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The School of Alteration specializes in magic's ability to change the structure and composition of matter. The better the character's skill, the easier the character can buy, learn, and cast spells in this School.

Alteration's corresponding attribute is Willpower.


The following classes have Alteration as a skill:

Alteration Spells[edit]

Alteration Spell List
Spell Name Spell Effect(s) Build Point Cost
Fire Shield Fiery aura around caster inflicts twice the damage suffered by caster upon the attacker. 720
Resistance Increases resistance to harmful effects of raw magica [sic], fire, frost, shock, or poison. 240
Shield Protects the caster making him more difficult to hit in melee combat. 480
Slow Falling Caster falls at a slow, safe speed and takes no damage from falls. Lasts for a given period. 240