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Fortify Personality bug[edit]

Regarding the Fortify Personality bug mentioned on this page. As mentioned, once the effect wears off, the NPCs dispositions will be lowered by the amount of the effect. Quest-givers will usually allow you to finish your current quest, even with a disposition of zero, but when you ask for another quest by clicking jobs/orders/duties/etc, the quest-giver will often refer you to the local Guild Steward, even though that is themself. It is as if they have amnesia and have forgotten who they are ;) --Brf 13:24, 21 April 2008 (EDT)

I noticed another thing. If you use a Fortify Personality then do anything that causes the clock to advance, such as sleep or wait, then the disposition decrease will occur for NPCs you talked to even before you did the Fortify Personality. I am thinking I saw this occur once when I used a boat too. The first time I saw this happen, I used a Fortify Personality potion in Sulipund and then slept it off right there. After I woke up, all of my guildmates in the Ald'ruhn Mage's guild hated me, even though I had not spoken to them since well before I took the potion and never left Sulipund while under its effect. I am not sure how far back in time the effect occurs, but lately I have not dared use any such potion unless its effect was short enough to stand around until it wore off. Brf (talk) 20:52, 14 September 2016 (UTC)

Eight Fortify Applications[edit]

I've just verified that I can have 8 "Fortify Intelligence by 100" effects on a single spell. Removing the verification tag on that part.

Derived Attributes?[edit]

Are derived attributes (such as health) recalculated if you fortify the attribute that affects them? Say if I fortified my Agility by 20 points, will my fatigue increase as well? --Xyntfos 00:34, 23 July 2008 (EDT)

Yes and no, Fatigue and Magicka do get recalculated when you raise governing attributes, Health does not. The only way you can raise total health is through Fortify Health or Absorb Health directly. --BenouldTC 01:30, 23 July 2008 (EDT)

This is not completely true[edit]

Any person you talk to while under the influence of a Fortify Personality effect, regardless of how much they liked you before, will have their Disposition lowered by the amount of the effect after the spell expires. So even if somebody has 100 Disposition towards you, if you cast a 90pt Fortify Personality spell and then talk to them while the spell is active, then when the spell wears off, their Disposition will be lowered to 10, low enough that your former friend may even attack you next time they see you. Thus, you should only use such an effect with people you don't plan to talk to ever again.

In reality the disposition would drop by 45 points, not 90. You need 2 points personality for one point increase in disposition. The Disposition is cut at 100, if original disposition + fortified disposition is above 100 then the original disposition is lowered until disposition + fortified disposition equals 100.

Example: Fargoth liked us by "60" we cast on us a fortify Personality spell (magnitude 90, for an increase in disposition of 45 points) Now if we talk with Fargoth our disposition will be "100", not the correct 105. After the effect wears down Farrgoth's disposition will drop to "55". <- BTW that is a great way to lower the disposition of merchants if we have an mercantile skill of above 70 points.

Oh yeah: as long as Fargoths disposition is lower than 55 we will not experience any negative effects. If Fargoths disposition will be higher than 55 then it/she will drop to 55 anyways due to the "cut disposition at hundred" bug.

You could look at it as the same, lame "potion of certain death" bug. The bug with fortify health effect.

Fortify Endurance and level-up[edit]

It isn't stated if having a highly fortified Endurance (as with long-term progression of Corprus) will affect your health-gain on level-up. Would someone clarify?

It doesn't. Fortified Endurance won't raise your health gain on level up whether it's a short term spell, or even if it's an effect of your birthsign, as in The Lady. And, as far as I can tell, Endurance as a stat does absolutely nothing except for determine your health increase on level-up, which leaves me wondering, what is the point of Fortify Endurance? Ether rogue 15:56, 10 September 2009 (UTC)
Endurance also affects your fatigue, and controls the rate at which you regain lost fatigue. --Gaebrial 07:41, 11 September 2009 (UTC)
I just tested leveling up with The Lady, and the bonus endurance from the sign does give you extra health.


Ghoul Heart doesn't actually Fortify Agility, does it? I'm thinking this effect may have been confused with Fortify Attack. 04:16, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Good catch. I've deleted the entry. Feel free to make changes like this yourself next time you notice something -- that's why it's a wiki, after all ;) --NepheleTalk 05:44, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Drain attribute bug[edit]

This is not true, if you have a spell on body enchantement based level (eg. not clothing - white number, but as vampire's fortify attr.). If you have your body fortify, that is item independant, you will get a RED number each time that, fortified, attribute is drained (whether greater or lesser 100). While the bug still occurs on item enchantements as stated. Janmojzis 20:34, 10 May 2011 (UTC)

Question about Fortify Intelligence[edit]

I noticed in OpenMW that Fortify Intelligence increases your current magicka by magnitude * maximum magicka multiplier, making it vastly superior to Fortify Magicka. However, I need verification whether this applies to the vanilla game, and if so, whether it applies to a game with the MCP Drain Intelligence fix. 08:28, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

Just did it myself. With the way current magicka is adjusted in vanilla, it is sometimes better to use Fortify Intelligence instead of Fortify Magicka. But it depends on your max magicka multiplier and how full your magicka pool is, the more the better. 05:48, 3 June 2015 (UTC)

Triple Strength Potions[edit]

It is possible to make triple strength fortify potions for all attributes. Some potions will have additional effects, up to five total. The order in which the ingredients are added can affect the effects. Combinations that would produce more than five effects will either produce only the first five effects or cause the game to crash. Fiwiji (talk) 13:47, 2 January 2016 (UTC)


Ectoplasm, Roobrush, and Fire Salts or Sload Soap. This potion will also have a Drain Health effect.

Sload Soap, Fire Salts, and Roobrush or Ectoplasm. This potion will also have Drain Health and Fire Shield effects.

Roobrush, Ectoplasm, Sload Soap, and Fire Salts. This will make a quadruple strength Fortify Agility with a Drain Health effect. Fire Salts or Sload Soap must be in the fourth slot or the game will crash.

Durzog Meat, Sload Soap, Roobrush, and Noble Sedge Flowers or Scrib Cabbage. This potion will have 4x Fortify Agility

Durzog Meat, Sload Soap, and Noble Sedge Flowers or Scrib Cabbage. This potion will also have a Restore Agility effect.

Durzog Meat, Scrib Cabbage, and Noble Sedge Flowers. This potion will also have Damage Health and Restore Agility effects.

Sload Soap, Fire Salts, Durzog Meat and Noble Sedge Flowers or Scrib Cabbage. This potion will also have Fire Shield And Restore Agility effects


Daedra's Heart, Guar Hide and Netch Leather


Ash Yam, Bloat and Netch Leather

Bloat, Horker Tusk, and Ash Yam or Netch Leather. This potion will include a Detect Animal effect.

Using all 4 ingredients results in either a two effect potion (double fortify intelligence or fortify intelligence and detect animal) or a game crash, depending on the order of ingredients.


Corkbulb Root, Corprus Weepings and Guar Hide. This potion will also contain Drain Fatigue and Restore Health effects.


Green Lichen, Kresh Fiber and Stoneflower Petals.


Moon Sugar, Meadow Rye, and either Kagouti Hide or Shalk Resin

Kagouti Hide, Moon Sugar, Shalk Resin. This potion will also contain a Drain Fatigue effect.

Kagouti Hide, Moon Sugar, Shalk Resin and Meadow Rye or Nirthfly Stalks will be a quadruple strength potion with a Drain Fatigue effect

Kagouti Hide, Moon Sugar, Meadow Rye and Nirthfly Stalks will be a quadruple strength potion with a Damage Health effect

The Snow Bear Pelt, Snow Wolf Pelt, or Wolf Pelt can replace Kagouti Hide in the above potions as they all have the same effects.


Any three of Ash Yam, Dreugh Wax, Daedra Skin, and Vampire Dust. Using all four cancels out all effects.

Golden Sedge, Daedra Skin, and anything but Grahl Eyeball. This potion will also contain a Swift Swim effect

Ash Yam, Bear Pelt, and Daedra skin or Dreugh Wax. This potion will also contain a Resist Common Disease effect

Bear Pelt, Grahl Eyeball, and Daedra skin or Dreugh Wax. This potion will also contain a Night Eye effect

Ash Yam, Bear Pelt, Grahl Eyeball. This potion will also contain Night Eye and Resist Common Disease effects


Any three of Bloat, Wickwheat, and either Meteor Slime or Scrib Jelly.

Using all four ingredients can produce a potion with five effects. The effects depend on the order the ingredients are placed

Meteor Slime and Scrib Jelly in the last two positions: 5x Fortify Willpower

Meteor Slime and Scrib jelly in the 1st and 4th positions: 3x Fortify Willpower, Cure Poison, Cure Blight Disease

Meteor Slime, Scrib Jelly, Wickwheat, Bloat - 2x fortify willpower, Cure Poison, Cure Blight Disease, Restore Willpower