Isle of Madness

Legends:Mushroom Tower (quest)

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Use the magical amplifier to manipulate the weather
Episode: The Baron
Opponent Name: Telvanni Mage
Opponent Class: IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Baron Navir, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Baron's Palace
Next Quest: Kwama Mine, Meliel's Farm, or Return to Baron Navir
Reward: None

The Baron: Mushroom Tower (quest)[edit]

'Meliel's Farm shows Talym Rend drive Netches mad.


Before the match starts:

Luzrah Gro-Shar: "What are we doing at this Telvanni mushroom tower?"
Talym: "Hopefully making it snow. Word is the mages here have a magical amplifier high in this tower. With it, we should be able to cast a blizzard spell over the Baron's lands."
Cyriel: "And you think they'll just let us waltz in and use it?"
Talym: "No... that's going to be the hard part."

After the Match

Baron Navir: "By... by the g-g-gods! Snow! It's actually snow! I-i-in hottest summer! Perhaps this was not my w-w-wisest wish. But still! Snow!"

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