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The School of Restoration specializes in magics that ease, heal, and purify. The better the character's skill, the easier buying, learning, and casting spells is in this School.

Restoration's corresponding attribute is Willpower.


The following classes have Restoration as a skill:

Restoration Spells[edit]

Restoration Spell List
Spell Name Spell Effect(s) Build Point Cost
Cure Health This spell replenishes your Wounds score. 320
Cure Poison This spell cures any poison in caster's body and restores all Attributes affected by the poison. 240
Poison This spell poisons a single creature causing the target to suffer periodic damage. The target continues to take damage until the spell expires or until death. Only a Cure Poison will remove this spell. 560
Vampiric Drain With this necromantic spell, the caster drains Wounds or Attribute Points from a target and transfers them to him or herself. The caster can gain up to his or her normal maximum points. 480