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Emperor Uriel Septim VII wearing a crown (Arena)

The Red Dragon Crown (also called the Imperial Diadem,[1] Imperial Crown,[2] and Cyrodilic Crown)[3] is the main symbol of office worn by the Emperor of Tamriel. By the time of the Third Empire, it was thought to be the main symbol of power in the Empire. However, it is simply a mundane piece of jewelry; in contrast, the Amulet of Kings was also a sacred symbol of the Empire which possessed real power.[4]


Star-Made Diamond Diadem worn by an Imperial (ESO)
  • Empress Alessia wore the Star-Made Diamond Diadem, which itself was made from the Ayleid Empire's Laureled Diadem.[5] Whether this is the Red Dragon Crown or not is unknown.
  • When Morihatha became the Empress of Tamriel, she took up the Imperial Tiara.[6]


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