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Legends:Necrom Graveyard

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Trap spirits from Necrom's graveyard
Episode: A Haunted Man
Opponent Name: Graveyard Spirits
Opponent Class: Endurance Endurance
Starting Health: 100
Other Characters: Haskill, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Fortress Hallway or Fortress Ramparts
Next Quest: Fortress Personal Chambers
Reward: None

A Haunted Man: Necrom Graveyard[edit]

Necrom Graveyard shows Talym Rend trap spirits from a graveyard in Necrom to use for the purpose of scaring Zhanar Tabav.


Before starting the match:

Talym: "We've done all we can short of showing Zhanar an actual ghost."
Haskill: "Then might I suggest showing him some? My lord sent me to bring you this. It's a special soul gem able to trap and release restless spirits. Its existance is also quite offensive to them, so I dare say some should be along any minute."

After the Match:

Talym: "The gem is full. Let's give Zhanar a taste of what's inside."

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