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Character Creation[edit]

Like Daggerfall before it, Battlespire comes with an advanced character creation system. Compared to Daggerfall, character creation here is even more detailed since almost all character features can be adjusted, even when it comes to predefined classes.

All of a character's attributes start at 50, primary skills at 30, major skills at 20 and minor skills at 15. All other skills start at 5. You will also have a number of build points that may be spent to raise your various attributes and skills, learn spells, gain Advantages and Disadvantages, and purchase starting equipment. Adding Disadvantages to your character will raise the amount of build points you have available. Note that your character's racial bonuses will not be reflected on this screen. After character creation is completed, the bonus is then added and can be seen in the character sheet.

During character creation, Attributes have a minimum of 10 points, and a maximum of 75. Skills have a maximum of 60, or as high as their governing attribute. This attribute requirement can be bypassed by having at least one attribute at or above the desired skill value, increasing a skill that requires that attribute to the desired value, then swapping that skill for the desired skill.

The number of Build Points available to you depends upon the gamemode. When creating a Multiplayer game, the Build Points can be set to 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500, or 9000. A character class saved under a certain Build Point limit is then labeled as that type of character, e.g., a 5000 point character. It is not possible to use a class in a multiplayer game that was generated with a higher point total. Classes generated in single player are considered 5000 point characters. This means the predefined classes cannot be used in 2500 or 1000 point multiplayer games.

There are several other things that influence the number of Build Points you have at character creation:

  • When selecting a Multiplayer-exclusive map (the 7 Deathmatch Levels or the 3 CtF levels in Team vs Team), an additional 2500 points are given. Note that this does not change the character's classification (e.g., a 2500 point game in one of these maps gives 5000 points, but a 5000 point class is still ineligible.)
  • When selecting one of the Battlespire levels beyond the Weir Gate, additional points are given, corresponding to the level completion rewards for each level.
  • Whatever value is calculated from the above rules, the final result will be 300 less than expected. A 5000 point character will only have 4700 points available to spend. This seems to be because the first level of Increase Magery is purchased by default, having a cost of 300 points, and cannot be removed.

At the beginning of each Battlespire level, you receive the number of award points listed. If creating a Multiplayer character for a given level, you receive the award points for that level and all levels before it.

Map Award Points Character Level
The Weir Gate 0 1
Caitiff 600 2
The Soul Cairn 800 3
Shade Perilous 1100 4
The Chimera of Desolation 1400 5
Havok Wellhead 1600 6
Mehrunes Dagon 1900 8

You may have BP leftover after creating your character. This is handled differently if you are in single player or cooperative mode.

  • Singleplayer: Your leftover BP will be added to your award points upon reaching Level 2. However, all future levels will ignore any leftover BP and give you only the new level's award amount. (e.g. 11pts left from creation > 611pts arriving to level 2 > 8pts after upgrading in level 2 > 800pts arriving to level 3) Thus, you should try and spend all of your BP at every opportunity.
  • Cooperative: Your leftover BP from character creation will be added on every successive level. Leftover BP from a given level up is discarded. (e.g. 50pts left from creation > 650pts arriving to level 2 > 10pts after upgrading in level 2 > 850pts arriving to level 3) Thus, in this mode, you will benefit from spending as few BP as possible during character creation. Thereafter, you should spend all possible points at every level screen.


For predefined classes, starting spells are picked automatically. However, you can adjust them at will. See Magic and Spells for information on available spells.


During character creation, you can choose from the following assortment of items. The quality of an item is determined randomly during every character creation process, and the best material you can get during character creation is mithril. You should choose your starting equipment with care, for it will make a difference until you reach the higher levels.

Base Cost Item Material Modifier
0 Various Clothes 0
20 Dagger 70
40 Short Sword 90
80 Long Sword 130
100 Broad Sword 150
160 Claymore 210
120 Battle Axe 170
140 War Axe 190
100 Mace 135
16 Short Bow 66
22 Long Bow 72
24 Crossbow 74
60 Javelin 110
40 Staff 90
40 Spear 90
10 Arrow (x20) 51
10 Container 0
10 Helmet 60
56 Cuirass 46
10 Pauldron 60
10 Greaves 60
8 Boots 58
8 Sandals 58
8 Gauntlet 58

Total item cost is calculated as follows:

Base Cost + (Quality x Material Modifier)

Values for quality are:

  • 0 for Iron
  • 1 for Steel
  • 2 for Silver
  • 3 for Elven
  • 4 for Dwarven
  • 5 for Mithril

An exception are arrows; steel arrows cost 51 points, silver costs 102 points, and so on.

Magic Items[edit]

During character creation, you can also choose from the following assortment of magic items. The type of item and its quality are determined randomly during every character creation process.

Cost Item
60 Potion of Detect Invisibility (x1)
60 Potion of Invisibility (x1)
60 Potion of Spell Reflection (x1)
60 Potion of Spell Absorption (x1)
60 Potion of Slow Fall (x1)
60 Potion of Spell Resistance (x1)
60 Potion of Cure Poison (x1)
60 Potion of Cure Health (x1)
60 Potion of Jumping (x1)
60 Potion of Shield (x1)
variable Item of Handfire
variable Item of the Lesser Vigil
variable Item of Baleful Woe
variable Item of Healing
variable Item of Service
variable Item of Snow
variable Item of the Apprentice
variable Item of the Subtle Force
variable Item of Blight
variable Item of Secrets
variable Item of Airy Gills
variable Item of Magica Resartus

Magical clothes always cost 500 points. The costs for magical weapons and armors are calculated as follows:

500 + (50 x Quality)

Values for quality are:

  • 0 for Iron
  • 1 for Steel
  • 2 for Silver
  • 3 for Elven
  • 4 for Dwarven
  • 5 for Mithril

The type of weapon or armor is not considered when it comes to magic items.

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit]

Advantages are special abilities, perks, and strengths that give the character more power and make the character more effective. Disadvantages are special limitations, restrictions, and weaknesses that balance out the character and provide additional build points to buy skills and abilities.


When creating a new class, the "1x Intelligence in Spell Points" Advantage is applied by default.

Advantage Name Description Build Point Cost
Acute Hearing This advantage allows the character to hear sounds at a greater distance, perhaps warning him or her of nearby danger.
  • 200
Adrenaline Rush This advantage gives the character a burst of increased energy and ability in combat when he or she is near death from a decrease in Wounds level.
  • 200
Athleticism Athleticism means the character possesses a high stamina and loses Fatigue Points more slowly while running, swimming, and fighting.
  • 400
Immunity This expensive advantage grants the character Immunity or complete Resistance versus the effects of raw magicka, fire, frost, shock, or poison. If the character has an Immunity to a particular effect, he or she can not have a Low Tolerance or Critical Weakness for the same effect.
  • 1600 per Effect
Increase Magery Characters with this advantage have greater magicka reserves. Most characters begin with only half their Intelligence in Spell Points. With this advantage, the character can buy up to 1x, 1.5x, 2x, or 3x their Intelligence in Spells [sic] Points.*
  • 300 - 1x INT in Spell Points (automatically applied, cannot be removed)
  • 700 - 1.5x INT in Spell Points
  • 1500 - 2x INT in Spell Points
  • 2200 - 3x INT in Spell Points
Rapid Healing Characters with this advantage recover lost Wound points more quickly.
  • 700
Regenerate Health Characters with this costly advantage automatically regain lost health over time.
  • 2000
Regenerate SP's Characters with this advantage automatically regain lost Spell Points over time.
  • 2000
Resistance This advantage grants the character increased Resistance versus damage and other harmful effects caused by raw magicka, fire, frost, shock, or poison. If the character has a Resistance to a particular effect, he or she can not have a similar Low Tolerance or Critical Weakness to the same effect.
  • 800 per Effect
Spell Absorption Spell Absorption grants the character a chance to automatically absorb the magicka of a spell cast at him or her and add the Spell Points to his or her own reserves. However, if the character's magicka reserve is full, he or she can not absorb the spell and suffers the effects of the spell.
  • 2500

*The default Spell Point multiplier is 1x Intelligence. There is no option for a 0.5x Intelligence multiplier.


By default, no Disadvantages are applied when creating a new class.

Disadvantage Name Description Build Point Worth
No Regeneration of SP's This disadvantage means the character does not regenerate spent magicka. The character's spell casting abilities are severely limited. However, Spell Points may be replenished with magicka absorption spells and abilities.
  • 1000
Forbidden Armor Characters with this disadvantage can not use or equip any armor of a higher class than the one indicated. (For example, a character restricted to Light armor can not use Medium or Heavy armor).
  • 1000 - Light and Medium armor only
  • 1500 - Light armor only
  • 2000 - No armor
Forbidden Material Characters with this disadvantage can not use or equip any item of better material than the material indicated. (For example, a character restricted to Mithril material can not use or equip items of Adamantium, Ebony, Orchish [sic], or Daedric Material).
  • 400 - No gear better than Orcish
  • 600 - No gear better than Ebony
  • 800 - No gear better than Adamantium
  • 1000 - No gear better than Mithril
  • 1200 - No gear better than Dwarven
  • 1400 - No gear better than Elven
  • 1600 - No gear better than Silver
  • 1800 - No gear better than Steel
  • 2000 - No gear better than Iron
Forbidden Weapons Characters with this disadvantage can not use or equip certain types of weapons.
  • 400 - No short-bladed weapons
  • 400 - No axes
  • 600 - No blunt weapons
  • 800 - No long-bladed weapons
  • 1000 - No missile weapons
Low Tolerance This disadvantage means the character suffers increased damage or effect from raw magicka, fire, frost, shock, or poison. If the character has a Low Tolerance to an effect, he or she can not have a Resistance or Immunity to the same effect.
  • 800 per Effect
Critical Weakness This dangerous disadvantage means the character is highly vulnerable to the effects of raw magicka, fire, frost, shock, or poison. The character suffers a chance of being extremely hurt or even killed by the effect. If the character has a Critical Weakness to an effect, he or she can not have a Resistance or Immunity to the same effect.
  • 1600 per Effect


  • The Spell Absorption Advantage is erroneously spelled "Spell Absorbtion" in the menu.