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The School of Thaumaturgy focuses on manipulating known forces and objects within their natural laws. The better the character's skill, the easier buying, learning, and casting spells is in this School.

Thaumaturgy's corresponding attribute is Willpower.


The following classes have Thaumaturgy as a skill:

Thaumaturgy Spells[edit]

Thaumaturgy Spell List
Spell Name Spell Effect(s) Build Point Cost
Dispel Magic This spell lists all the spells on the caster and in the caster's immediate vicinity. The caster chooses which spell to dispel. This spell is always successful. 240
Etherealness With this spell, the caster becomes ethereal and can pass through most objects including monsters and other players. However, the caster can not act upon them in any way. The caster can not pass through objects that make up the dungeon itself (such as walls) and the caster still obeys the laws of gravity. 560
Monster Summoning This spell summons a random monster to attack a creature other than the summoner. The Spell Points required by this spell are based on the strength of the monster summoned. The monster will continue to fight for a certain amount of time or until killed. Note: This spell is disabled in multiplayer games. 400
Spell Reflection For the duration of this protection, spells affecting the character may hit normally, be reflected back at their point of origin, or be reflected in a random direction. Once this spell has reflected a certain number of Spell Points and often without warning, the protection ends. 960
Teleport With this spell, the caster can set a location in the dungeon as an anchor and transport himself instantly to a previously set anchor. When the character goes to a new level, any anchor set on the old level becomes invalid. 800