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Legends:Fortress Ramparts

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Strike fear under the guise of the Hero of Dawn
Episode: A Haunted Man
Opponent Name: Fortress Guard
Opponent Class: AgilityEndurance Scout
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Fortress Guard, Talym Rend, Zhanar Tabav
Previous Quest: Fortress Catacombs
Next Quest: Fortress Hallway
Reward: None

A Haunted Man: Fortress Ramparts[edit]

Fortress Ramparts shows Talym Rend strike fear under the guise of the Hero of dawn, Benor Redoran.


Before starting the match:

Fortress Guard: "Halt! Who goes there?"
Talym: "I am the fire in the darkness, the blade of the morning, the protector of the weak."
Fortress Guard: "It can't be. But that helm, that axe -- It must be! It's the hero of dawn, Benor Redoran"

After the Match:

Fortress Guard: "I swear lord Zhanar, there's no question. It was the hero of dawn! Benor Redoran is reborn, and out for vengeance!"
Zhanar Tabav: "I will hear no more of this nonsense! This "hero" was only a man, and Zhanar killed him long ago! Zhanar fears no spirits, you hear? None!"

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