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Help the Torinaan clergy cleanse their holy sites.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Torinaan — Help cleanse Torinaan of Daedric Corruption.
Quest Giver: Monastic Tanaame, Monastic Firinore, Aldarch Colaste
Location(s): Torinaan
Reward: Divine-Touched Aegis
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1294
The source of the corruption
Torinaan is a holy site dedicated to the Divines. It's been corrupted by Daedra. The loyal clergy there want my aid in cleansing the area.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Cleanse the shrines.
  2. Enter the central shrine and destroy the source of corruption.
  3. Talk to Aldarch Colaste.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

As you approach Torinaan, you will see Aldarch Colaste casting a spell on a magical orange barrier. Daedra attacked Torinaan, a holy site, and the penitents "writhe with foul magics". Aldarch Colaste is trying to contain the daedric threat. She suspects the shrines themselves fuel the evil. She asks you to cleanse the shrines.

You can ask her how the daedric attack started, and while she is not sure, she does mention a visit from High Kinlady Estre.

Cleansing the Shrines[edit]

The four shrines are at the northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest corners of Torinaan.

Magnus and Syrabane[edit]

At the southeast is the Shrine of Magnus and Syrabane. The shrine to Magnus is on the east, and the shrine to Syrabane is on the west side. Kill the enemies corrupting both the shrines, which will count as cleansing one of the four shrines.

Mara and Stendarr[edit]

To the northeast is the Shrine of Mara and Stendarr. Stendarr is on the west side, and Mara is on the east side. In Stendarr's area, light all four braziers as quickly as you can before the first one is extinguished. In Mara's area, light all the braziers as quickly as you can, the same as you did in Stendarr's area.

Trinimac and Xarxes[edit]

To the northwest is the Shrine of Trinimac and Xarxes. In the eastern room, you will find the letter Letter to an Aldarch and a Rod of Divine Flame on the corpse of a Shrine Monastic. Stand behind the lit brazier, look towards the altar and use the fire rod on the flames. This restores the shrine to Trinimac. Next, you need to go to the western room to restore the shrine of Xarxes. Use the fire rod on the lit brazier to the right to light the middle brazier. Then, stand behind the middle brazier and use the fire rod to light the altar.

Anu and Y'ffre[edit]

To the southwest is the Shrine of Anu and Y'ffre. First, go to the eastern room. You will find a letter, Brief Letter to an Aldarch, and a Chalice of Holy Waters on the corpse of a Shrine Monastic. Stand in the water and use the water chalice. This cleanses the shrine to Anu. Do the same thing in the western room to cleanse the shrine of Y'ffre.

The Center Shrine[edit]

High Kinlady Estre praying to Meruhnes Dagon

After you finish cleansing all four shrines, you will hear a voice tell you to cleanse the central shrine and end the Daedric corruption. Enter the shrine, and go to the right. You will see a Dremora and a Daedric gate. Defeat the Dremora, and the gate will disappear.

Aldarch Colaste calls you over. She says the Divines have more to tell to you. Follow her and witness a vision of Estre praying to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. He gives her some of his power and tells her to corrupt the shrines in Torinaan, then move on to Firsthold.

Talk to Aldarch Colaste again. She says you need to stop Estre and gives you a reward.


  • In an earlier version of the quest, the quest objective for the shrine in the eastern chamber of the Shrine to Anu and Y'ffre read: "Restore the Shrine to Auri-El".
  • Despite Colaste making several mentions of corrupted priests that she contains within with her ward, no such people are found and only Daedra occupy the ruins.
  • Walking back and forth in the area where the vision occurs causes the bright flash to occur again and again.


  • The objective marker will persist over the letter in the next to the dead priest in the shrines to Anu and Y'ffre even after having read it, as well as after having cleansed the shrines where the letter is located. ?
  • Your character performs the pouring animation twice when cleansing the shrine to Y'ffre. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Blessings of the Eight
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A priestess of Mara told me of the troubles facing the holy site of Torinaan. She asked me to speak with the head of her order, an Aldarch named Colaste.
Objective: Talk to the Aldarch
There are several shrines scattered across Torinaan. All of them will have to be cleansed for the Daedric corruption to leave the site.
Objective: Restore the Shrines: 0/8
Hidden Objective: Restore Shrines
Hidden Objective: Find Something to Cleanse the Shrines
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Magnus
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Syrabane
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Anu
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Y'ffre
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Trinimac
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Xarxes
Objective Hint: Charge the Rod of Divine Flame
Objective Hint: Ignite Xarxes' Purifying Fire
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Mara
Objective Hint: Restore the Shrine to Stendarr
Hidden Objective: Fill Chalice of Holy Waters
With the help of an ancestor spirit, I've cleansed the shrines of Torinaan. A voice directed me to the center of Torinaan to put an end to the site's corruption.
Objective: Enter the Central Shrine
The spirits seems to know that the central shrine is the source of the ongoing corruption. I'll be able to end it here.
Objective: Destroy the Source of Corruption
Colaste ran in just as I defeated the Daedra. She wants to speak to me.
Objective: Speak to Aldarch Colaste
Colaste claims that the Divines have something more to show me. I should follow her.
Objective: Follow Aldarch Colaste
I should watch for this sign Colaste mentioned.
Objective: Watch the Vision
It's done. The Divines have showed me the depths to which Estre has fallen. I should speak to Colaste one last time.
Objective: Cleanse the Shrine
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