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Dragon Bridge
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Haafingar
Appears in Arena, Skyrim, ESO
Dragon Bridge circa 4E 201
Dragon Bridge during the Imperial Simualcrum

Dragon Bridge is a lumber town located along the Karth River in the region of Haafingar, within the province of Skyrim. It is found down the road from Solitude. Dragon Bridge acquires its name from the eponymous Dragon Bridge, an ancient and ornate bridge with a dragon figureheads which predates the settlement by untold years and connects the town to the other side of the river and to the main road through Hjaalmarch. Some scholars believe the two dragon skulls on the bridge are actually petrified skulls of dragons due to the difference in stonework detail between the bridge's stone and the skulls, however, other scholars also deride this as "poetic nonsense".[1] Dragon Bridge is symbolic for the Nords but it also acts as a crossroads for the northern region, with it being the first line of defense for Solitude and the neighboring holds.[2]

A series of caves beneath the hills surrounding Dragon Bridge are often used for a variety of clandestine activities. Such as local smugglers using the caves in order to hide and move black-market goods outside the notice of the Dragon Bridge garrison.[3]


In 2E 582 the settlement was attacked by the group of Reachmen marauders led by Vund the Stone-Shaper. He intended to destroy the bridge with the usage of explosive alchemical reagents. His plans were foiled by the local garrison aided by an adventurer who killed him and his followers in the caves beneath the village.[4]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the town of Dragon Bridge was an active settlement. It was ruled by Princess Dorina and had a rivalry with Stonehills.[5] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Markarth Side to the south, and Solitude to the northeast.[6]

During the Skyrim Civil War, the town of Dragon Bridge was very active, as many soldiers from the Imperial Legion passed through the town on their way to the battlefield.[7] The soldiers' activity had left the people with a negative view on the war and those involved, with some locals viewing the soldiers as taking advantage of local resources for free under the guise of keeping locals safe.[8] Both Stormcloaks and Legion soldiers scouted the area often as it was a critical point before Solitude. During this time, the Emperor of Cyrodiil, Titus Mede II planned to visit Skyrim on a diplomatic mission and the Penitus Oculatus were sent to make preparations, establishing their foothold in Dragon Bridge. They were led by Commander Maro, who spearheaded an investigation into the last remaining holdout of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.[9]

In 4E 201, residents of Dragon Bridge were in fear of a nearby cave called Wolfskull Cave due to the strange noises and lights emanating from it. This fear led Jarl Elisif the Fair to send the Last Dragonborn to investigate the cave, where it was revealed that a large group of necromancers were attempting to resurrect and bind Potema Septim. The necromancers and draugr were cleared out, quelling the fears of the townsfolk.[10] That same year, a bandit named Peladius arrived in town from Cyrodiil, disguised as a guardsman and using a false identity. Originally a member of the Crimson Dirks bandit gang,[11] Peladius hoped to learn the identity of the informant who betrayed the gang, but his cover was soon compromised when a local guard grew suspicious of him.[12] Peladius killed the guard and attempted to make it look like a suicide by throwing the body off the Dragon Bridge, but eventually confessed to his crimes when the Last Dragonborn began investigating the murder.[13] Seeking a warrior's death, he challenged the Dragonborn to a fight on the bridge and was slain in single combat.[14]


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