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Ulfgar the Unending
SR-npc-Ulfgar the Unending.jpg
Ulfgar the Unending in the Hall of Valor circa 4E 201
Race Nord Gender Male
Died 3E 427
Resided in Solstheim
Appears in Bloodmoon, Skyrim

Ulfgar the Unending was a Nord warrior from the Second Era. He and four companions embarked on a quest to find Sovngarde. However, his companions Nikulas, Erlendr, and Hunroor were betrayed by the wizard Grimkell, who turned them into stone pillars at Brodir Grove on Solstheim. They were avenged by Ulfgar, who killed the wizard. Five hundred years later, Ulfgar was somehow still alive, and still searching for Sovngarde. In 3E 427, he met the Nerevarine, who agreed to help him find the Nordic paradise. Upon investigating, the Nerevarine informed the ancient Nord that the only way to reach Sovngarde is to die an honorable death in combat. Ulfgar challenged the Nerevarine, hoping to meet such a fate. The Nerevarine accepted his challenge, and the two engaged in mortal combat. In the end, a fourth pillar appeared at Brodir Grove, and Ulfgar met his old friends in Sovngarde.[1][2]


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