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A Bristleback

Bristlebacks or Tusked Bristlebacks (also sometimes called Razorbacks)[1] are large tusked boars that can be found on Solstheim,[2][3] and are known for their amazing ability to reflect magical effects used against them. The fur along their spines is barbed and stiff, lending to their name.[3] They are often used by Rieklings, who have bred the creatures to be even more warlike and dangerous, as mounts.[4] Their preferred climate is snowy mountaintops and temperatures well below freezing.[3]


Bristlebacks are known to come in varying sizes. From those expected of typical boars, to huge beasts bigger than a man.

Elsweyr is home to bristlebacks with tan fur and of various sizes. Mountain Bristlebacks are the larger variety, found in Southern Elsweyr. While the smaller variety are known as Lowland Bristlebacks.[5]

During the Second Era huge bristlebacks with black and white fur were found on Solstheim and mainland Skyrim.[3] The smaller of these, found on Bleakrock Isle, are known as Snowbarrow Boars.[6]

Culture and Uses[edit]

The leather and tusks harvested from them are known to have alchemical properties, while their meat is used for food by both men and rieklings.[7][8][9]

Some Nords believe that slaying a bristleback boar when both moons are full leads to bad luck for the rest of the year.[10] One of the many caves on Solstheim is named Bristleback Cave, after the beasts.[11]

The meat of bristlebacks is an ingredient of certain Reachfolk dishes.[12] Cured layers of bristleback hide are also sometimes used by Reachmen to create shields.[13]

In Markarth, the Bristleback hunters were famed for their prowess and distinguished for recounting lengthy tales in local inns during the night. Those stories were often filled with near-death experiences. Bringing down Bristlebacks was known to require both skill and a touch of luck.[14]


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