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Location Varies
Ship The Perfect Pounce
Race Dagi-raht Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Uneasy Alliances
Faction(s) Dragonguard
Za'ji, captain of The Perfect Pounce

Za'ji is a Dagi-raht pirate and captain of The Perfect Pounce. He is first met when sent by Aeliah Renmus and he enlists your help in recovering his ship. After the expedition to Tideholm, he joins Sai Sahan's reformed Dragonguard. He is Clan Mother Tadali's son.

He and Caska reappear in Shipwright's Regret.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]


Appears only with Dragonhold

The Dragon's Lair[edit]

When you first arrive at Za'ji and Caska's location in the southern corner of the city (not far from the Senchal Outlaws Refuge entrance) with Sai Sahan, you'll hear Za'ji exclaim:

Za'ji : "Just buy another ship? Caska, you wound Za'ji! You truly do!"

When first spoken to:

"Can't you see that Za'ji is grieving?
He has lost everything! His home! His heart! His one and only lady love! Oh, how can he go on?"
You lost your lady love? Who was she?
"The Perfect Pounce! The finest vessel to sail the Topal Bay.
Someone stole her as we slumbered. A heartless wretch! A thief without honor! A member of Za'ji's very own crew, he is sure of it! Nartise Merys. May he suffer a thousand salty cuts."
Do you know where your ship may be?
"No, but Nartise does. And Za'ji knows we can find him in South Guard Ruins. Pounce needs provisions before it sets sail, and that's where Nartise will get them.
But why are you offering to help, walker?"
Aeliah said you could sail us to a nearby island so we can slay a Dragon.
"Aeliah sent you? Then you must be walkers of honor! And this one must admit, slaying a Dragon sounds quite heroic ….
Very well, it's a deal! You help Za'ji get back his ship, he will take you to this island."
What's our first step?
"We must head to South Guard Ruins and search for Nartise. It is a coastal town of sorts, just south of Senchal.
With some persuasion, that clawless Dark Elf should let slip the location of the Perfect Pounce. Then we steal her back!"

He can then be asked questions about his crew and Nartise:

Why do you think Nartise stole your ship?
"He is the newest member of Za'ji's crew. Came aboard only a few weeks ago. And then this morning, just as the Perfect Pounce is stolen away, he disappears!
It is more than a coincidence, this one thinks."
And you believe he's in the South Guard Ruins?
"Za'ji's blood may boil, but his mind remains as sharp as a blade!
We came to Senchal for provisions. It is unlikely that Nartise would journey out to sea without stocking up first. That means dealing with the vagabonds in South Guard Ruins."
Tell me about South Guard Ruins.
"It used to be a fort, but as the name suggests, it's seen better days. Now pirates and brigands call it home. They will not welcome outsiders."
What can you tell me about Caska?
"Caska? Why she's the Pounce's first mate, of course!
Don't take her manner personally, walker. She's a Khajiit of few words and little patience. And so this one would recommend you stay on her good side, yes?"
And what happens if I get on her bad side?
"Well, she didn't earn the title Caska the Unconquered without biting off a few heads. Do not try your luck, walker."
Tell me more about yourself and your crew.
"Ah! And so we finally move on to one of Za'ji's favorite topics of conversation.
The Perfect Pounce is home to the sleekest profiteers this side of the Topal Bay. She is captained by a roguishly handsome Khajiit, who sought fortune from a young age."
Is that captain … you?
"Indeed he is! There is no treasure too hidden, no adventure too perilous, no glory too great for Za'ji and his loyal crew!
Danger? This one does not know the word."
Well, you have agreed to sail us to a Dragon's island lair.
"In such situations, Za'ji tends to go with his well–toned gut. And his gut says this Dragon will be a problem for Senchal eventually. He will help those brave enough to hunt the beast down!
Right after we find the Pounce, of course."

Arrive at South Guard Ruins and you'll find Za'ji and Caska discussing tactics:

Za'ji : "We must sneak in, Caska! Sneak! You do remember how to do that, yes?"
Caska : "I remember the last time you tried to sneak somewhere. Did you ever remove all those cactus spines from your arse?"
Za'ji : "Those cactus spines never stung as much as your betrayal, Caska."
Caska : "Ah, yes. My third betrayal of the day. But who's counting?"

After you speak to Sai, he will give orders to the group:

Sai Sahan : "Enough! Do you accept the plan?"
Za'ji : "It is an excellent plan! We'll circle around to the back, yes?"
Caska : "And knowing your mouth, we'll alert every pirate in South Guard along the way."
Za'ji : "What? Za'ji is the epitome of discretion!"
Sai Sahan : "I'm going to take the lay of the land. I'll meet you at the entrance to the camp."

Za'ji and Caska head towards the ruins.

On the beach on the other side of the ruins, you'll find Nartise in magical chains held by Za'ji while Caska crouches, ready to pounce.

Sai Sahan : "That's one way to catch a thief."
Za'ji : "Walkers, good to see you! Look who Za'ji found! Why don't you say hello?"
Nartise Merys : "Please, Za'ji! Don't let Caska rip out my throat!"
Sai Sahan : "I'll stand guard while you interrogate Nartise."

If you speak to Za'ji he says he'll leave the talking to you while he holds the Dunmer in place.

"Usually Za'ji is the one who does the talking, but his spellwork is a tad rusty. This one will keep the muskarse floating while you do the questioning."

After speaking to Nartise, Za'ji deals with the thief:

Za'ji : "Za'ji wants you to know there are no hard feelings. In our business, it's sink or swim, yes?"
<Nartise flies off into the ocean>
Za'ji : "Oh, that's right! You can't swim."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"That went exactly as planned! Which, honestly, may be a first for Za'ji."
Do you think Nartise will drown?
"Za'ji is counting on it. There's no place for slavers in Elsweyr, but there's plenty of room at the bottom of the sea.
Perhaps Khenarthi will even take pity on Nartise and guide him to … wherever it is that Dark Elves go."
He could be telling the truth. Perhaps he didn't know Irathi was a slave trader.
"There's not a sailor in the Topal Bay who hasn't heard of Admiral Irathi and her practices. Many Khajiit have suffered because of her.
But now we have a chance to repay this suffering, yes?"
What do you have in mind?
"Oh, you want a plan! Now, that plan would be … ah!
Za'ji and the bearded one will draw away the slavers. Meanwhile, Caska will help you secure the Perfect Pounce. We'll reconvene when the coast is clear!"
All right, I'll go with Caska to secure your ship.

Speak to him before heading off and he'll ask:

"Be gentle with the Perfect Pounce, yes? Za'ji doesn't want too much blood spilled on her! It stains the deck."

Once you and Caska have seized The Perfect Pounce, Za'ji and Sai will arrive:

Za'ji : "Ah, it is good to be home!"
Sai Sahan : "We should sail for Senchal before reinforcements arrive."
Za'ji : "Excellent point. Hey, walker! Get us out of here!"

Sail the Pounce back to Senchal. Once docked, the rest of the crew will board along with Aeliah Renmus. If you speak to Za'ji, he'll be very complimentary towards his ship.

"Once again, the Perfect Pounce sails under Za'ji's tender touch.
She is an impressive vessel, yes? Sleeker than a greased Alfiq and twice as fast! Swift enough to dodge any Dragonfire that comes our way, this one assures you."

After speaking to Aeliah, Za'ji will be eager to head to Tideholm:

"There is no day like today for adventure! And you have a Dragon to slay, yes? Talk to the bearded one first, though. He seems like the strategy type and will probably want to discuss many, many boring things with you."

If you speak to him once more before sailing to Tideholm, he'll say:

"So both Aeliah and Caska have joined your hunt, eh? Two beautiful sweetmeats, willing to fight by your side! Ah, there's no better way to leap into battle.
Not that Caska needs to know this one called her a sweetmeat."


You must ask him if he'd like to join the Dragonguard.

"Za'ji knew his gut was right! Only a truly great warrior could tame a Dragon.
Do you suppose the creature will let us ride it? Hmm. No, no, best not to ask. This one would not want to be rude."
Sai Sahan would like your crew to join us as members of the Dragonguard.
"Really? Ah, well, of course you do! Who wouldn't want the daring Za'ji by their side?
The offer is tempting. Whoever defeats these Dragons will have their names sung by Moon-Singers for generations."
Do you want some time to think about it?
"Za'ji is not one to hesitate, walker! Not when a stranger asks him to sail to a Dragon's island, and certainly not when that same stranger offers glory and fame!
The crew of the Perfect Pounce will join your Dragonguard."
Perhaps you should ask your crew first.
"Hmm? Ah, yes! Za'ji will speak to the crew.
However, there are two crew members you may wish to speak with personally. Dirge Truptor, the Imperial with a weasel face, and the beautiful Chizbari. Their particular talents may prove interesting."
Perhaps I will.

You can ask Za'ji about his crew.

"The Dragonguard! Who's a good for nothing lout now, Mother?
Ah, but you must be busy with the Dragon, no? Za'ji will speak to the crew on your behalf if you do not have the time to spare. Leave it to Za'ji!"
Tell me more about Dirge Truptor and Chizbari. Why might their talents interset me?
"Dirge Truptor has more book smarts than the rest of my crew combined! Now, that's not saying much, since most of my crew can't read.
The Dragonguard wrote many things, yes? Perhaps he can help you read them."
Researching Dragonguard techniques would be helpful. Anything else?
"Well, Dirge has an awful lot of contacts. He always helps us figure out who we can trust and how to avoid those who mean us harm.
Maybe he can help keep track of our enemies in some fashion?"
And what about Chizbari?
"Chizbari the Chipper, as she is known! You'll see why as soon as you hear her lovely voice.
Aside from Caska, there's no one more dependable aboard the Pounce. Give her a task and she'll get it done, yes?"
Do you think your crew is up for the challenge of being part of the Dragonguard?
"Za'ji has not a single doubt! Not a one!
We may be just smugglers to you and the bearded one, but our hearts sing for adventure. They will all take up the call, this one is sure!"
And do you think they're qualified to hunt Dragons?
"Life on the seas is not easy, walker. You must be able to adapt at a moment's notice if you wish to survive its many dangers. Storms, attacking ships, sea serpents!
The Pounce's crew will learn to navigate the dangers of Dragons just as readily."
You seem to have much confidence in your crew.
"Of course! Za'ji is their captain, after all.
This one is confident that his crew will become the greatest Dragonguard to ever walk the sands of Elsweyr. It's just a matter of time!"

Uneasy Alliances[edit]

Za'ji in his Dragonguard uniform

When you reenter the sanctum, you'll find Aeliah and Za'ji in new outfits.

Za'ji: "We're part of the Dragonguard, Aeliah! It's not stealing."
Aeliah Renmus: "I still think we should ask before putting them on."
Za'ji: "But it looks so good on you!"
"Look what we found, walker! Za'ji has to say, the Dragonguard certainly has style. Though this one did decide to make a few alterations.
Now, what's our next move? What does our Dragon friend have up his scaly sleeve?"
There's another Dragon who might help us, but we don't know where to find him.
"A missing Dragon, huh? Then you'll want to head to Khenarthi's Breath Temple.
The priests there can find all sorts of things, if your cause is just. I'm certain they wouldn't mind helping the noble Dragonguard defeat a great evil."
Where is Khenarthi's Breath Temple?
"South of Black Heights, Za'ji's childhood village. Just follow the ringing of the bells, yes? You can't miss it."
I'll meet you at Black Heights.
"Za'ji will meet you there? Ah, yes! Of course. This one is your resident expert, after all.
He just did not realize that his first Dragonguard mission would take him back to Black Heights. He hasn't visited since … well, he has never visited."
Tell me more about Khenarthi's Breath Temple.
"Khenarthi is the Goddess of the Winds. She guides the Khajiit, ensuring our ships reach safe harbor and our souls find the Sands Behind the Stars.
With Khenarthi's power, the priests can guide us to what we seek."
How will they guide us?
"Something to do with the bells, Za'ji thinks.
He has never seen the ritual, of course. It is only performed in times of dire need. Such as when a group of brave Dragonguard must find a Dragon, yes?"
Tell me more about Black Heights.
"The only thing remarkable about Black Heights is just how unremarkable it is.
Nothing ever happens there. The villagers paint the Wall of Life, the priests pray to Khenarthi for guidance. It's all very dull."
The Wall of Life?
"A big mural. The villagers each add to it before they die, preserving their stories for generations to come.
Za'ji remembers staring at it when he was a ja'khajiit. The stories of this one's ancestors made Za'ji think … so that's it?"
What do you mean?
"Merchants! Weavers! Fishers and farmers! There were no stories of heroes, no glorious tales of adventure. All Za'ji saw in that mural was a life too dull to contemplate.
And so this one ran away and never looked back."

As you walk away, you'll hear:

Za'ji : "It's settled. To Black Heights!"
Aeliah Renmus : "And I'm coming with you."
Za'ji : "What? You don't trust Za'ji to handle this?"
Aeliah Renmus : "Not in the slightest."

Outside the Temple:

Za'ji: "Here we are! Khenarthi's Breath Temple, home to sweet winds and pleasant chimes."
Aeliah Renmus: "Za'ji, I don't like your tone. Is there something you're not telling us?"
Za'ji: "Ah, yes, well. This one may not have left home on the ... best of terms."
Aeliah Renmus: "Oh. I'm sorry, Za'ji, I didn't mean to pry. Do you want to wait outside?"
Za'ji: "Lovely Aeliah, your words are as a soothing balm! With you by Za'ji's side, he can do anything. Let's venture forth."

If you speak to him he'll say:

"No time like the present, yes? Let's head into the temple."

Once inside the temple, he greets the Clanmother.

Clan Mother Tadali: "Oh no. Oh no, no, no."
Za'ji: "Mother! It's been so long."
Clan Mother Tadali: "Out! Out of this temple! You disrespect Khenarthi with your very presence!"
Za'ji: "Please, this is important. We're trying to save all of Elsweyr."
Clan Mother Tadali: "Then this one will speak with your companions. As for you? Out!"
Za'ji: "Za'ji will, uh … wait outside."

Speaking to him outside the temple after speaking with his mother:

"You would think a life devoted to the Divines would make mother a bit more forgiving.
Well? What did she say? Za'ji had trouble hearing your conversation from the other side of the gate."
She'll help us, but we need to return a temple bell you stole.
"Stole? That is not the exact word Za'ji would use. Regardless, returning it will be … tricky.
To purchase the Perfect Pounce, Za'ji sold the bell to the skooma lord, Bahzahar the Bull. Said trade involved certain … promises."
What sort of promises?
"Za'ji happened to mention that the bell could be used to find things, which is entirely true! Of course, this one had no idea how to use the bell in that way.
Bahzahar was not pleased when he learned this."
So Bahzahar is also angry with you?
"Murderously so! Za'ji has made a point to keep track of Bahzahar's movements to avoid a confrontation. For example, he currently hides out in Moonlit Cove.
If we want the bell, we'll have to sneak in and steal it back."
All right. Let's go to Moonlit Cove and get that bell.

You can ask him more about Moonlit Cove before you leave.

"Moonlit Cove is just south of here, right on the coast. A beautiful place to visit if you ignore the skooma dealers and pirates skulking about."
Tell me more about Moonlit Cove.
"The cove's waters are filled with moonlight. Many go to drink from its waters. For its holy properties, you understand. At least, they used to.
Now a skooma lord has taken over, laying claim to the sacred water and attacking anyone who enters."
What does a skooma lord want with the sacred water?
"Bahzahar has some harebrained scheme. Probably thinks the moonlit water can be used to make more potent moon-sugar. Which, in turn, can make more potent skooma.
But what does Za'ji know about skooma? Less than you might think, yes."
Where in the cove can we find Bahzahar?
"No idea. Za'ji knows he's there, somewhere, but Za'ji has never gone in for a closer look.
We'll just have to do what Za'ji does best. Improvise!"
You stole the bell to buy your ship?/You said you stole the bell to buy your ship?
"In Za'ji's defense, he stole a lot of things that night.
Besides, how was he supposed to know the bell was so important? The temple has so many! He just thought mother would replace it."
It seems the bell might be irreplaceable.
"So mother claims, but how special can one tiny bell be?
Za'ji thinks she just wants to punish him. Make him run all over Southern Elsweyr to prove how sorry he is! And he will, for the Dragonguard. But that doesn't mean he will like it."

Once inside Moonlit Cove, Za'ji greets you.

Za'ji: "Come, Za'ji used to explore this place as a cub. He'll sniff out where Bahzahar is hiding."

Speaking with him:

"Bahzahar should be around here somewhere. Just look for a Pahmar with rotten teeth."

Follow him to Bahzahar's hideout, in the river at the bottom of the cave.

Za'ji: "Ugh, that stench! This must be where Bahzahar's hiding. Come, walker. Let's talk."

Speak with him.

""Bahzahar's stench is unmistakable. He's locked himself in this chamber. Probably has his loot nearby, too. Hopefully, that includes the bell.
We just have to figure out how to get inside."
Any ideas?
"When Za'ji lived here, he used this cove to get away from mother's constant nagging. It was also a good spot to bring the lovely sweetmeats, yes?
Back in the day, Za'ji even snagged a key to the back chambers from a sleeping Moon-Priest."
You have a key to Bahzahar's hideout?
"It wasn't his hideout then, but yes. Well, no. Za'ji knows where he left it, though!
Come, walker! Za'ji has a lock box hidden nearby."

Follow Za'ji.

Za'ji: "That ladder, it should be here somewhere."

Arriving at the spot where he hid the key:

Za'ji: "There's the alcove, but where's the ladder? Hmm. Walker, let's talk."

Speak with Za'ji.

"See that alcove up ahead? It was Za'ji's secret spot when the cove contained less Bahzahar! That's where you'll find the key.
Hmm, the ladder this one used is missing. If only we had … wait! Za'ji has something that will help!"
Do you have any idea how to get to the alcove?
"This grappling bow! Za'ji found it in the sanctum before we left for Black Heights. He thought it might come in handy.
Looks simple enough to use. Just aim and pull the trigger. Like a crossbow, yes? Then the rope propels you upward."

If you have completed the prologue quest, you can tell him:

I know how to use a grappling bow. It came in handy when we were searching for the Horn of Ja'darri.
"You are an expert? All right, then!
There's a grapple point on the edge of some nearby scaffolding. Aim for that and let the bow do the rest of the work."
All right, I'll use the grappling bow to reach the alcove and search for the key.

If you haven't completed the Dragonhold prequel quests:

"More tips, more tips ….
Ah! There is a grapple point on the edge of some nearby scaffolding. Aim for that and let the bow do all the work!"

You can ask him more about the situation.

"Remember, look for a lock box. That's where young Za'ji stored his most precious items. Well, before he acquired the Perfect Pounce.
Za'ji will keep watch from down here. We only have one grappling bow, yes?"
Tell me more about this key and secret chamber.
"Za'ji grew bored spending all his time in the temple. All the praying and cleaning and chanting.
So Za'ji would come here. He hid away high in an alcove so the Moon-Priests wouldn't find him and stole a key so he could explore the back rooms."
Wasn't your mother angry you neglected your duties in the temple?
"Oh, yes. She screeched and scowled at Za'ji's blasphemous disregard of his chores every time he returned home.
Eventually, mother realized the less we saw of one another, the better it was for both of us."
Is that why you left Black Heights for good? Because you thought your mother wanted you gone?
"Za'ji left to pursue a life of adventure. The open seas offer far more than a small town such as Black Heights.
But this one will admit that his strained relationship with his mother made for a painless parting."

When you find Za'ji's Lockbox:

Za'ji: "Sleek! Za'ji knew you could do it!"

After retrieving the key, Za'ji runs back to Bahzahar's door.

Za'ji: "Someone comes! Meet Za'ji by the door!"

Speaking to him again outside of the skooma lord's lair:

"Let's get the bell and get out of this place."

He gives you some advice as you enter the lair.

Za'ji: "Stay upwind of Bahzahar. His rotten breath has been known to clear barnacles off a ship's hull!"

He then sees Bahzahar.

Za'ji: "That's him. Bahzahar the Bull! Go get him, walker!"

He comments on the fight after Bahzahar is dead:

Za'ji: "That's it, five-claw! Show them what for!"

He then sees the bell amidst a pile of pillows.

Za'ji: "Look at that! Old rot-mouth actually kept the bell."

Returning to the temple with the bell:

Za'ji: "Should Za'ji go in? Of course he should go in! Za'ji found the bell, didn't he?"

Upon entering the temple, Za'ji proudly announces your deeds.

Za'ji: "We found the bell, mother! At great risk to life and limb, we heroically fought our way—"
Clan Mother Tadali: "Stop bragging and have your friend place the bell on its hook. Tadali wants to look at it."

Speaking to him before his mother:

"You have the bell, right? Don't tell Za'ji you dropped it."

Speaking with him after the Clan Mother declares the bell tarnished:

"Mother always did have a flair for the dramatic. The bell's just a bit dirty, that's all."

The Clan Mother begins to instruct you on how to cleanse the bell, but Za'ji interrupts her.

Clan Mother Tadali: "First, we must listen for Khenarthi's breath. Not just the wind, mind you, but her holy exhalations."
Za'ji: "And how long will that take?"
Clan Mother Tadali: "As long as it needs to. Sacred rituals should not be rushed."
Za'ji: "We're trying to save Elsweyr, mother! There must be a faster way."
Clan Mother Tadali: "Fine. If you think you can cleanse the bell faster, go ahead. But don't expect this one to help you."

She then teleports away.

Speak with him.

"Za'ji, ah … Za'ji will own up to that one. He messed up.
Mother never did like it when I interrupted her. This one doubts she will be eager to help us now."
How are we going to cleanse the bell now?
"We'll do what Za'ji does best! We'll improvise.
The bells are all about ringing, yes? Perhaps if we get them started, they'll figure themselves out. Or something like that."
Or you could apologize to your mother and ask her to help us.
""Look, this one spent a great deal of his childhood annoying mother. It takes a long time for her to calm down once she gets in one of her moods.
So, in the meantime, why not try Za'ji's way?"
Fine. We'll try to perform the cleansing ritual ourselves.

Za'ji turns to face the bells.

Za'ji: "All right, Za'ji has seen mother ring the bells a thousand times. Just press here ...."
Za'ji: "Huh. Za'ji didn't expect that. Wait, wait. The big bells in this courtyard have the same colored lanterns!"

Speaking with him again:

"Did you see that? Whenever the bells chimed a certain way, a lantern would glow.
Now that this one thinks about it, aren't those lanterns on the larger bells as well? Perhaps there's a connection."
Can you ring the bells again? I want to see the lanterns glow.
"Of course! Watch the master at work."

He rings the bells again.

Za'ji: "One more time!"

After cleansing the bells, they peal loud and clear. We did it! We cleansed the bell!"

Clan Mother Tadali: "Yes, yes, you did a beautiful job. Come, walker, speak to Tadali."
Za'ji: "Walker? Oh! She means you, my friend."

Za'ji bids you farewell after Nahfahlaar is done with you.

Nahfahlaar: "If you encounter Laatvulon, do not attempt to fight him. Our alliance ends the moment you die."
Aeliah Renmus: "Za'ji, let Sai Sahan know where we're going. We might need his help."
Za'ji: "Of course! This one will heroically play messenger."
Za'ji: "Za'ji does not often say this, but ... be careful, yes? The situation does not sound so good."

Speaking to him:

"Aeliah seems to have things well in hand! And after our adventure in Moonlit Cove, Za'ji thinks it's her turn to shine a bit.
This one will meet you back in the sanctum."

Order of the New Moon[edit]

You will find him in The Sweet Breezes Inn with Kazahn and his friends.

Za'ji: "Aeliah! Walker! Come join us. We were just about to order another round."
Aeliah Renmus: "I should have known we'd find him here."

Speaking with him:

"Walker! Tell Aeliah to relax a little, yes? This one completed his last mission perfectly. He deserves a pint or two.
Za'ji heard about Yahgrondu's death. Tough break, yes?"
And what mission are you and Caska currently on?
"Supply run! Sai sent us to Senchal for food, bedding. You know the deal.
So Za'ji thought, what does our Dragonguard really need? Some libations! And what sort of fool purchases a barrel without first tasting a pint?"
We're on a mission to investigate the Order of the New Moon. Think you can help?
"Right then! Sure. Za'ji just needs a quick nap. Three or four hours and he'll be ready for action!"
What about Caska? Is she able to help?
"Of course! Takes a few barrels to get Caska tipsy. On account of her being very large, you understand.
Za'ji will heroically get these supplies back to the sanctum! After one more round."

Speaking to him before taking the map:

"Don't expect too much from Ranza. He's a bit addled, if you know what Za'ji means."

Speaking to him after Caska joins the search:

"Happy hunting! Za'ji will see you back at the sanctum."

The Pride of Alkosh[edit]

Za'ji calls over to you as you approach Pridehome's bells.

Za'ji: "Hey, look at this! A letter from mother. Peculiar, isn't it?"

Speaking to him before reading the letter:

"Mother wrote a letter to Pridehome's Clan Mother! Don't believe me? Look for yourself!"

After reading the letter, he wonders aloud.

Za'ji: "This one knew mother could read, but he never saw her write. How does she hold the quill?"

Speak with him.

"A demon from the East, the Pride of Alkosh ... what is mother going on about?"
You were raised in a temple. You must know something about all this.
"Well, this one remembers something about the Pride of Alkosh. They were warriors born during an eclipse. Made them more sensitive to time and the call of the Moons.
For some, it gave them the wisdom to become a Mane, a leader. For others …."
For others?
"They follow a difficult path, walker. Born under Dark Moons, the drum of Lorkhaj calls to them clearly. Or so the stories go.
You should let Sai Sahan know about this. He's deeper within the compound"
I'll let Sai Sahan know what we discovered.

You can ask him more about his mother's letter.

"Maybe mother holds the quill in her mouth? Ha! Can you imagine that?"
Focus, Za'ji. Why would your mother write a letter to Pridehome?
"No idea.
Mother's temple worships Khenarthi, while Pridehome appears dedicated to Alkosh. They're both of the Eight, true, but … hmm. Actually, there is one legend that Za'ji remembers."
A legend?
"One of Za'ji's favorites!
There once was a Khajiiti warrior, blessed by Alkosh himself. She fought a mighty demon, drenched in ice and death. Though the warrior was able to trap the demon away, she did not survive the battle."
I see where Alkosh comes into the story, but what about Khenarthi?
"Za'ji was getting to that part!
The warrior's corpse was taken to Khenarthi's Breath Temple, where the Moon-Priests prayed over her body for four days and four nights. On the fourth night, when both Moons were full, Khenarthi herself appeared."
What happened next?
"With a single swipe of Khenarthi's paw, the warrior's spirit rose from her corpse. Together, they flew into the sky, past the Sands Behind the Stars, and went to a place beyond all that is known.
There, Alkosh welcomed his warrior home."
So Khenarthi guided this warrior to Alkosh's realm.
"So the legend says.
But a Khajiiti tale is as reliable as, say, a harlot's affection. One should not take either too seriously, yes?"

Speaking to him in front of the temple before seeing the Clan Mother:

"What are you waiting for? Go, go!"

Speaking to him after Nahfahlaar arrives:

"Was that a saucy retort from Nahfahlaar? How dare the Dragon encroach on Za'ji's forte!"

After speaking with Nahfahlaar, he flies off.

Nahfahlaar: "Seek the mask if you wish. I will deal with Laatvulon."
Za'ji: "Ugh. Another trip to mother's temple."
Caska: "Oh, no. I am not dealing with another one of your bouts of depression. Aeliah will go."
Aeliah Renmus: "I will? I mean, of course I will!"
Sai Sahan: "It's settled. You two will head to Khenarthi's temple and search for the mask."
Sai Sahan: "Caska, Za'ji. You're with me."

Speaking with him then:

"Back to mother, eh? Better you than me! If I never step foot inside that temple again, it'll be too soon."

The Dragonguard[edit]

After taking down a dragon, you'll find him atop the West Sentry Tower:

"Did you see the corpse, walker? A Dragon! Za'ji killed an actual Dragon!
Oh, the Moon-Singers will tell tales of our adventures for generations to come. Za'ji the Dragonslayer and his heroic associates!"
Have you been able to spot Nahfahlaar?
"Not since he flew by. To be honest, things weren't looking good for our scaly friend. An entire rage of Dragons chased after him.
Za'ji doesn't think Laatvulon is interested in a fair fight."
Which way did they go?
"Za'ji lost sight of them. They're fast and loud. This one can't help but wince whenever they shout. Is that really just him?
Wait. Looks like they're coming back around!"

Nahfahlaar and three other dragons fly over the tower:

Za'ji : "Looks like they're headed straight to Doomstone Keep. Huh. What could they want with that old ruin?"
Za'ji : "Sai Sahan will want to know about this! We'll report in while you go after Nahfahlaar."

Speak to Za'ji again:

"Seems like Nahfahlaar is being chased straight to Doomstone Keep. It's a creepy old ruin, abandoned for centuries. The locals say it's haunted.
Actually, that sounds like a fairly decent Dragon lair, doesn't it?"
General Renmus did say that the Order of the New Moon was moving north.
"So they're all headed to Doomstone Keep? Must be something big happening there."
General Renmus and Sai Sahan also plan to march north and follow the cult.
"Then it would be best for Caska and Za'ji to meet up with them and give a full report!
You go on ahead, walker. See if you can rendezvous with Nahfahlaar. We'll be right behind you."

After you've arrived at Doomstone Keep and assessed the situation, Za'ji and Caska arrive:

Za'ji : "Have no fear, Za'ji the Dragonslayer has arrived!"
Caska : "We're never going to hear the end of this …."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Our final battle, is it? How fortunate for you to have Za'ji by your side."
You seem more confidant [sic] than usual, Za'ji.
"This one just wants you to understand what an asset he will be in this fight. After all, Za'ji is now a seasoned Dragon slayer.
Now, where is our ballista?"
We don't have one.
"Oh. No ballista. Huh.
A trebuchet, then? Or perhaps even a catapult? Maybe even just a very, very big bow?"
We have what we have, Za'ji. You'll have to make do.
"Then perhaps Za'ji should make his way back to the sentry tower. He'll watch over the fight from there."
The Dragonguard needs you here.
"Yes … yes, you do. This one will fight, then. For Elsweyr, for the Dragonguard. For his friends. Even if he's scared out of his mind. Not that he's scared, mind you.
Za'ji would ask that you hear one request, walker."
What request would that be?
"If Za'ji dies, bring his body back to Black Heights.
If he is to meet Khenarthi and travel to the Sands Behind the Stars, he would rather mother send him on his way. She is an expert in such matters, after all."

During your battle with Laatvulon, Aeliah, Za'ji, and Caska will enter the fray:

Za'ji : "Have no fear! Za'ji has arrived!"
Caska : "We'll handle this rabble!"
Aeliah Renmus : "We'll cover you! Protect Nahfahlaar!"

Return to the Dragonguard Sanctuary and you'll immediately hear:

Za'ji : "You should have seen the battle, mother! Flames and ice, swords and arrows! It was spectacular."
Clan Mother Tadali : "Mother must say, slaying Dragons is certainly a step up from stealing temple heirlooms."
Za'ji : "You'll never let that one go, will you?"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Za'ji knew we could do it! There was never a doubt in his mind.
After all, we are the Dragonguard, right? The scourge of Dragons far and wide!"
So you were always confident we would win?
"Ah, well. Za'ji will admit there was one or two moments of doubt, but they passed by very quickly! He hardly noticed them at all.
You know, walker …. Ah. Forget it."
Do you have something you want to say?
"At the danger of sounding boorish, Za'ji just wanted to thank you. For all that you've done.
When this one left Black Heights, it was to seek adventure and glory. And so he bought a fine vessel and assembled a gallant crew. However …."
"However, adventure and glory is a bit hard to seek out. It's not often you come upon sign posts asking for mighty heroes to save the kingdom!
Well, maybe you do. It seems like you have that sort of luck."
Get to the point, Za'ji.
"The point is that Sai Sahan was right to doubt Za'ji and his crew. We were smugglers, not heroes. Ruffians trying to make enough gold to get by.
And then you came along and asked us to take you here, to this island."
And because of that request you had the chance to join the Dragonguard.
"And now the Moon-Singers will tell stories of us for generations to come.
So, thanks for giving Za'ji a chance to become the hero he always knew he could be. And for letting us come along with you on this unbelievable adventure."

Speak to him before starting the epilogue quests, and he'll say:

"Za'ji hasn't taken the Perfect Pounce out for a sail in quite some time!
Hunting Dragons is important, but this one's true love will always be his ship. Perhaps a short expedition is in order, yes?"

The Dark Aeon[edit]

If you start the quest from Aeliah in Senchal or Rimmen, she will be accompanied by Caska and Za'ji.

Aeliah Renmus: "Finally! Over here!"
Caska: "Didn't I say we would find them here? Pay up, captain!"
Za'ji: "Bah! Put it on Za'ji's tab"

Za'ji will direct you to Aeliah if you try to talk with him first.

"If Za'ji knew that delivering messages was part of official Dragonguard business, he may have refused membership. Ah, well.
Aeliah can fill you in on the pertinent details."

If you talk to Za'ji after receiving the summons back to the Sanctum to learn about the new threat:

"As excited to hear what news Abnur Tharn brings, this one has no desire to actually stand in the infamous battlemage's presence."

When you speak with Caska in the Dragonguard Sanctum later on, she will mention that Za'ji is out picking up his order of Plum Brandy.

New Moon Rising[edit]

Before speaking to Khamira about opening a portal:

"Za'ji proudly claimed that the Perfect Pounce could navigate any waters to reach any island. And that is true.
But no waters surround an island in the sky. Sadly, that is also true."

After returning from Moonlit Cove:

"Za'ji can't help but notice that Aeliah's father, the general, has come to the sanctum.
Remember, walker, you never saw Za'ji. Never."

While awaiting orders from Sai and after talking to Khamira:

"Big beard told us all about the ghost of Khunzar-ri. Za'ji loves those stories!
Now tell this one the truth. How much spiced whiskey did our oversized leader imbibe before the ghost appeared to him, hmm?"

After talking to Sai and when Khamira appears:

"All this talk of Dragons makes for a powerful thirst. Got any honey wine hiding in your pack?"

Before you go into Khamira's portal:

"Za'ji doesn't have to go to Dragonhold? Fragrant!
Um, this one means, how unfortunate. Za'ji was so looking forward to assaulting the floating island. Good luck to you, five-claw."

Speaking with him before Sai Sahan after returning from Dragonhold:

"Sai told us what happened. Za'ji is sorry he missed all the excitement.
Well, not that sorry."

After the quest:

Za'ji: "Next time there's a Dragon, Za'ji does not want to be left behind."
Aeliah Renmus: "I don't recall you jumping forward to challenge Laatvulon."
Caska: "Now, now Aeliah. The captain always maintains a tactical distance."
Za'ji: "Tactical distance … right. Za'ji is nothing if not prudent."

Speaking with her:

"This one is glad to see you made it back in one piece. At least, all the pieces I can see appear to be in the right place.
As for the rest of you … Za'ji will take your word for it, yes?"

The Pride of Elsweyr[edit]

You have the option of speaking with him before going to see Nahfahlaar:

"This one is sorry he missed all the action on Dragonhold. Za'ji expects to be part of the next assault on a floating island, yes?"
Have you really decided to leave your old life behind you, Za'ji?
"The smuggling? The piracy? The drinking? This one has dropped them like a hot sweet cake!
Well, except for the drinking …."
So you enjoy being a member of the Dragonguard?
"Za'ji always wanted to be a hero. The Dragonguard, it gives Za'ji a chance to do something important with his life. Something good.
But we should be celebrating! Not examining decisions that brought us to this point. At least, not while we're sober."
I'm glad to see you haven't completely changed, Za'ji.
"Za'ji still thinks a celebration is in order. Perhaps this one will mention it to the lady queen from Anequina. She must have enough gold to throw a proper party."
Other than a celebration, do you have any plans for the future, Za'ji?
"There are still Dragons to deal with. And the Dragonguard will need more ships. A whole fleet of them!
Then Captain Za'ji will require a grander rank. What do you think, Admiral Za'ji, yes?"

Speaking with him before leaving for Senchal:

"A Khajiit queen has summoned the Dragonguard to Senchal? She must want to reward Za'ji for his heroic actions! Oh, and the rest of you, too, yes?
Za'ji must break out the good plum brandy. Not those cheap bottles Caska loves so much."
Za'ji at the ceremony

When you arrive at the ceremony, your fellow Dragonguard members will call you out.

Caska: "Look, here comes the slayer of Kaalgrontiid!"
Za'ji: "Yeah, all seven of them …."
Aeliah Renmus: "I told you to go easy on the plum brandy."
Queen Khamira: "Five-claw, come here please."

Speaking with him before the ceremony:

"Za'ji is not drunk! How dare San Sihan make such an insituation!"

During the ceremony:

Queen Khamira: "People of Senchal, let us recognize the efforts of the Dragonguard. They saved Elsweyr from the rage of Dragons."
Queen Khamira: "First, let us bow our heads and remember Abnur Tharn, who gave his life to save Tamriel."
Queen Khamira: "Second, it brings me great joy to mark the return of Sai Sahan and the Dragonguard. May you always watch over us all."
Sai Sahan: "The honor is ours, Queen Khamira."
Queen Khamira: "And finally, join me in honoring my friend and champion, who ended the threat of Kaalgrontiid once and for all. Three cheers for five-claw! Three cheers for the Dragonguard!"
Za'ji: "Three beers? No, Za'ji has had enough, thank you."

(Za'ji throws up over the side of the balcony)

Sai Sahan: "Dragons take me …."

Speaking with him after the ceremony:

"Is the ceremony over? Did Za'ji get a medal? Za'ji always wanted a medal …."

Ascending Tide[edit]

Appears only with Ascending Tide

Wright of Passage[edit]

Captain Za'ji can be found within the entrance to Shipwright's Regret, perched on top of a turned over dingy. He can be overheard worrying over Caska:

Captain Za'ji: "She is fine, surely … Caska will be back any moment."
<He notices the group.>
Captain Za'ji: "Wha—beware salty spirit! Za'ji will not go easy—oh … phew, you're no ghost."

You can then speak with Za'ji to see why he is at the haunted location:

First time meeting:
Met Za'ji before:
"Apologies that Za'ji thought to run you through! He was not expecting company that does not moan and groan and gnaw at your flesh. Rrrrnng, you know? Haha.
Say, walker, are you interested in doing some treasure hunting?"
"Zha'al! You are a ray of moonlight piercing this fog! Surely you remember the handsome rascal, Za'ji? He remembers you! And your daring-do! He could use some of that right now.
What say you, join Za'ji for some treasure hunting? For old times' sake?"
[verification needed — games does not play this dialogue - bug]
What sort of treasure are you hunting?
"Za'ji came for bounty most enticing for a ship captain! Designs, drafted by the most brilliant shipbuilders of an era for the greatest fleet in the history of Tamriel: the All Flags Navy!"
First time meeting:
Met Za'ji before:
You think anything like that has survived here?
"Shh, shh, do not speak such ills and make them so! Za'ji has chased his tail up and down the coasts of High Rock searching for this shipyard of legend. What Za'ji desires is here, he can feel it in his whiskers and will wager a hunter's wages on it."
You want to build a new ship?
"Perish the thought, walker! Za'ji simply seeks designs to make the Perfect Pounce, even more … perfect! He's searched High Rock up and down for this storied shipyard.
This is where his treasure lies, he knows it! And spoils for us both."
All right. I'll help you search for your treasure. / All right, I'll help you find your treasure.

After you agree to help, he will suggest going to the shipwrights' village to search. You can ask some more questions before you continue:

"Za'ji suggests a second look at the shipwrights' village then. He did not get so good a look when he and his first mate skulked through before, for fear of stirring up the dead, but since they are already well stirred now, we may as well be thorough!"
What exactly are we searching for?
"Plans, of a sort. Diagrams. Techniques for outfitting a ship that have been lost to time! But not forever, Za'ji hopes such important things would be preserved against the weather when one's trade involves the sea."
What's so special about these plans?
"Za'ji heard tales that this sodden shipyard outfitted a hodgepodge of provincial fleets into the swiftest, strongest armada to ever sail the seas! The shipwrights could turn an incredible ship into an invincible one, and Za'ji has an incredible ship."
Second look? You've been through here before? / You've been through here before?
"Truthfully, walker, Za'ji came here with his trusty first mate, Caska, but a monster ambushed us at the old mill and we were separated in this soupy fog!
Za'ji was waiting for Caska to find him when you arrived. Now we need wait no longer!"
Have not met Caska:
Met Caska before:
Who's Caska?
"Oh, the fiercest of Khajiit, walker. When Za'ji's guile and charisma cannot solve his troubles—which is rare—then Caska's muscles often do.
She is surely safe in his absence."
Caska's here too?
"Of course, walker! She is as much a fixture of the Perfect Pounce as Za'ji himself!
He is certain Caska must still be searching for him somewhere. If we are thorough, we will surely cross paths!"
What do you know about this place?
"Oh, there are many legends about Shipwright's Regret, walker. Za'ji's favorite is that they built a ship so large it sunk the yard when they dropped it into the sea, though what he is most interested in are the tales of the First Era."
What happened in the First Era?
"The greatest fleet in the history of Tamriel sailed to war with the Sload. Ships from every province and navy banded together as one armada!
Za'ji heard rumors that all those mighty vessels were outfitted by the greatest shipyard in High Rock."
And that was here?
"Za'ji believes so, yes. At least, he has ruled out nearly every other shipyard it could be. Of course, it would be the most dangerous, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

Once you have finished speaking with Za'ji you can follow the road to the old village. Za'ji will accompany you, albeit from higher up.

Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji will keep lookout from the high ground!"

You will need to fight your way through undead and rot slimes, while Za'ji commentates:

Captain Za'ji: "Nothing but rotters and sticky blob-things as far as this one sees. Be wary!"
Captain Za'ji: "Ho ho! Everything's so slick with rain and slime!"
Captain Za'ji: "No trouble for one with claws as sharp as Za'ji's. And a bit fun, he must admit."
Captain Za'ji: "Is the smell as bad down there as it is up here? It is worse, surely!"
Captain Za'ji: "Alas, no sign of what he seeks yet. Let us continue this way!"
Captain Za'ji: "Hey, walker! How are you doing down there?"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji can see your form needs work from here. Keep on your toes. Your toes!"
Captain Za'ji: "Ah, you look busy. Za'ji will meet you ahead."
Captain Za'ji: Ugh, the soggy smacks of your weapons on these drowners makes Za'ji's skin crawl!"

Once you reach the lumber yards:

Captain Za'ji: "We are nearing the lumber yards! Za'ji will meet you just ahead!"

When you reach the lumberyard, you will encounter the spirit of Foreman Bradiggan. Za'ji will decide to continue his search elsewhere:

Captain Za'ji: "Ane we're through! That wasn't so hard now, was it?"
Captain Za'ji: "Oof, oh … cramp! Za'ji believes you have this under control. He will search … over there. Out of harm's—out of the way! Just to be thorough."

Once you have defeated the ghost, Za'ji will come back to report he could not find any plans up on the wall:

Captain Za'ji: "No sign of any plans up here! Oh, you bested that ghost! Good!"
Captain Za'ji: "Ahhh, I think that cramp is finally going away. I'll be right down!"
<Za'ji jumps down.>
Captain Za'ji: "The logging camp beyond this gate is now little more than treacherous woods. Be wary, Za'ji doesn't wish to lose you like his first mate."

There will be a chance to speak to Za'ji:

"Careful, walker. When Za'ji and Caska last came through the woods were all quiet, until we came to the old mill. Then it seemed as if the trees sprung to life and attacked us!"
The trees attacked you?
"That is what Za'ji said, was it not? It was like they sought vengeance on Khajiit for sharpening our claws on too many of their kin! The woods had nasty, twiggy claws of their own that Za'ji did not wish to have sharpened on him."
What happened to Caska?
"She pounced upon the angry lumber like a kitten eager for play when last he saw her, so Za'ji made great use of the distraction, as he is sure she would have wanted.
He expected she would come signal to Za'ji when it was fare to come out, but…."
That's not a good sign.
"Have faith, walker! Caska would never succumb to those brambles and branches. She is merely lost in the fog and will be greatly relieved to see she has once again kept her captain safe once we find her!"

You can speak with Za'ji briefly before heading on:

"Caska took such great strides getting here, Za'ji can't help but feel she was trying to strain his poor legs.
Za'ji was built for grace, not speed!"
Caska and Za'ji in Shipwright's Regret

As you pass through the gates to the overgrown logging camp, Za'ji will be ambushed:

Captain Za'ji: "Things seem much calmer now, perhaps—"
<Caska leaps out of hiding.>
Caska: "<Bestial roar.>"
Captain Za'ji: "Ahh …! Caska, ah ha ha. Za'ji has found you!"
Caska: "Might have been sooner if you hadn't run so far."
<Caska addresses you.>
Caska: "Thanks for keeping an eye on Za'ji, whoever you are." (First time meeting)
Caska: "At least you brought someone useful with you. Good to see you again, five-claw." (Met Caska before)

Speaking with Za'ji before heading on:

"See! Nothing to fear where Caska is concerned, just as Za'ji said! Though he will stick close to his first mate from here on. Haha."

After you have spoken with Caska about the woods, Za'ji and Caska will split from you. They will move along the ledges while you explore the path. Along the way you may hear the conversation between Za'ji and Caksa:

Caska: "You head down the ravine, I will clear out the upper ledges! Za'ji stay out of the way."
Captain Za'ji: "Don't worry it'll be like Za'ji was never there!"
Caska: "Keep up, Za'ji, or I'll take you by the scruff!"
Captain Za'ji: "Ah, ha … Za'ji can feel that cramp coming again, he will follow you from this gentle trail."

Eventually, you will reach the mill where Caska and Za'ji originally got separated. Caska can be found observing a motionless spriggan:

Caska: "This is where those meddlesome twigs attacked us before. Keep up your guard."
Caska: "Huh. Looks dead now."
Captain Za'ji: "Let us have a look at the mill the—ah!"
<Nazaray starts moving and other spriggans come out of the woods.>
Caska: "Another trap! I'll hold those beasts off. Kill that damn spriggan!"

Once Nazaray is killed:

Caska: "Hmph, overgrown kindling. Za'ji! You all right?"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji is fine! Very itchy, but fine! Also, he found a map! It is brighter past the woods. He will meet you beyond the gate!"
<Za'ji runs off.>
Caska: "Wait! Za'ji …! Come on, better get after him."

You can follow Za'ji down the path to the old shipyard. At the steps, a Maormer can be found standing around. Za'ji comes to an obvious conclusion:

Dreadsail Warrior: "Nothing worse than guard duty …."
Captain Za'ji: "Sea Elves? Hiyah!"
<Za'ji runs up and stabs the warrior twice in the back.>
Captain Za'ji: "They must be here for Za'ji's treasure! We must hurry!"
Caska: "Of all the luck. Well, where to?"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji's map tells him the master shipbuilder's office should be just over the bridge!"

Before you investigate, you can speak with Za'ji about it:

"How did these scaly Elves learn of Za'ji's treasure? Surely he wasn't followed.
No matter! So long as we snatch up the designs and be on our way such details are moot."
Are you sure they're here for your treasure?
"Of course, walker. What else could they have come to these soggy, sopping ruins for? Nothing but rotten wrecks and crumbling masonry as far as the eye can see. Which, Za'ji admits, isn't far under the circumstances."
You said the master shipbuilder's office is just over the bridge?
"That is what the old mill's map shows, provided it hasn't been washed away by centuries of storm and tide. No, no, no! Now's not the time for doubt! Let us cross and claim what's mine—ours. Ours!"

As you search through the shipyard, eventually you will find the shipbuilder's office:

Captain Za'ji: "Ah ha! It still stands!"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji will sneak in through the rafters!"
<There is instead a crash.>
Captain Za'ji: "Oof …! Za'ji is not often considered overweight, but that roof thought otherwise."

Once inside the office you will find it empty and the area teeming with Dreadsails:

Captain Za'ji: "This was ransacked, recently! Ziss! Za'ji's plans were here … the Sea Elves must have taken them!"

Speaking to him in the office:

"All these papers…yes, look. This was the master shipbuilder's office! The plans Za'ji sought were surely here. The Seave Elves must have come for them as well!"
So now what?
"They are still here, so there is still a chance! We mustn't let them escape with the prize!"
All right, let's go after the plans.
Completed Elsweyr questline:
Did not complete Elsweyr questline:
"Whether it's dragons or plunder, Za'ji really likes your okay-fine-I'll-do-it attitude, walker. You're a good one."
"Za'ji appreciates your plucky spirit. The Pounce could use more volunteers like yourself!"

As you progress through the area:

Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji sees Elf thralls tearing up these derelicts. What salvage could they be after?"

As you fight your way through, Za'ji will notice the Maormer's ship:

Captain Za'ji: "By the lighthouse! Look! The Elves' ship! We can't let them escape!"

When you reach the square in front of the lighthouse, the Maormer ship will be sailing away.

Captain Za'ji: "Come back you scaly scallywags! You take what is rightfully Captain Za'ji's!"
Captain Numirril: "Scavengers? Bah! Take the lodestones to Dreadsail Reef. I'll make sure these wretches can't follow."
<Captain Numirril is suspended in a column of water, Caska rushes him.>
Caska: "I'd like to see you try—ayyy!"
<With a gesture, Numirril sweeps Caska and Za'ji over the side into the water. Za'ji manages to get out of the water with his grappling bow>
Captain Za'ji: "It will take more than that playful splash to keep Za'ji from his treasure!"

When idling before combat:

Captain Za'ji: "Brr. You will pay for all these shivering timbers, fish-Elf!"
Captain Za'ji: "You can get started without Za'ji. This one still needs to shake the water from his ears."
Captain Za'ji: "Do not let any sharpened teeth or scales deter you! A Sea Elf is still just an Elf!"

During the fight with Captain Numirril, Za'ji will use his grappling bow to swing from the buildings and may say the following things:

When you first encounter the Drowned Corpses:

Captain Za'ji: "Don't you worry about these drowned deaders! Za'ji is on it! Well, maybe still worry about them, but Za'ji can help!"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji will deal with these disgusting rotters for you!"

When (?):

Captain Za'ji: "Got one!"
Captain Za'ji: "As soon as there is a suitable opening for Za'ji to strike you will be impressed!"
Captain Za'ji: "Hah! All his boasts are full of tepid sea water! You can handle this soggy Elf!"
Captain Za'ji: "Go for the gills! Za'ji heard once they have gills."

When Za'ji attacks Captain Numirril:

Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji rains death from above!"

Moving to another location:

Captain Za'ji: "This one needs another perch!"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji just needs a better vantage!"

Near the climax of the battle:

Captain Numirril: "So you land-crawlers do have teeth, but you are nothing but slaughterfish among sharks."
Captain Za'ji: "Hah! You won't catch Za'ji like that!"
Captain Numirril: "I am Dreadsail, born of the sea. I cannot be defeated!"

Once you have defeated Captain Numirril, Za'ji will jump down and Caska will have climbed out of the water:

Captain Za'ji: "Ha! We are not drowned so easily fish-Elf!"
Captain Za'ji: "Oh, he's dead. And his ship is long gone!"
Caska: "Za'ji. His pockets."
<Za'ji crouches down and goes through his pockets.>
Captain Za'ji: "Yes, these scroll cases bear the shipyard's crest! Caska, Za'ji could kiss you—but he values his unmangled face."
Captain Za'ji: "But wait—if this is not what they were after, then what was it the Sea Elf was boasting about? How could any lodestones be more a prize than this?"

You can then speak with Za'ji to complete the quest:

"You heard what the Sea Elf captain said, yes? He let the plans be taken, but boasted of the lodestone we would not claim. There may have been something here more powerful to plunder than Za'ji anticipated."
But we got what you wanted, right?
"Yes, walker, yes! Don't let Za'ji's fretting sour the mood. With the plans he has, this one will be able to outfit the Perfect Pounce like a great ship of legend.
And for that, he offers his greatest gratitude! And gold, very much gold."

With the quest completed you can ask Za'ji some questions before you leave:

"Za'ji can hardly wait to see the Pounce newly decked and polished! He will take you out for the maiden voyage, if you desire!
Perhaps she will be up to chasing these Sea Elves and swatting their noses for the insult … and those lodestones."
Tell me about the designs we found.
"Things so clever that Za'ji thinks this master shipbuilder must have been a Khajiit! For instance, this one, a hull cladding to make the vessel sturdier than a boulder, but still swift as a gale!
Though Za'ji sees his journey is not finished here."
What makes you say that?
"Za'ji will need to find shipwrights of some skill to put these plans to use, and the materials from which to build them. The All Flags Navy took many a fortune to create!
This will be a costly affair, but Za'ji's Perfect Pounce is worth every drake!"
Are the lodestones mentioned in any of your plans?
"Just so, walker! Though they are only made reference to. Za'ji did not see designs regarding them directly. He imagines the Sea Elves kept them together.
They do seem to be tied to navigation, though he doubts a simple compass is involved."
You want to go after the Sea Elves?
"Za'ji can sniff out a scheme when he smells one. These Dreadsails and their lodestones are up to something, and something is always sinister when it comes to Sea Elves. It would be better for such things to stay in Za'ji's care, wouldn't you agree?"

High Isle[edit]

Appears only with High Isle

Of Knights and Knaves[edit]

In the chapel's crypts, he will be imprisoned with his fellow captains:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Kaleen, Za'ji, Tsuzo! Thank the Divines you're all right! But where are the delegates?"
Captain Tsuzo: "Apologies, m'lady. We lost our charges."
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji is not all right …."
Jakarn: "Not to spoil the reunion, but we're about to get company."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Jakarn, free the captains. Friend, keep the Ascendant Order at bay! Buy us some time!"

Eventually he will be freed by Jakarn.

Inside Mandrake Manor, you can speak to him:

If you have helped him out before, he's despondent about the loss of his ship the Perfect Pounce as well as Caska and Queen Ayrenn:

"Za'ji is glad to see you, walker, but there will be no reunion with the Perfect Pounce. She is gone, this time for good. That terrible storm was the end of her.
And that is not the worst of it. Za'ji has lost Queen Ayrenn and Caska, too!"
Can you tell me what happened out at sea?
"Za'ji must admit he was sleeping in his cabin when the storm hit. He woke up when cold water climbed into bed with him. The next thing Za'ji knows, he is being fished out of the sea by strange knights.
I'm saved, Za'ji thinks. Then they tied me up!"
You were fished out of the water by the Ascendant Order?
"The annoying knights, yes. Za'ji heard a commander talking. The Lord, they called him. He was angry the alliance leaders did not wash ashore with Za'ji.
Za'ji did not see the Lord's face, but he spoke like a Breton noble. Za'ji could hear it."
What about Queen Ayrenn?
"Za'ji lost Queen Ayrenn! And First Mate Caska, too. The wind and the waves must have carried them somewhere else.
The Lord and the Magus, the Order's leaders—they swore to comb every beach until they found her. And the others too, Za'ji supposes."

Before you speak to Lady Arabelle, you can speak to him again:

"Za'ji has decided. No more drinking until Queen Ayrenn is safely back in his arms! Er, maybe that was a dream. Never mind. But Za'ji wants the queen and Caska to be safe.
He will help you and Lady Arabelle foil these villains and rescue the queen!"

After the quest, he will be begging you to find his missing comrades:

"You will find Queen Ayrenn, won't you, walker? And Za'ji's friend Caska, too?
Za'ji could not live with himself if anything happened to either one of them!"

People of Import[edit]

As you return to Mandrake Manor, an earthquake will occur and the Colossus will be damaged, Captain Tsuzo and Captain Za'ji will speak to each other:

Captain Za'ji: "Look the Colossus!"
Captain Tsuzo: "These tremors grow more powerful. I heard that volcanic fissures are bursting open across the isles."
Captain Za'ji: "First a storm, now this? It must be the work of the Ascendant Order!"
Captain Tsuzo: "You give them too much credit. An earthquake destroyed the Gonfalon Colossus."
Captain Za'ji: "Yes, an Ascendant earthquake! Trust Za'ji. He knows!"

Speaking to him before Captain Tsuzo:

"This is a bad sign, walker. Perhaps we should move our hideout onto a vessel at sea?
At this rate, Za'ji fears the whole island will crumble beneath our feet."

After speaking to Tsuzo, both him and Tsuzo will head back inside the manor, you can speak to him again:

"Yes, Za'ji promised not drink until Queen Ayrenn was safe, but that was before Za'ji saw the Colossus of Gonfalon Bay break apart.
No one can expect Za'ji to stay sober after that!"

Deadly Investigations[edit]

After investigating the shipwreck site of the Kamal's Bane, Za'ji will be in Mandrake Manor, you can use this chance to speak to him before seeing Lady Arabelle:

"Za'ji has heard what you discovered at the Ascendant Order sites. A lodestone on my ship, a magical storm meant to kill us all. If Za'ji knew this beforehand, he would have made sure to bring more ale!
Lady Arabelle doesn't have nearly enough."

Escape from Amenos[edit]

Before you set out to Amenos, you can speak to him:

"Lady Arabelle wants us to be ready. We're going to Amenos to rescue Queen Ayrenn. And Caska, too. Za'ji hopes. This one's fur sheds with worry at the thought of his friend and first mate lost on that prison island."
If Caska is on Amenos, we'll find her, Za'ji.
"She must be! Anything else is too painful to contemplate!
But Za'ji knows Caska is still alive. She is far too stubborn to let the ocean take her. And she would do anything to keep the queen safe. Still, lost in a jungle with violent criminals…."
Everything will turn out fine, Za'ji.

Once you have found and rescued Caska and the royal delegates, you can signal Za'ji to come collect you from the Old Coin Fort. He will have commandeered one of the ships and named it the Perfect Pounce II as the escape ship for the rescued delegation:

Captain Za'ji: "Ha! We got them all, even Caska! Friend, give the word and Za'ji will have you back at Mandrake Manor before you know it!"

Speaking to him before giving the order to leave Amenos:

"Za'ji's ship was closest when the signal flare ignited. Do you like it? I call it the Perfect Pounce II!
Anyway, Za'ji is supposed to get you back to Mandrake Manor as quick as he can. Just give the order and we'll leave these dreadful shores."

He will be back at Mandrake Manor, enjoying a nice drink before you speak to Lady Arabelle:

"A successful rescue! What sounds better—Za'ji, Deliverer of Freedom, or Captain Za'ji, Bane of Amenos?
Take your time. This one is going to print up calling cards, so I want to get it right."

To Catch a Magus[edit]

After starting the quest, Lady Arabelle will have the royal delegates sent to All Flags Castle for their protection. Meanwhile, you and she will head out to Mistmouth Cave to track down the Ascendant Magus. You can speak with Za'ji in Mandrake Manor before you leave:

"Off again, walker? Za'ji would go with you, but Queen Ayrenn may have need of the Perfect Pounce II. Plus, Caska wants to make sure she is ship-shape.
The ship, that is. Not the queen."

The Ascendant Storm[edit]

After learning the true identity of the Ascendant Magus, you also learn of the Order's plans to attack All Flags Castle and kills the royal delegates there. Lady Arabelle will ask if you can find the Alliance Captains and ask for their help. You can find all three along with Caska outside the Gonfalon Gaming Hall, with Captain Kaleen feeling frustrated that they are not out there doing something:

Captain Kaleen: "Enough with the games! We should be out there doing something!"
Captain Za'ji: "Ever hear the old proverb? Opportunity arrives while Khajiit takes nap."
Captain Kaleen: "That doesn't even make any sense!"
Captain Za'ji: "It does when Za'ji's feet are tired."

Speaking with Captain Za'ji before Captain Kaleen:

"The Ascendant Order is not in Gonfalon Bay and the alliance leaders are safe. So Za'ji considers his work done. But…Captain Kaleen does not seem satisfied with Za'ji's opinion.
Perhaps you should talk to her, five-claw."

You can then talk with Captain Kaleen and tell her about the plot, and explained Lady Arabelle's plan to take the Nereid's Song so you can sail to All Flags Castle without being detected. Captain Kaleen agrees, and Za'ji and Tsuzo decide to join too:

Captain Za'ji: "One captain is good. But two is even better, yes?"
Captain Tsuzo: "Make that three."
Captain Kaleen: "I can't ask you to join me in this."
Captain Za'ji: "You are not asking. Za'ji is telling."
Captain Kaleen: "Looks like I found a crew! Head to Jheury's Cove, friend. We'll collect Lady Arabelle and meet you there."

Speaking with Za'ji before you head to Jheury's Cove:

"Za'ji hoped we were done with this business. I was looking forward to a few days of rest on this lovely island. But now it seems Queen Ayrenn is in danger again.
This time, Za'ji will make sure she stays rescued!"

Once you reach Jheury's Cove, the captains, Caska, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will be waiting for you on the cliff above the docks. The Ascendant Order ship the Nereid's Song is docked, and you will need to steal it to reach All Flags Castle. Talking with Za'ji before you continue:

"Za'ji thinks that the Ascendant Magus owes us a few ships, yes? Nereid's Song is a good place to start. Za'ji just wishes there weren't so many evil knights here.
Captain Kaleen has a plan, though. Za'ji can't wait to hear it!"

Speaking with Captain Kaleen, she will explain her plan. Talking with Za'ji afterwards:

"Za'ji loves stealing ships! All aboard!"

If you met him before after completing the Elsweyr questline, he will instead say:

"Don't worry. Za'ji is here to help!"

You can then head down to the dock, kill the guards and take the ship. Speaking with Za'ji before leaving:

"Za'ji wishes more of the Perfect Pounce crew was here to see this. But he and Caska will do what we can to honor our lost shipmates.
We are ready for All Flags when you are, five-claw."

When you arrive outside All Flags Castle, you will find the Ascendant Order is already underway.The Captains and Caska will stay to guard the ship while you, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn enter the castle. Speaking with Captain Za'ji before you leave:

"Za'ji will cheer you on from afar! He is very good at emotional support."

While in the castle, you will find and assist the Alliance leaders and then defeat the Ascendant Magus. Afterwards, the Ascendant Order attackers will flee. You can meet with everyone outside, speaking with Captain Za'ji before Lady Arabelle:

"Queen Ayrenn is safe again! Za'ji is grateful. It would have been terribly embarrassing to lose her a second time.
But the battle is over now, yes? We can all take a rest? Za'ji is exhausted!"

After you have spoken with Lady Arabelle and completed the quest, some bantering will happen:

Prince Irnskar: "Surely we're done now? I could use a drink and a meal."
Queen Ayrenn: "It must have been tough getting captured by convicts on Amenos."
High King Emeric: "Good point, Ayrenn. But do remember, he's only a prince."
Prince Irnskar: "Raise a hand if you care what the high king thinks!"
<Za'ji raises his hand.>
High King Emeric: "Thank you, Za'ji."
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji cares. Can we go home now?"
Caska: "Wrong royal, Za'ji. We're with the queen, remember? Now where did we leave that scow we stole?"
<Caska and Za'ji head to the dock.>
Captain Kaleen: "What, did no one tie up the ship before we ran into battle?"

A Chance for Peace[edit]

After rescuing the Alliance Leaders and defeating the Ascendant Magus, Lord Bacaro Volorus will decide to hold a celebration at Gonfalon Palace. Lady Arabelle will ask you to speaker with the Alliance Leaders separately to convince them to come. Once you have done so, you can head to the palace where Captain Za'ji will be one of the guests. Speaking with Za'ji before the ceremony starts:

"Finally, Queen Ayrenn is where she belongs! Za'ji is content.
Za'ji could be content to gaze upon Queen Ayrenn all day, in fact."
What's next for Captain Za'ji?
"Long sunny days and tender nights filled with song, drink, and love, or so Za'ji hopes! Since Queen Ayrenn has no one else to look after her in these islands, Za'ji hereby appoints himself the task of catering to her every need."
Don't you have work to do on the Perfect Pounce II?
"That is a task better left in Caska's claws. Who will look after Queen Ayrenn, if not Za'ji? And Lady Arabelle insisted we help guard the delegates anyway. So what is this one to do?
Za'ji can only hope his devotion is rewarded!"

Speaking with Za'ji again after the quest is completed:

"After a shipwreck, imprisonment, and dangerous battles, Za'ji has earned a little time to relax. And perhaps some recognition for his bravery and skill, yes? Za'ji is the hero of the day! After you, of course.
A drink in your honor!"
What's next for Captain Za'ji?
(Rest of the conversation is same as above.)


The Hidden Lord[edit]

After finishing the questlines of High Isle and Galen, he and Caska will be in the Castle Mornard throneroom. He will call out for your attention:

Captain Za'ji: "Five-claw! Za'ji has news!"

Speaking to him, Lady Arabelle wants to see you:

"Thank the moons! Za'ji was worried you left with the tide.
Lady Arabelle sent this one with urgent news."
What urgent news, Za'ji?
"Well, Lady Arabelle doesn't exactly trust Za'ji with all the details. But she did impress upon Za'ji that she had urgent matters to discuss with you. So, she sent Za'ji to find you."
What did Lady Arabelle say exactly, Za'ji?
"She said, "Za'ji, I have urgent matters to discuss with our friend. Go find them, dear, and tell them to come talk to me at Mandrake Manor." That's exactly how she said it.
Ask Caska! She heard it, too!"
I'll meet Lady Arabelle at Mandrake Manor.

You will realize this is regarding the peace talks:

"Come to think of it, this must be about the peace talks. Queen Ayrenn and the other leaders are quite annoyed that the talks haven't started yet.
Hurry, friend. Go to Mandrake Manor. And tell Lady Arabelle that Za'ji sent you, just like she asked."
The peace talks haven't begun yet?
"No, and Queen Ayrenn grows more annoyed with every rise and fall of the sun. Inactivity pains her.
Lord Bacaro keeps delaying, and Lady Arabelle isn't sure what to do. But these are details that Za'ji isn't aware of. You should talk to her."

If choose to start the quest directly through Lady Arabelle, you can find him at Mandrake Manor:

"Za'ji is beginning to think that piracy is less dangerous than politics. This one definitely chose the safer occupation."

After finding out what happened to Lord Bacaro's missing messenger at the Dufort Shipyards, you hurry back to Mandrake Manor, which you find Za'ji and Caska. Za'ji informs you that Lady Arabelle has fallen ill mysteriously and is resting:

Captain Za'ji: "Five-claw! Terrible news! Lady Arabelle has succumbed to some unknown malady! She's upstairs in bed, waiting for you."

Speaking to him before you check up on Lady Arabelle:

"When Za'ji and Caska returned, we found Lady Arabelle unconscious on the floor! We got her to bed and sent for Druid Ryvana. She can help her, yes? Druids have healing magic, or so Za'ji has heard.
Upstairs, five-claw. You must go to Lady Arabelle."

After examining all the clues and heading off to find Philian Ashcroft:

"Poison! You must find who would do such a thing to Lady Arabelle!
Za'ji and Caska will not leave her side. You have my word on that!"

After speaking to Courier Finnoa at the Castle Navire tournament tents, Za'ji will call for your attention:

Captain Za'ji: "Five-claw! Za'ji has found you!"

He will inform you that Druid Ryvana wants you to head over to her workshop:

"Lady Arabelle wasn't improving, so Za'ji went to find Druid Ryvana. Do not worry, five-claw. Caska stands guard at Mandrake Manor!
Instead of giving this one more medicine, Ryvana sent me to find you."
Did Druid Ryvana tell you what she wanted?
"Druid Ryvana wants you to come to her workshop right away. Do you know where it is? Just west of Gonfalon Bay and north of Druid's Gate.
When you see her, remind her that Lady Arabelle still needs the antidode."
I'll go talk to Druid Ryvana.
"That makes Za'ji feel much better. It was good to get out of the manor and do something! All this waiting makes Za'ji ears itch.
This one will head back to the manor and make sure Lady Arabelle is taking her tincture."

Speaking to him again:

"Za'ji will return to Gonfalon Bay now. Caska will be lost without this one's steady presence to calm her."

After you find out Lord Bacaro's intentions in the archipelago, you head back to Mandrake Manor to share this troubling news to Lady Arabelle. You can speak to Za'ji before her:

"Za'ji has not left Lady Arabelle's side while you were gone. Well, except for when she sent me to warn the alliance leaders. And when Ryvana sent me to fetch you. And when Caska made me go outside because she said my worrying was making her fur itch."

If you exit out of the conversation with Lady Arabelle and before you turn in the quest, Za'ji will be angered by Lord Bacaro's deception:

"Lord Bacaro is the Ascendant Lord? No one makes a fool out of Za'ji and his friends! We will bring this traitor to justice, yes?"

After the quest is completed:

"Oh, five-claw, Lady Arabelle looks better already! But what are we going to do about Lord Bacaro? Za'ji still cannot believe he is actually the Ascendant Lord!
Talk to Lady Arabelle. She always knows what to do."

The Ivy Throne[edit]

After speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"Za'ji's newest Perfect Pounce is the most perfect Pounce yet! This one promises to get Lady Arabelle to Galen without alerting Bacaro or his Ascendant Order. Za'ji is good at being quiet, like a shadow he is—no matter what Caska might tell you."

While you're chasing down Lord Bacaro, you will stumble upon Za'ji at Y'ffre's Path. He will tell you that Lady Arabelle and the others were still trying to stop Lord Bacaro:

Captain Za'ji: "Five-claw! Thank the Moons! The others followed Lord Bacaro! Go and help them!"

Taking this chance to speak to him:

"Lady Arabelle is very brave. Barely recovered from nearly dying and already chasing villains into a desolate and scary valley. Hurry, five-claw, you must go help her!"
Why are you out here alone, Za'ji?
"Za'ji decided to … to … to wait out here for you, five-claw! Yes, yes, Za'ji waited to direct you. It is easy to get lost in such places, yes?
Lady Arabelle followed the Ascendant Lord—should Za'ji call him that now?"
Druid Laurel and I will find them, Za'ji.
"Oh, thank you, five-claw! Za'ji will go back to the druid village and wait for you there.
Look for Caska. She is a great tracker. If she hasn't found Bacaro yet, she will shortly."

He will then run back to Glimmertarn for safety.

After convincing Captain Siravaen to stop Bacaro, you will meet Za'ji at the Vastyr docks:

"Druid Laurel said something about fighting an angry volcano spirit. She was joking, yes?
Please, walker, tell Za'ji that we will not be sailing the Pounce close to the volcano! This one would rather not see his beloved ship go up in flames."

Once landed on Y'ffelon, he will be uncertain about being here:

"This is a nice beach, yes? Maybe Za'ji should wait here. Keep the path back to the Pounce open. This one's fur is quite flammable and there is much too much lava around for Za'ji's taste."

After Frii stops the eruption of Mount Firesong, she teleports you to safety on the Perfect Pounce where all your allies are:

Captain Za'ji: "Ah! Where did you come from, five-claw? You made Za'ji's heart skip a beat, yes?"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "The volcano erupted, but except for the top of the mountain, Y'ffelon is intact."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "I very much want to hear what happened, dear."

Speaking to him before Lady Arabelle:

"Did the volcano spit you out? Is that how you got back here? Is that even possible?
Oh, if only Za'ji knew more about the workings of volcanoes!"

After speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"Za'ji could get used to this hero business. If only it paid better. Ah, well.
When you're done talking to everybody, let Za'ji know and we'll sail back to Vastyr."

He will be settling at Castle Mornard throneroom's fireplace before you speak to Lady Arabelle:

"Are we done now, five-claw? Does this mean we can start the talks? The sooner Queen Ayrenn makes peace with the other alliances, the sooner Za'ji and Caska can get back to their real lives. Not that this wasn't fun, but…Za'ji prefers less danger."

After the quest is completed:

"Za'ji is proud to have played a part in defeating the Ascendant Lord and saving the Systres! Oh, not as large a part as you, five-claw. But Za'ji had a significant role just the same."

And Now, Perhaps, Peace[edit]

Lady Arabelle has asked Za'ji and Caska to witness the peace talks on All Flags Islet. You will find them at the docks outside of Gonfalon Bay:

Captain Za'ji: "Make sure the Pounce is ready to sail the moment Queen Ayrenn calls for us."
Caska: "The Pounce is ready. I could use some quiet time for a change."
Captain Za'ji: "Maybe you spoke too soon, Caska. Look who it is."

Speaking to him to let him know he has been invited to the talks:

"Always a pleasure, five-claw, but you also tend to bring trouble to Za'ji—and more work!
So, what is it this time? A Peryite cult? Vampire armies from deep underground? What?"
Lady Arabelle would like you and Caska to attend the peace talks. As observers and guards.
"Za'ji and Caska are invited? Well, as expected, of course! After all Za'ji has done, it is only natural to want him there to observe. And to keep the queen and the others safe.
But Caska, too? Really? Oh very well. If Lady Arabelle insists."
We'll see you on All Flags Islet, Za'ji.
"Za'ji and Caska will leave for the islet at once! And we'll bring along a few of the Pounce's crew. A little extra muscle never hurts, yes?"
Do you think the peace talks have any chance of success, Za'ji?
"There is always a chance, five-claw. It may be very, very small. So small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. But it is there nonetheless.
This one does hope it works out though. War is a terrible business indeed."

After getting your allies to attend the peace talks, you will find Za'ji outside of Memorial Hall Reception Hall drinking:

"Za'ji and Caska have arrived! The party may now begin!
Oh. Right. Za'ji supposes they should finish the peace talks first. Then the party!"

When Count Stefan called in everyone to go inside the reception hall, you can speak to Za'ji inside:

"Look at Za'ji, rubbing elbows with kings and queens! This one's mother would be so proud…if she were talking to Za'ji, that is."

After Lady Arabelle gave the opening speech, Za'ji will be uncertain how the talks will go:

"Za'ji worries about the leaders. Do you know Za'ji once saw Queen Ayrenn decapitate someone with a spoon. A spoon! Ah well. Out of Za'ji's paws.
But if you ever need us, five-claw, Caska will come running. Za'ji too, but definitely Caska."



  • The starting conversation dialogue for Wright of Passage does not appear if another player in the group has picked up the quest. It instead shows the dialogue for talking to Za'ji once the quest is picked up. ?