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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Convince the crew of the Perfect Pounce to join the Dragonguard.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Dragonguard
Quest Giver: Sai Sahan, Sidura
Location(s): Dragonguard Sanctum
Previous Quest: The Dragon's Lair
Next Quest: Uneasy Alliances
Reward: Signet of the Dragonguard
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6409
Meet with Sai Sahan in Dragonguard Sanctum
Sai Sahan is reforming the Dragonguard and wants to know if our companions will join us.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Sai Sahan in the Dragonguard Sanctum.
  2. Talk to Za'ji on The Perfect Pounce.
    • (Optional) Speak with the other crew members.
  3. Return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and talk to Sai Sahan.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After working with the crew of the Perfect Pounce on Tideholm, Sai Sahan mentions that the ragtag group of smugglers seems to have potential. He wants you to ask Captain Za'ji if he'd be willing to join the Dragonguard while he works things out with Nahfahlaar:

"If we're to fight back against Laatvulon, we'll need more than a single Dragon. We’ll need an order dedicated to eradicating this threat.
The time has come to reform the Dragonguard."
Did you have any candidates in mind?
"I do. The crew of the Perfect Pounce accompanied us on one Dragon hunt and handled themselves well. See if they're willing to make our association more permanent.
Speak to Za'ji and see if he and his crew would like to join our order"
All right. I'll ask Za'ji if he and his crew want to join the Dragonguard.
Za’ji on the Perfect Pounce

You can find Za'ji on the deck of his ship. Speak with him and offer him a place with the reformed Dragonguard:

"Za'ji knew his gut was right! Only a truly great warrior could tame a Dragon.
Do you suppose the creature will let us ride it? Hmm. No, no, best not to ask. This one would not want to be rude."
Sai Sahan would like your crew to join us as members of the Dragonguard.
"Really? Ah, well, of course you do! Who wouldn't want the daring Za'ji by their side?
The offer is tempting. Whoever defeats these Dragons will have their names sung by Moon-Singers for generations."
Do you want some time to think about it?
"Za'ji is not one to hesitate, walker! Not when a stranger asks him to sail to a Dragon's island, and certainly not when that same stranger offers glory and fame!
The crew of the Perfect Pounce will join your Dragonguard."
Perhaps you should ask your crew first.
"Hmm? Ah, yes! Za'ji will speak to the crew.
However, there are two crew members you may wish to speak with personally. Dirge Truptor, the Imperial with a weasel face, and the beautiful Chizbari. Their particular talents may prove interesting."
Perhaps I will.

He quickly agrees to join the Dragonguard, citing Dragon slaying as a task that would bring him and the crew adventure and glory. Za'ji says that he will talk to the rest of the crew about joining, though you have the option of speaking to them as well.

You can talk to the crew to learn more about them and invite them to the Dragonguard, or you can return to Sai Sahan immediately. The others can be found around the Sanctum, Aeliah Renmus, Caska, Dirge Truptor, and Chizbari the Chipper are all available for you to speak with.

Aeliah accepts your offer wholeheartedly, and suggests that the Dragonguard could do with new uniforms to make them seem more organized. Caska very pointedly agrees to join, citing the fact that she can't defeat the invading Dragons alone as her reasoning. The Dragonguard used to be rather strict, and Caska figures that the new order might need to be more lax in order to keep Za'ji's crew on board. Chizbari tells you that she'll hunt down Dragons for you to kill. After this quest, she'll offer you daily quests with the goal of killing the beasts. At first, Dirge is annoyed when you try to interrupt his reading, but he soon opens up. He says he's going to be doing research for the Dragonguard's benefit, namely figuring out how to kill Dragons without being eaten. He tells you that he could use your help whenever he scrounges up any leads. He will begin offering daily quests after the completion of this one.

Once you are ready, you can return to Sai Sahan and report your success: in the meantime, Sai will have been in negotiations with Nahfahlaar. You can find Sai in the Sanctum's Grand Hall.

"Nahfahlaar and I have come to an agreement. We'll work together to defeat Laatvulon, but only that. After our battle is won, Nahfahlaar will peacefully depart from these lands.
Now, what did Za'ji say to my proposal?"
Za'ji agreed to join our Dragonguard and will speak to the rest of his crew on our behalf.
"Excellent. I'll meet with him and his crew to discuss the particulars.
For aiding me in the establishment of our new Dragonguard, accept this reward. Oh, and talk to Nahfahlaar when you have a moment. He requested your help with a small matter."


  • If you did not start this quest immediately after The Dragon's Lair, you will get the quest from Sidura on the dock in the Dragonguard Sanctum.

Quest Stages[edit]

Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I need to find Za'ji before I can speak to him. He should be in another part of the Dragonguard Sanctum.
Objective: Enter Dragonguard Sanctum
Za'ji leads the smuggler crew that came with us to the island. I should speak to him and see if his crew is willing to join the Dragonguard.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji has confirmed that he is ready to join the Dragonguard and has promised to speak to the rest of his crew. I can take this opportunity to speak to the crew myself or rejoin Sai Sahan in the sanctum's grand hall.
Objective: Return to Sai
Optional Step: Talk to the Crew
Hidden Objective: Talk to Caska
Hidden Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Hidden Objective: Talk to Dirge Truptor
Hidden Objective: Talk to Chizbari the Chipper
Finishes quest☑ Za'ji agreed to join our Dragonguard. He also agreed to speak to the rest of the crew on our behalf. I should let Sai Sahan know and see how his negotiations with Nahfahlaar are going.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
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