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Type Necropolis
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Stonefalls
(Daen Seeth)
Appears in Arena, ESO
Othrenis ca. 2E 582

Othrenis (also known as Eagle Moor)[1][Note 1] is a large burial ground in the eastern hills of Stonefalls, in the province of Morrowind. The site is a necropolis where figures like Mavos Siloreth, a powerful First Era mage[2] and the Elendis family of adventurers are buried.[3] It is specifically a special type of necropolis called cities of the dead, where Dunmer ancestors and spirits are interred for eternal rest.[UOL 1] Graven Caps are a sweet-smelling mushroom that grows in Othrenis and can be used to communicate with spirits.[4]


Mavos Siloreth

When Othrenis was established is unknown. One of the crypts residents was Mavos Siloreth, a Chimer mage from Vvardenfell that sealed one of the Brothers of Strife; Balreth in the early First Era.[2][5][6] He is interred in the largest crypt in the area, on the southeast end of Othrenis.[7] There are several families kept in Othrenis, such as the Baryons,[4] the aforementioned Elendises,[3] the Falaals, the Indarens, and the Varams.[4]

In 2E 582, after Balreth was resurrected and refused to be re-bind by Grandmaster Tanval of House Indoril, the Ebonheart Pact decided to seek out Mavos Siloreth in his tomb in Othrenis. Garyn Indoril sent a scout and an Agent of the Pact to summon his spirit. The Agent prayed at the Shrine of Reverence and the Shrine of Veneration, then at the central brazier where he was able to convince the mage to appear.[8] At his crypt, Mavos showed the Agent visions of his past when he first bound Balreth on the Charred Ridge. With this knowledge, the Pact made a final confrontation with Balreth at the summit of Ash Mountain.[9]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the town of Eagle Moor was an active settlement. It was ruled by Prince Zirimal and had a rivalry with Oaktown and Silnim Dale.[1] Eagle Moor was neighbored by several settlements, including Darnim Watch to the east-northeast, Ebonheart to the northwest, Mournhold to the east, and Old Keep to the southeast.[10]



  • ^  A concept map of Morrowind consists of settlements present in The Elder Scrolls: Arena with names that are reminiscent to Morrowind's names and locations. Eagle Moor was changed into Othrenis, considering where it is located in Arena versus where it is on the concept map. In the map, it is shown as territory of House Hlaalu.[UOL 2]

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