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Each default character class begins with several Advantages and/or Disadvantages. These may include weaknesses, resistances, weapon and armor restrictions, and maximum Spell Points. In addition, you can also pick your starting equipment (weapons, spells, magic items, and potions) at will. You can change any feature of your default character during character generation. The choices the game makes by default for a specific class are shown below. There is also the option to create your own custom class.

The descriptions of each class in the table below are from the Battlespire User's Guide.

Battlespire Existing Character Classes
Class Description Advantages and Disadvantages Governing Skills
Primary Skills Major Skills Minor Skills
Acrobat Like a drop of quicksilver, an experienced acrobat is hard to hit, grab, or hold. Acrobats are remarkable leapers, climbers, dodgers, runners, and tumblers. Agility and Speed are the most important attributes for acrobats.
Archer Archers are specialist warriors whose weapon of choice is the bow. Warriors who prefer hand-to-hand melee and close combat have called the archer's long-distance attack dishonorable. However, to the archer, efficiency is most important and a carefully placed arrow can fell a foe in a fraction of the blows required by a warrior. High Strength gives arrows more penetration, but a high Agility is even more important to ensure accuracy.
Assassin The assassin finds profit and pleasure in his specialized trade—murder. Cold-blooded, efficient, and business-like, the assassin is trained to find a victim's weaknesses and steal a life for payment. A sly and quickfooted assassin depends on Strength, Agility, and Speed.
Barbarian The true savage warriors of Tamriel, barbarians hail from the wastelands where only the strongest and the hardiest survive. Barbarians have very high Strength and Endurance.
Bard The bard is the jack of all trades with a variety of skills gained from wandering the realm. On the surface, the bard is a traveling storyteller, a singer, a dancer, and an all-around performer. But below the actor's mask, the bard plays many rolls [sic] as thief, warrior, courtier, and magic user. Intelligence and Agility are essential to the bard.
Battlemage The antithesis of the healer is the battlemage. They are the specialists in the magical school of Destruction. Offensive spells come naturally to battlemages. Like all spellcasters, a battlemage needs high Intelligence and Willpower.
Burglar Agile, silent, and as curious as a prowling cat, the burglar finds the challenge of a tricky lock or an open window irresistible. Unlike the waylaying thief and the sinister assassin, the burglar slips in and out of the shadows with pouches full of treasure. A burglar depends on high Agility, Intelligence, and Speed.
Healer Healers are specialists in the magicka school of Restoration. Though weaker in offensive magic, their powers tend to be very strong for defense, protection, and healing. Like all spellcasters, a healer needs high Intelligence and Willpower.
Knight Knights are the warriors' elite and are dedicated to honor and chivalry. To become a knight is to earn great status and the highest respect. Like warriors, a knight has high Strength and Endurance as well as a noble Personality.
Mage Thaumaturgists, mystics, enchanters, conjurers—all are specialist spellcasters and all are mages. A mage spends many years of training and studying the six schools of magicka, leaving behind most all other pursuits. In the end, a mage of experience and mastery wields supernatural power to rival any other class. A high Intelligence grants the mage a greater pool of magical energy for spells. Furthermore, a high Willpower grants the mage greater success at casting and resisting spells.
Monk With supreme discipline, the monk strives to achieve perfection of body, mind, and spirit. Monks are martial artists shunning all armor and shields. Their bodies and the weapons they use are one, full of grace and power. However, some monks even choose to reject conventional weapons, relying on their hands and feet alone to devastating effect. Strength, Willpower and Endurance are the three most important attributes for monks.
Nightblade Nightblades are the most intriguing and shadowy of people. Unlike the cheerful diversity of the bard, the nightblade combines the skills and philosophy of the thievish classes with the powers of the mage. Their natural agility, stealth, and abilities in the school of Illusion make for a deadly combination. Nightblades are seldom seen though their hand is certainly felt. Effective nightblades have a high Agility as well as high Intelligence and Willpower.
Ranger Rangers are woodland warriors who explore and protect the wilderness. At times, rangers will serve as trackers, guides, and guardians of travelers making their way through the wilds of Tamriel, Their abilities lie in Strength, Endurance, and Agility.
Rogue Equal parts thief and warrior, rogues seek to satisfy their greed and ambition through both battle and guile. A rogue's training is divided over a variety of combat skills as well as thievish skills. A rogue depends on a high Strength, Agility, and Speed.
Sorcerer Sorcerers are like mages but their magical powers are slightly different. First, they do not regenerate magicka naturally within their bodies [see note], but absorb it from the spells of others. Second, their total magicka pool is much greater than the mage's—in fact, they have the greatest magical potential of any character class. Like their kindred mages, sorcerers must have a high Intelligence and Willpower.
Spellsword Spellswords are the warrior-mages of Tamriel. They are a powerful group whose training delves into the mysteries of magicka as well as the practicality of weaponry. Their versatility is their greatest strength. Spellswords need high Intelligence and Willpower as well as good Strength and Endurance.
Thief The thief depends on the quickness of both hand and dagger and seeks out any opportunity to gain fortune or advantage through skill and cunning. Versatility and dexterity are the thief's staple. For thievish skills, high Agility is essential, combined with healthy Speed and Luck.
Warrior The warrior is the epitome of strength, constitution, and prowess. Warriors are masters of physical combat, capable of using any weapon, and any armor. Strength, Endurance, and Agility are the most important attributes for warriors.