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Value 5 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Health Restore Health
2nd Fortify Health Fortify Health
3rd Damage Stamina Regen Damage Stamina Regen
4th Lingering Damage Magicka Lingering Damage Magicka
# Samples 78
Plant Wheat
# Plants 84
Garden HF 4
Merchant Avail. Common
Player-grown wheatHF

Wheat is grown in farms around Skyrim. Several people recommend combining wheat with blisterwort to make a Restore Health potion. With Hearthfire installed, three wheat can be used to create a sack of flour.


2 Effects[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Damage Stamina Regen Damage Stamina Regen Fortify Health Fortify Health Giant's Toe (5.9×Value), Yellow Mountain FlowerDG
Damage Stamina Regen Damage Stamina Regen Restore Health Restore Health Daedra Heart, SaltriceCC
Fortify Health Fortify Health Restore Health Restore Health AmbrosiaCC, Blue Mountain Flower, Heart of OrderCC, Void EssenceCC
Lingering Damage Magicka Lingering Damage Magicka Restore Health Restore Health Swamp Fungal Pod

1 Effect[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Restore Health Restore Health Ash Hopper JellyDB, Blisterwort (0.6×Magnitude), Blue Dartwing, Butterfly Wing, Charred Skeever Hide, Corkbulb RootCC, Eye of Sabre Cat, Felsaad Tern FeathersDB, Imp Stool (0.6×Magnitude), MarshmerrowCC, Rock Warbler Egg
Fortify Health Fortify Health Bear Claws, Boar TuskDB (5.9×Value), Fungus StalkCC, Glowing Mushroom, Hanging Moss, Hydnum Azure Giant SporeCC
Damage Stamina Regen Damage Stamina Regen Bungler's BaneCC, Creep Cluster, Frost Mirriam, Histcarp, Juniper Berries, Large Antlers, Silverside Perch, Skeever Tail
Lingering Damage Magicka Lingering Damage Magicka Hagraven Claw, Ogre's TeethCC, Purple Mountain Flower, Scalon FinCC, Torchbug Thorax


78 guaranteed samples can be found in 45 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are:

It is categorized as a common ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 36% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in some barrels and in apothecary's satchels. Other possible locations for already-harvested samples include:


Wheat bushels are found in the fields of farms. 84 of them are found in 13 different locations:

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