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Wolfskull Cave
Type Cave
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Haafingar
Appears in Skyrim
Wolfskull Cave ca. 4E 201

Wolfskull Cave is a natural cavern found in the alps of Mount Kilkreath in the Haafingar Hold, amidst the province of Skyrim. It acquired its name from the Wolf-Queen of Solitude, Potema Septim, who used the underground fortress in the cavern for necromantic rituals.[1] Her reign of terror ended in 3E 137 when her kingdom was sacked by the Third Empire in the aftermath of the War of the Red Diamond.[2] Ever since then, the locals have been convinced that it is haunted by a malevolent spirit.[1]


As theorized by the Speluncus Tamrielicum, the various natural caverns across Tamriel, such as Wolfskull Cave, originally worked as capillaries and nodes for the living body that is Nirn and that it once pulsed the divine essence of the Aedra that created it, but they later died down.[3]

It gained its name from Potema Septim, the Wolf-Queen of Solitude, who reigned over the kingdom between 3E 81 and 3E 137. In the latter half of her life, she waged civil war against the Third Empire and started the War of the Red Diamond. By the time the battlefront had reached her domain, she utilized necromancy, her kingdom was riddled with death,[2] and this cave system was used for her dark rituals. Ever since then, the cave earned the name, "Wolfskull" and it became the source of superstition, leaving many people to believe that it was haunted.[1]

In 4E 201, a group of necromancers took refuge in Wolfskull Cave and resurrected several Draugr and Skeletons. Odd lights from the cave and missing travelers had raised the suspicion of Varnius Junius, a citizen from Dragon Bridge. This issue was reported to the Court of Solitude, but they were unable to assist them or send someone to check. However, the jarl's steward, Falk Firebeard sent an adventurer to investigate, where they learned about a plot to resurrect Potema Septim. The adventurer was able to defeat the necromancers and their ritual master, but the evil spirit escaped the caves and returned to Solitude's catacombs.[4]


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