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ON-qico-Raid.png Defeat the Celestial Mage to save her from the Serpent.
Zone: Craglorn
Objective: Follow the Celestial Mage through the Aetherian Archive.
Quest Giver: Mighty Mordra, Celestial Mage's Gem
Location(s): Star-Gazers' Observatory, Aetherian Archive
Previous Quest: The Missing Guardian
Concurrent Quest: Assaulting the Citadel
Reward: Mage's Ignorant Coffer (Normal Mode)
Mage's Knowledgeable Coffer (Veteran Mode)
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 5102
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Immediately
TrialGroup Size: 12
The Thief confronts the Mage
I've discovered the Aetherian Archive, an enigmatic tower that had previously been sealed. Mighty Mordra and her Undaunted had planned to climb the Archive, but her allies are missing. If I choose to, I could explore it and reach the top before them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Mighty Mordra.
  2. Enter the Aetherian Archive.
  3. Defeat the Mage.
  4. Speak to Mindil the Untested.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After completing The Missing Guardian, Mighty Mordra will appear in the Star-Gazers' Observatory. You can speak to her then, or head straight for the Aetherian Archive and speak to her there to receive this quest.

Once the Mage is defeated, she will appear in her Celestial form and speak to The Thief:

The Mage: "My thoughts are my own again."
The Thief: "It has been some time."
The Mage: "I have words for the snake. Where is he?"
The Thief: "Far from here. We will need your strength to reckon with him."
The Mage: "To end him, you mean."
The Thief: "Would you end the sun for lighting the sky? His death would only cause more peril. We will stop him, not murder him. And it will take all of us."
The Mage: "Always the pragmatist."

If Hel Ra Citadel has been completed, The Warrior will also be present:

The Mage: "Finally. My mind is my own."
The Thief: "It has been too long."
The Warrior: "You mean not long enough."
The Mage: "I forget how quaint you are, Warrior. I have a fiery gift for the snake. Where is he?"
The Thief: "He remains out in the world, wreaking havoc in this region."
The Mage: "What do you propose we do?"
The Warrior: "Let us slay him."
The Thief: "The natural order must be restored. We contain the Serpent, not end him."
The Mage: "Then we should return him to his Apex Stone."
The Thief: "Agreed. Let us convene at the Stone."

Mindil the Untested will arrive with Kailstig the Axe, so you must speak to him to claim your reward:

"I see you return, friend! Do you return victorious?
Have you made it to the top of the Aetherian Archive?"
I've explored the entirety of the Archive, and defeated the opponents within.
"You've outdone us, friend. You've explored the Aetherian Archive before the Undaunted.
This doesn't happen often, but we'd like to give you something special to commemorate your feat!"

If you fail to pick up the quest at the start of the trial, you can loot Celestial Mage's Gem off of the Mage's corpse.

<On the remains of the Celestial Mage, a single gem fall loose. This can serve as proof to the Undaunted of your conquest.>
I will take this gem to the Undaunted as proof of the Celestial Mage's defeat.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Mage's Tower
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I've learned that the Aetherian Archive, an ancient, sealed tower in Craglorn, has opened its doors for the first time in years. Mighty Mordra and her Undaunted intended to climb it, but it appears I get to brave its dangers, first.
Objective: Kill the Celestial Mage
Finishes quest☑ You defeated The Mage, and silenced the threat on the upper floors of the Aetherian Archive.
Objective: Return to Mindil the Untested
Latest start (If you didn't accept the quest from Mighty Mordra at the entrance)
I took a gemstone from the staff of the defeated Celestial Mage.
Objective: Return to Mindil the Untested
Finishes quest☑ I took a gemstone from the staff of the defeated Celestial Mage.
Objective: Return to Mindil the Untested
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