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About Me[edit]

Male, 1971 vintage. Part Irish, part Scottish, part English, all Geek.

Located in England, in the heart of the National Forest. Specifically, South Derbyshire.

IT Guru by trade, linguist by persuasion.

My Knowledge[edit]

Having played Morrowind to death, I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the game. Less so about the two expansions - I've only completed Tribunal three times and Bloodmoon once. I'm not that well versed on the Thieves Guild or Morag Tong questline either, as I usually play warrior mages.

I've got Oblivion, as well as all of the DLCs and Shivering Isles. Only managed to complete the Main Quests once so far, but have explored Cyrodiil extensively, albeit mainly at lower levels.

I've also played Arena and Daggerfall, but not managed to complete either due to bugs. That was a long time ago, though.

I'm currently wandering Skyrim, killing dragons, bandits and draugr, and trying not to take sides in the war.

My Machine[edit]

Core i5 2700K, GTX 560 Ti, Windows 7 64bit, 4Gb DDR3 Memory, 120Gb SSD, Spinpoint F4 1Tb, BenQ XL2410T Monitor, Razer Lycosa keyboard & Lachesis mouse