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Bethesda received widespread praise when this list of professional actors voicing characters in Oblivion was released.

Sir Patrick Stewart[edit]

Stewart provides the voice for Emperor Uriel Septim VII. He is a successful, classically trained Shakespearean actor with a career in television, film, and theater in addition to voicing video games.

Sean Bean[edit]

Bean does the voice work for Brother Martin. He has starred in a wide range of TV programs and films.

Lynda Carter[edit]

Carter, who is married to the CEO of Bethesda Robert Altman, voices the female Nord and Orc NPCs. She also voices Nord females in Morrowind, Bloodmoon, and Skyrim. She has had a successful career in film and television.

Terence Stamp[edit]

Stamp voices the evil Mankar Camoran. He is a well-known and successful film actor.

Additional Voice Actors[edit]

Several of these actors also provide voice acting for other Bethesda games, as noted below.

Shivering Isles[edit]

Here are the voice actors who worked exclusively on the Shivering Isles expansion (not including those previously mentioned).

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