friend, spices! Wonderful, delicious spices! That's the most valuable treasure of all when your diet consists of nothing but flavorless paste.
This will not only improve our lives, it will show my people that our fate is not set in stone."
You make it sound like those spices are worth their weight in gold.
"More than that! Spices are as rare as a blade of grass in a city of metal. Wealthy mages and apostles will pay dearly for such a tempting treat!
But I need to be cautious. Others will try to steal this treasure. I need to hide it to keep it safe."
How can I help?
"Return to Slag Town and meet me there. Then we can show my people how we changed the outcome of the Prognosticator's prediction and improved my destiny.
I just wish my mother had lived to see this day."
"Please, my friend. Return to the Brass Fortress and I'll meet you in Slag Town.
We'll settle our accounts there and you'll receive your share of the treasure."

Meeting him in the Brass Fortress west of the entrance to Slag Town (near the Bursar of Tributes), he'll be poised atop a rock ready to conduct an audience of his peers:

"I've called a few people together so I can tell them what we've done. Hopefully, word will then spread throughout Slag Town and all of the Brass Fortress.
Palbatan and I talked about my mother. We don't think she sought a prediction from the oracle."
Then what was your mother doing out there?
"We think she was out there trying to do the same thing as me. She was trying to figure out how the Prognosticator works so she could get it to change our fortunes.
Palbatan believes she acquired the passphrase from the sequence plaque he hid away."
So she found Palbatan's hiding place?
"That's our best guess. She was trying to help us, all of us. I just wish she had told me. That she hadn't tried to do it on her own.
Well, thanks to you, I succeeded where she failed. Now we just have to convince the rest of Slag Town …."
You can do it. Just tell them the truth about the Prognosticator and speak from the heart.
"Heart. That's not something you hear a lot about in a place that runs on gears and cogs. Here, this is your share of the treasure. You earned it.
Oh, and Palbatan wants you to meet him in the Outlaws Refuge afterward. He has something for you, too."

At this point, the quest is complete, but Kamid addresses his fellow destitutes and proclaims the Prognosticator a fraud:

Kamid : "People of Slag Town! I bring you a revelation!"
Kamid : "The Prognosticator lies! But we can change our fortunes, we have free will!"
Gathviel : "Kamid, the apostles say there's no such thing as free will!"
Ganolon : "What you're implying is heresy, Kamid!"
Kamid : "Is it heresy to speak the truth? I performed the pilgrimage. I received the usual grim fortune that predicted I'd be poor until I died."
Kamid : "But that future is a false future! I refused to accept that fate and I changed it! And if I can do it, so can you!"
Ganolon : "Oh really? You look just as destitute as you did yesterday, Kamid. Maybe even more so!"
Kamid : "I found the lost treasure of the Radius! I made a deal to sell some of the spices and this is the contract. I'm rich!"
Ganolon : "So we can change our fate? The future isn't a set sequence?"
Sawen-Geet : "We have to tell everyone! Kamid changed the future! The Prognosticator was … wrong!"