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Bahzahar the Bull
Location Moonlit Cove
Race Pahmar Gender Male
Health 167304 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Ruddy Fangs
Bahzahar the Bull
Bahzahar the Bull. His weapons are enchanted.

Bahzahar the Bull is a Pahmar skooma lord found in Moonlit Cove during the related quest. He traded The Perfect Pounce to Za'ji in exchange for a bell from Khenarthi's Breath Temple.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When he notices you, he will exclaim:

Bahzahar the Bull: "Za'ji! I thought I smelled a rat."
Bahzahar the Bull: "You never should have sold me that bell, Za'ji!"
Bahzahar the Bull: "You got some nerve coming here, Za'ji!"

He calls in reinforcements in the form of Ruddy Fang Lurkers.

Bahzahar the Bull: "Come here, you muskarses! We've got intruders!"


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