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The School of Mysticism specializes in the most arcane and mysterious working of magic. Many of the spell effects are curious and specific, not fitting into any of the other areas of magic. The better the character's skill, the easier buying, learning, and casting spells is in this School.

Mysticism's corresponding attribute is Willpower.


The following classes have Mysticism as a skill:

  • Primary Skill

Mysticism Spells[edit]

Mysticism Spell List
Spell Name Spell Effect(s) Build Point Cost
Confusion Causes periodic and random changes to movement and combat actions. 480
Detect Enemy Points to the nearest creature or monster not of the caster's team. This spell has no range limit. 360
Detect Invisibility This spell allows the caster to see all invisible creatures. 400
Detect Spell Detects delayed action spells or spells fired within range of caster. 340
Haste Essentially the opposite of Slow. The legs enter a hyperactive state which enables the player to move faster than normal. This spell can be cast multiple times. Of course, it can get rather painful if you slam into a wall at high speeds. 1040
Jumping This spell allows the caster to jump at twice his or her normal ability. This spell lasts for a certain number of jumps or until the duration expires. 240
Slow When cast on a player or monster, his legs are put to sleep, slowing him down to a turtle's crawl. After a while, the spell effect wears off and the victim returns to his normal speed. 400
Spell Absorption The caster gains the ability to absorb the Spell Points of any incoming Spell. However, there is a chance that the caster will be affected normally by the spell especially if the caster is at full Spell Points. Once this spell has absorbed a certain number of Spell Points, the enchantment ends. 880


  • The Haste and Slow spells were omitted from the game manual but appear in the game.