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Mistress Lady Brara Morvayn
MW-npc-Mistress Brara Morvayn.jpg
Mistress Lady Brara Morvayn ca. 3E 427
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Died 4E 65
Raven Rock
Reign 4E 16-
4E 65
Previous Ruler Remas Morvayn
Next Ruler Lleril Morvayn
Resided in Ald'ruhn
Raven Rock
Appears in Morrowind

Brara Morvayn was one of the six councilors of House Redoran's administration over the island-district of Vvardenfell. She acquired her title after the death of her husband, Remas Morvayn in the late Third Era, and eventually moved to the mining town of Raven Rock. Throughout the years, she contributed to Raven Rock's success and longevity, even after it was converted from an Imperial charter town into a fully-fledged township of House Redoran.[1]


Brara Morvayn was the noble wife of Councilor Remas Morvayn, who was stationed in Ald'ruhn with the Redoran Council of Vvardenfell. At some point around 3E 426, her husband died when Corprus creatures invaded the Morvayn Manor, and she succeeded him as a member of Redoran's Council. She was the councilor in control of the town, Maar Gan.[2] When the forces of Dagoth Ur returned and stalked Vvardenfell in 3E 427, the Nerevarine traveled to Ald'ruhn, per their quest to fulfill their prophecy and become recognized as the Hortator by the Great House Redoran. Brara Morvayn was one of the councilors to outright recognize the warrior as their Hortator, unlike the Archmaster.[3] At around the same time, she sent someone from House Redoran to take the ash statue that has infected her home and destroy it. She was able to live in her home again.[4]

When the Oblivion Crisis occurred in 3E 433, Ald'ruhn was sacked completely by the daedric horde and the Redoran counsel sent their representatives to rebuild and establish themselves elsewhere. Lady Brara Morvayn and her group traveled northwest to the island of Solstheim and took refuge in Imperial-Raven Rock. After some quick negotiations with the East Empire Company, Brara's group was able to stay in town and they eventually became part of the town's way of life. Their relationship grew greatly as the Dunmer proved to be valuable assets to Raven Rock. When the Red Year of 4E 5 had struck, the town was left in utter disarray as the nearby Fort Frostmoth was left buried under piles of ash. Brara called for the Redoran Guard (with the EEC's permission), who then became the town's only protectors.[1]

The ash storms became far more relentless and so Brara proposed that the EEC should build a great wall on Raven Rock's eastern front to block out the intense weather. In almost a year, the Bulwark was completed and it proved to be very effective. When the High King of Skyrim had relinquished hold of Solstheim to the province of Morrowind, the East Empire Company was forced to withdraw from Raven Rock and give it to the Great House Redoran, who then made Brara Morvayn its first councilor. As a result, the human population of Raven Rock had greatly depleted and the Dunmer population increased greatly, as the mines flourished more than ever. The next decades became Raven Rock's golden years and after fifty years of prosperity, Brara Morvayn died peacefully in 4E 65. She was interred in the Morvayn Ancestral Tomb in the Raven Rock Temple, and her son, Lleril Morvayn became her successor, sharing much of her notions as a leader.[5]


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