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Bal Ur, a Daedric ruin associated with Molag Bal

Daedric ruins are great edifices dedicated to worship of the Daedric Princes. They possess unmistakable stone architecture, characterised by funny angles, strange markings and patterns on the stone, and crooked oval doors.[1] The Dunmer call this architectural style Responsible Architecture, and it was taught to them by the Daedric Prince Boethiah some time in the First Era.[2][3]

Daedric Ruins can be found as far as the west in Auridon, where prior to the exodus of the followers of the Prophet Veloth, they built several shrines to the Daedric Princes before they left Summerset for Morrowind. It was believed that after they left, all of these heretical shrines were found and destroyed, but in reality a few remained.[4] The largest concentration of Daedric Ruins can be found in Morrowind, where they are said to have been placed there by the Daedric Princes themselves.[5] They can also be found in the areas of Black Marsh and Skyrim that border Morrowind.

Most of them are shrines to the "Bad Daedra", and many have fallen into ruins. Daedra may be found wandering freely around their grounds both outside and inside, although many may be occupied by outlaws. Shrines typically have a statue dedicated to a Daedric Prince, with offerings presented to them. Stealing these offerings may cause a daedra to be summoned to attack you. Shrines dedicated to the Daedra Lord, Mephala have been commonly referred to as Mephala's Nests. Some of these have been remarkably well preserved.[6]

As the threat from Dagoth Ur began to grow in the late Third Era, the Ordinators were no longer able to guard isolated Daedric ruins, leading to many ruins on Vvardenfell becoming occupied by hostile Daedric cults.[5]

Daedric Ruins[edit]


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