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Legends:Fortress Personal Chambers

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Unleash Necrom's graveyard spirits on Zhanar
Episode: A Haunted Man
Opponent Name: Zhanar Tabav
Opponent Class: IntelligenceAgility Assassin
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Zhanar Tabav
Previous Quest: Necrom Graveyard
Next Quest: The Haunted Man
Reward: None

A Haunted Man: Fortress Personal Chambers[edit]

Fortress Personal Chambers shows Talym Rend release Necrom's graveyard spirits on Zhanar Tabav.


Before starting the match:

Zhanar Tabav: "These cowardly simpletons. Ghosts. Pfah. Perhaps spirits roam this world, but if they were vengeful, would they not have haunted Zhanar long ago? Or the tyrants and monsters of history far worse than Zhanar?"
Zhanar Tabav: "No. Death frees one of mortal concerns. Of vengeance, anger, and guilt. Zhanar has freed many, and someday... He will be freed in turn."
Zhanar Tabav: "(A creaking floorboard, the moan of a ghost.) What is that? Who's there? No. No, it can't be! It cannot be!"

After using the haunted amulet the first time:

Zhanar Tabav: "Come back here you cowards! That's not a real ghost! It... it can't be!"

After using the haunted amulet the second time:

Zhanar Tabav: "Cravens, all of you! Zhanar fears no mindless spirits!"

After defeating him:

Zhanar Tabav: "It is true. After all these years, they have come for Zhanar! They wish to torment this one for all eternity! I must flee!"

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