Legends:Swims-at-Night (quest)

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Battle a group of smugglers.
Act: 1
Opponent Name: Swims-at-Night
Opponent Class: AgilityEndurance Scout
Lanes: Field/Shadow
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Tyr, Swims-at-Night, Kellen
Previous Quest: Hopes Dashed
Next Quest: Broadsides
Reward: The Smuggler title, Black Marsh Smugglers deck, 10 Gold

Chapter 8: Swims-at-Night[edit]

Swims-at-Night is the eighth chapter of Legends, and the last battle of Act 1. When pursuing Laaneth and her kidnappers, you and Tyr decide that you need a ship.

In the beginning of this match you receive a tutorial about the Deck Editor, guiding you how to build your card decks and giving you your first deck, Band of Survivors.

This match introduces the Lethal keyword, and is the first match where you get the option to redraw the cards in your opening hand. You go first.

During the fight with Swims-at-Night, Dominion Guards appear, resulting in the Argonian smuggler joining you as you've now found a common enemy. After the match finishes, Tyr presents you with your first daily quest.



Kellen: "The cultists kidnapped the sorceress Laaneth, and had taken her north. They would use her to help them bring about a dread prophecy known as The Culling."
Tyr: "I don't like it any more than you do. But we need a ship to chase the cultists and we don't have any coin. Besides, this ship belongs to smugglers, and I have it on good authority that—"
Swims-at-Night: "Intruders!"
Tyr: "... That they're not here tonight."

During the Match

Tyr: "The poison on some of their blades looks deadly. Let's try to avoid them."


Swims-at-Night: "Who sent you?! You don't look like --"
Dominion Guard: "Hey! What's going on up there?"
Swims-at-Night: "Dominion Guards!"
Kellen: "The Argonian and the hero realized they had a common enemy. The smuggler, who was called Swims-at-Night, agreed to sail north in search of the sorceress."

Opponent's Deck[edit]

Swims-at-Night uses an unmodified version of the Black Marsh Smugglers deck.

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