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Shagrath's Host

Shagrath is the God of Spiders, an obscure goddess whose High Priestess once threatened all of Valenwood with an army of spiders.[1] She is associated with the Green and the birth of the world, and spiders are her blessed creatures.[2] Vanus Galerion believed that she was responsible for showing the changeling Selene how to take form. Whether Shagrath was lost to time or still exists in some form remains a mystery. Galerion speculated that Shagrath may actually be Mephala, another entity from the Dawn Era who possesses an affinity for spiders.[3] Few ever escape Shagrath's web once ensnared, marked by her whispersilk threads. Those who do bear a webbed brand on their faces. Shagrath marks those of interest with the silver strands adorning their bodies. They can choose to follow her intricate designs or weave their own paths; Shagrath prefers the latter.[4][5]



  • In early drafts of the Selene's Web dungeon in ESO, there was an objective to "destroy Shagrath's Eggs".[UOL 1]


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