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Prelude Shipwreck
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
Prelude Shipwreck, Cabin

Prelude Shipwreck, Lower Level
Prelude Shipwreck, Upper Level

Azura's Coast, [11,-12]
The Prelude Shipwreck

The Prelude Shipwreck is located to the east of Bal Fell. It should be within three islands of Bal Fell.

It contains three interior zones: Prelude Shipwreck, Cabin, Prelude Shipwreck, Upper Level, and Prelude Shipwreck, Lower Level.

Related Quests[edit]

House Hlaalu[edit]


The Cabin
The Upper Level
The Lower Level

Zone 1: Prelude Shipwreck, Cabin[edit]

The only things of interest are a cloth sack with 100 gold and a loose bottle of skooma.

Zone 2: Prelude Shipwreck, Upper Level[edit]

There is a skeleton just as you enter. Behind the stairway is a rat and several crates, one of them containing two bottles of skooma. The southern room is partially submerged in water. There is a cloth sack with five gold pieces in it and four more scattered around it, as well as a trapdoor to the lower level. Behind the trapdoor lies a barrel filled with random ingredients, along with a crate containing two samples of moon sugar.

Zone 3: Prelude Shipwreck, Lower Level[edit]

Upon entering you will find yourself in a small pool of water. The area is guarded by a hostile ancestor ghost, nearby which lies the ship captain's body holding a simple key, which opens the cabin door. There is a trapped wooden chest containing guaranteed 100 gold, up to 200 additional gold (60% chance each), a leveled potion and a piece of armor, and the Daedric Wakizashi related to a House Hlaalu quest. The crate closest to the chest contains two bottles of skooma.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Ship Captain Male Altmer Trader 6 0 120 0 0 Lower Level



  • The cabin door is locked on the inside but not the outside. This means that you can enter freely, but must pick a level 40 lock to leave.