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Ulfgar the Unending (ulfgar the unending)
(lore page)
House Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 30 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 900 Magicka 106
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Ulfgar the Unending

Ulfgar the Unending is a Nord barbarian located in his home near Brodir Grove. He is over five hundred years old, and wants you to find Sovngarde for him, which he has been looking for unsuccessfully all these years. He has the long blade Stormfang on him.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Voice:
    • Greetings:
      • "Have you found it? Have you found the entrance to Sovngarde?"
  • Greetings:
    • "Ah, a vistor. It's been quite a while since I've had any company. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer a guest... unless, of course, you've come to hear a barbarian's sad tale."
    • "Ah, a vistor. And an Elf, no less. In my youth I would have hewn you like an oak, and bathed in your invader blood. But that was a long time ago, and the years have mellowed my mood. In any event, it’s been quite a while since I've had any company. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer a guest... unless, of course, you've come to hear a barbarian's sad tale."
    • "Welcome back, %PCName. I hope Solstheim has been treating you well. So tell me... Have you managed to locate the entrance to Sovngarde? Ha! Of course you haven't! I searched for five hundred years and never succeeded! You know, there's a part of me that feels Sovngarde doesn't even exist..."
      • Actually, Ulfgar, I came upon this book. It's called Sovngarde, and seems to offer new theories on how one may enter Sovngarde. I think it may have the answers you seek.: "New theories, you say? Let me see the book you speak of. Hmmm... Could it be? Is it possible the entrance to Sovngarde lie before me all along? It makes so much sense! %PCName, you've done it! You've found the way to Sovngarde! All I need is to die valiantly in combat! But how... I know! You, %PCName! You must help me! You must defeat me in armed combat and send my soul to Sovngarde! Tell me, will you honor me with a fight to the death?"
      • Sorry, Ulfgar. I can't help you.
      • I'll help you, Ulfgar. I'll do everything in my power to defeat you in armed combat.: "You honor me with this decision! Songs will be written of our glorious battle! It is true that, in my heart I wish to be defeated so that I may enter Sovngarde. But know this, %PCName. I will fight, and fight valiantly, as I have all my life. You will probably die by my hand. I will grant no quarter, no mercy, and I expect no less from you. Go now. Prepare for battle. When you are ready, speak with me again, and we shall engage in armed combat!" Goodbye
    • "I have been waiting for you, %PCName. The hour of battle is upon us. I hope you are well prepared to engage such a worthy foe as myself. I have roamed the land for five hundred years, leaving death in my wake. And although I have been brought to the brink of death on more than one occasion, still I live. It is my hope, %PCName, that you are my match, and will send my soul racing to Sovngarde! Now, let us test our mettle! To arms!" Goodbye
    • "*cough!* %PCName... *gasp!* You did it... You defeated me! You have... *cough* opened the gates to... to Sovngarde! *gasp!* I...I can see them before me... My brothers are there! *cough!* I must go now, my friend. *cough!* Go...go to Brodir Grove. If I can... *gasp!* I will return to you there. I will... *gasp!* reward you for...for everything! Must *cough!* I'm coming, my comrades! *cough!* I'm cccooo... *gasp!* Cough" Goodbye
    • "%PCName! You did it! By helping me die valiantly you showed my soul the way to Sovngarde! My friends- Hunroor, Erlendr, and Nikulas- have been waiting for me. I told them of your willingness to help me, and recounted our glorious battle! The four of us wish to give you a reward fitting of a warrior. So, we give you a piece of ourselves. Lay your hands on a stone, and you will receive that warrior's greatest attribute! Now farewell, my friend! Sovngarde awaits!" Goodbye
  • barbarian's sad tale:
    • "I came to Solstheim with four of my brothers-in-arms. We were on a quest, you see. We were getting close, we could feel it. But then, one of our fellowship- a powerful sorcerer named Grimkell- betrayed the rest of us. He laid an ambush, and assailed us with powerful magicka. I managed to slay Grimkell, but not before my three other companions were turned to stone. You may have seen them, for they are the three standing stones of Brodir Grove, not far from here."
  • Brodir Grove:
    • "Brodir Grove is where Grimkell ambushed us. My friends were turned to stone on that very spot, and there they remain, a monument of betrayal. I too was caught in the spell, but thought I had been spared its effects. I was wrong. Instead of killing me, like it did to my friends, Grimkell's magicka turned me into living stone. You see, these events did take place- five hundred years ago. I have remained here ever since. And here I will stay, until I find the entrance to Sovngarde."
  • Sovngarde:
    • "Sovngarde is the name of the fortress erected by the god Shor as a gift to the valiant. It is said that if a Nord can find the hidden entrance to Sovngarde, he can dwell in its mead-filled halls forever! That's the quest we were on, you see. It's why Grimkell betrayed us, why he tried to turn us all into stone. He was attempting to create his own magical portal to Sovngarde. Now Grimkell is dead, as are my friends. And I... I have failed in our quest!"
  • failed in our quest:
    • "Don't you understand? For five hundred years, I have searched for the entrance to Sovngarde! I have been all across the Empire and back, but I cannot find it! Once, my friends and I served Ysgramor, and counted ourselves among his "Five Hundred Companions." We helped drive the Elves out of Skyrim! We earned our place in Sovngarde! If, in your travels, you discover the entrance to Sovngarde, let me know, and I will be forever in your debt. I have tried and failed."


  • Ulfgar the Unending, as well as the heroes named on the other standing stones at Brodir Grove, can be seen in Skyrim, feasting in Shor's Hall.
  • Ulfgar's sword, Stormfang, also appears in Dragonborn.
  • Ulfgar will voice his greeting asking if you have found the way to Sovngarde as soon as he sees you, before he ever asks you to help him in searching for it.
  • Ulfgar's ghost will disappear immediately after you speak to him.
  • Having exceeded the maximum normal lifespan of a Nord many times over, Ulfgar is the oldest known Nord in the Bloodmoon expansion, and likely the oldest known Nord anywhere in the game.
  • While saying that he is 500 years old, he also tells the player that he fought alongside Ysgramor, but those events happened 4000 years before the arrival of the Nerevarine. Either Ulfgar is lying, or he just lost the notion of time a long time ago.
  • Bloodmoon changes the vanilla "Who's there?" dialogue for having a Chameleon effect active when initiating dialogue to occur only with Ulfgar.