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Home Settlement Dragonguard Sanctum
Location On the docks in front of the Perfect Pounce
Ship The Perfect Pounce
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragonguard

Sidura is a Khajiit member of Za'ji's smuggling crew who can be found at the docks in the Dragonguard Sanctum after you recruit Za'ji's crew to the Dragonguard.

She will begin Dragonhold story quests if you decide not to start one immediately after completing the previous quest.

Related Quests[edit]


Speaking to her outside quests, Sidura will be too busy to talk and will refer you to her captain.

"This one has much to do. If you have business, speak to Captain Za'ji."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Dragon's Lair[edit]

Sail The Perfect Pounce into Senchal harbor and Sidura and the rest of the crew will come running aboard:

Sidura : "I told you the captain would get the Pounce back!"

Speak to her before leaving for Tideholm and she'll say:

"Zha'al. You are the one who got us back the Perfect Pounce, yes?
Thank you for that. She may not be much, but the Pounce has been this one's home for a long time. Even before Za'ji was her captain, in fact."
You sailed on the Perfect Pounce before Za'ji was captain?
"Yes, back when the ship belonged to a rather nasty fellow by the name of Bahzahar the Bull. A heartless taskmaster who didn't care a lick about his crew.
The Pounce was a lot less colorful back then, in more ways than one."
How do you feel about Za'ji being your captain?
"What's not to like? He respects his crew, makes sure we're well cared for. And he's always excited for the next adventure. It's a bit contagious, actually.
Still, I don't know if this ship could actually function without Caska."
Why is that?
"I won't deny Za'ji is cunning when he wants to be, but it's Caska that keeps this ship afloat.
She schedules repairs, oversees our provisions, pays the crew. And she keeps us all safe, of course. I haven't seen her lose a fight yet."

Uneasy Alliances[edit]

She will call out to you as you approach "Hey, Dragonguard! Over here!", since she has a message from Nahfahlaar:

"There you are.
You must hurry back to the sanctum. The Dragon wishes to speak to you, and this one doesn't think you should keep him waiting."
Nahfahlaar wishes to speak with me?
"Apparently he has a Dragon friend he wants us to recruit. Though if you ask Sidura, one Dragon in the sanctum is more than enough.
Nahfahlaar needs your helping finding the beast, so he wants to speak with you."
I'll return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and talk to Nahfahlaar.

If you speak with her afterwards, she will give very good reasons why you should hurry back to the Sanctum:

"You need to head back to the sanctum and speak with that Dragon. We don't want to make the Dragon angry, yes?"

Order of the New Moon[edit]

Sidura will hail you as you draw near, "Hey walker! I have another message." This time it is from Sai Sahan:

"Sai Sahan not so humbly requests your presence. Seems he has another mission for you."
What kind of mission?
"He wants you to infiltrate that Dragon cult that's been mucking up our plans. Seems they're recruiting in Senchal!
Go speak to Sai Sahan right away. He's waiting for you."
I'll return to the sanctum and speak with Sai Sahan.

After delivering the message, she will suggest that you ask Sai the followup questions:

"Sidura told you all she knows. Speak to Sai Sahan if you want more information."

The Pride of Alkosh[edit]

As you approach she will call you over, "Hey, walker! Over here!"

You are needed back due to the pending attack on a Khajiit Temple by the New Moon.

"You need to hurry back to the sanctum! That nasty Dragon cult plans to attack Pridehome, and Sai Sahan wants us to defend the temple."
Do we know why the Dragon cult is attacking Pridehome?
"Who knows why that vile Order of the New Moon does anything?
A group of peaceful priests who worship Alkosh reside at Pridehome. Why a Dragon cult would wish to attack them, well, Sidura can't even begin to guess."
I'll head to the sanctum and speak with Sai Sahan.
"What are you speaking with Sidura for? Sai Sahan is waiting for you back at the sanctum. You should head there at once."

The Dragonguard[edit]

As you approach she will call you over, "There you are! Walker, over here!"

She has another message from Sai Sahan after you killed the New Moon's Dragon Priest.

"Thank the Moons this one found you.
You need to head back to the sanctum. Sai Sahan wants to attack the Order of the New Moon. Something about Ra'khajin kicking the bucket and a divine mask."
And Sai Sahan wishes to speak to me about this upcoming attack?
"Naturally. You're his second-in-command or something, aren't you?
Sai Sahan wants to discuss things with you before we start fighting, so you need to get back to the sanctum."
Thanks, Sidura. I'll report to Sai at the sanctuary.

If you decide to talk to her again, she will urge you to leave quickly.

"There is no time to chat! Go to the sanctum and speak with Sai Sahan."

The Dark Aeon[edit]

"Good, you're here. Sai Sahan has been glowering even worse than Nahfahlaar since he got that letter.
He wants to speak with you. Something about a new threat."
What letter? What threat? Tell me what this is all about.
"What more is there to say? Sai got a letter and his mood darkened. And that's not a pleasant sight to see!
He did mention the person who sent the letter. Tharn. Abnur Tharn. Made him sound important."
Was there anything else?
"Sai Sahan seemed eager to talk to you and Nahfahlaar. I'd suggest you go to Nahfahlaar's Chamber and poke your nose in."
I'll go to Nahfahlaar's Chamber and speak to Sai Sahan.

You can ask her more questions.

"Best be quick about your business. Get to Nahfahlaar's Chamber and see what's got Sai Sahan's beard in a tangle."
How have things been otherwise?
"Since you did in Laatvulon? Quiet, Dragonguard, quiet. But Sai Sahan's mood has put everyone on edge, I won't lie. Even Nahfahlaar seems out of sorts.
You best get back there and see if you can get them back on the straight and narrow."

New Moon Rising[edit]

missing dialogue, should appear in Senchal

The Pride of Elsweyr[edit]

If you are in Senchal, she will call out to you, "Over here, walker!"

"There you are! Captain Za'ji told us to watch for you. People want to talk to you. Important people, you understand?"
What important people want to talk to me?
"Sidura is just the look-out. This messenger stuff requires memorizing more information than this one cares to keep in her head all at once.
Just return to the Dragonguard Sanctum. The bearded one wants to have words with you, yes?"
I'll go to the Dragonguard Sanctum and find Sai Sahan.

Talking to her afterwards:

"This one has done her duty and passed along the message. Get to the Dragonguard Sanctum, Sidura has told you. Now her work is done.
If you need something else, this one will be in the nearest tavern."


Speaking to her again:

"Sidura certainly hopes this doesn't become a habit. She would rather not run around all of Pellitine delivering messages for your bearded friend, if it's all the same to him."