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Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Died 2E 582
Tu'whacca's Throne
Appears in ESO

Uwafa was a Redguard necromancer who lived in the mid-Second Era. He was born in the city of Sentinel to a powerful family of Forebears. His father was Suturah, and he had two siblings: his brother Alasan, and his younger sister Shiri.

As a child, he and his siblings played with the Crown Prince Azah. Uwafa's sadism and fascination with death was evident from an early age.[1] Circa 2E 562, his father Suturah was appointed as vizier to King Fahara'jad, and subsequently attempted to assassinate Fahara'jad by turning his other advisors into undead. Fahara'jad survived the attack, and Suturah was forced to flee into the Alik'r. With the aid of the Order of the Black Worm, he began to raise an army of undead Ra-Netu. As most Redguards refuse to strike their risen ancestors, Fahara'jad was forced to appeal to the pariah Ash'abah tribe for aid, tarnishing his reputation. The tribe slew Suturah and successfully put down the undead army.[2]

Uwafa and Alasan were quick to follow in their father's steps. Circa 2E 578, Uwafa had joined the Order of the Black Worm and was operating in the city of Daggerfall, where he kidnapped and sacrificed innocents in the name of Mannimarco. He attempted to do the same to Flaccus Terentius, but was driven off by a stray dog. Shortly after this, he returned to Sentinel and was confronted on the docks by Flaccus. Uwafa fled, leading the Imperial deep into the city before knocking him unconscious and bringing him to an undead-infested crypt far outside the city. Uwafa branded Flaccus with the Mark of the Worm, but the ritual was interrupted by the Ash'abah, who forced him to flee. However, the branding continued to torment Flaccus for several years, eventually killing him and sending his soul to Coldharbour.[3]

In 2E 582, Uwafa and Alasan had assembled a necromantic cult known as the Withered Hand, and openly attacked Sentinel with Ra-Netu raised from the harbor. They were driven off, but began raising more undead throughout the Alik'r after stealing the Ansei Wards. This catastrophe threatened to end Fahara'jad's rule, when he was forced to call upon the Ash'abah yet again. Uwafa himself was killed by the Soulless One at Tu'whacca's Throne, a sacred burial site. Alasan was soon to follow, forcing their sister Shiri to abandon her cover as an innocent scholar and take control of the Withered Hand. The cult's ultimate goal was realized with the raising of Suturah as a lich in Motalion Necropolis, although he was quickly banished.[1]

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