Bloodmoon:Betrayal at Brodir Grove

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Help an old barbarian to find his beloved Sovngarde.
Quest Giver: Ulfgar the Unending in his dwelling near Brodir Grove
Location(s): Thirsk, Brodir Grove
Reward: Stormfang, temporary Attribute increase
ID: BM_BrodirGrove
Strange stone pillars at Brodir Grove

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ulfgar the Unending in his home in Brodir Grove.
  2. Go to Thirsk and obtain the book Sovngarde, a Reexamination from Bereditte Jastal.
  3. Return to Ulfgar and slay him to grant him access to Sovngarde.
  4. Activate the (now four) stones for an Attribute increase.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Sad Tale[edit]

When searching Brodir Grove, you'll find an old Nord called Ulfgar the Unending in his dwelling. Inquire about his sad tale and you'll learn about him and his three friends. Their quest was to find the entrance to Sovngarde, the name of the fortress erected by the god Shor as a gift to the valiant. The legend goes that any Nord who finds the entrance to Sovngarde can dwell in its mead-filled halls forever. While on their quest, his three friends were turned to stone by the sorcerer Grimkell. Ulfgar managed to slay Grimkell but was too late to save his friends, who were condemned to stand watch in Brodir Grove. Ulfgar continued the seach for Sovngarde for over 500 years, but unfortunately, he has failed.

Ulfgar is still searching...

An Ancient Nord's Request[edit]

Ulfgar asks you to help him, but offers no hint as to where Sovngarde might be. The three stone pillars named Erlendr, Nikulas, and Hunroor are just southeast from Ulfgar's cave, but lead you no further either. You may want to just continue on with other things until you happen to run across information about it.

Detective Work[edit]

You will not find any cave or dungeon with the name of Sovngarde in the game and no one seems to be able to help you in your search of it. The only place to get any information is from the book Sovngarde, a Reexamination written and sold by Bereditte Jastal in the upstairs of Thirsk mead hall East of Lake Fjalding (for a measly 75 gold). The book basically states that Sovngarde can't be physically found and that Nords can reach it by being killed in battle. You'll receive a journal entry once you read the book.

Ticket to Sovngarde[edit]

Return to Ulfgar with the book who will take it from you and ask for you to kill him in armed combat. He's tougher than most things around the Island so be cautious, especially if you are a lower level. He'll thank you in his dying breath once you land the killing blow. Be sure to get the Stormfang weapon from his corpse. Also, remember to visit the three stones (now four) close by, as the ghost of Ulfgar will contact you there. Afterwards, the stones provide an increase in attributes.

Blessings of the Stones[edit]

Giver Name Benefit
Erlendr Erlendr's Speed Fortify Speed 10pts for 180s
Hunroor Hunroor's Agility Fortify Agility 10pts for 180s
Nikulas Nikulas's Personality Fortify Personality 10pts for 180s
Ulfgar Ulfgar's Strength Fortify Strength 10pts for 180s


Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Betrayal at Brodir Grove (BM_BrodirGrove)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I met Ulfgar the Unending and he told me his sad tale. He and his four companions came to Solstheim on some sort of quest. One of the five, a sorcerer named Grimkell, betrayed Ulfgar and the others. Ulfgar killed Grimkell, but the other three companions were turned to stone. They are the standing stones of Brodir Grove.
20 For five hundred years Ulfgar has been unsuccessfully searching for the entrance to Sovngarde, the mythical fortress where valiant Nords may live forever. He feels he has failed in his quest, and will be forever in my debt if I can find the entrance myself.
30 The book "Sovngarde, a Reexamination" contains new theories on the god Shor's mythical Hall of Valor. Of particular interest is the suggestion that the entrance to Sovngarde doesn't actually exist in the physical world. All a Nord has to do to enter Sovngarde is die in honorable combat. I should get this book back to Ulfgar the Unending. He'll be very interested in what it has to say.
40 Ulfgar was both shocked and excited by the new theories contained in the book "Sovngarde, a Reexamination." He now believes the entrance to Sovngarde has been right before him all along. All he has to do is die an honorable death -- and he's chosen me as his opponent.
50 Ulfgar asked me to engage him in mortal combat in the hopes that I could win, and send his soul to Sovngarde. I refused.
60 Ulfgar asked me to engage him in mortal combat in the hopes that I could win, and send his soul to Sovngarde. I agreed, and must return to him at his dwelling when I am ready to fight.
90 I killed Ulfgar. With his dying breath, he thanked me for granting him entrance to Sovngarde. Ulfgar also said he'd try to reach out to me from the afterlife and leave some kind of reward at Brodir Grove.
100 ☑Finishes quest I went to Brodir Grove and was met by the spirit of Ulfgar. He met his friends in Sovngarde and told them of the help I granted him. As a reward, the companions will imbue me with their greatest attributes every time I visit Brodir Grove. I need only visit their standing stones to receive the blessings.