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Aeliah Renmus
Location Varies
Race Imperial/Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly Class Archer
Other Information
Follower The Pride of Alkosh
Faction(s) Dragonguard
Shields of Senchal
Aeliah Renmus in her Shields of Senchal uniform
Aeliah in her Dragonguard uniform

Aeliah Renmus is the half Imperial, half Redguard daughter of General Renmus.

After General Renmus refuses to assist with Sai Sahan's expedition to Tideholm, Aeliah points him towards Za'ji and his ship. She later accompanies the expedition and joins the reformed Dragonguard. She is of mixed descent, born to her Imperial father and a Redguard diplomat named Sadallah, which led to her struggling to fit in in Cyrodiil.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Dragon's Lair[edit]

Aeliah in her father's office

You'll first meet Aeliah in her father's office. If you speak to her on your first visit there, she'll regretfully tell you:

"I'm sorry my father wasn't able to agree to your request. Hopefully you'll find another ship to sail you."

Meet Sai Sahan outside the palace, and he'll notice that Aeliah is closely following you:

Sai Sahan: "Well look there. We have a guest."
Aeliah Renmus: "Wait! Hold on!"
Aeliah Renmus: "I think I know someone who can help you."

Speak to her and she'll tell you:

"Hello! I'm Aeliah Renmus. General Renmus's daughter. I couldn't speak freely in front of my father, but I might know someone who can help you get to that island.
But tell me. Do you truly believe you can slay a Dragon?"
Yes, I think I can.
"Then I want to help. Or, well, send you to someone who can help you.
You should speak to Za'ji, captain of the Perfect Pounce. He may be a smuggler, but he cares about Senchal. And he's my friend. He can get you to that island."
So the general's daughter is friends with a smuggler.
"I know, I know. My father certainly wouldn't approve. Then again, he hasn't approved of most of my friends since we arrived in Senchal.
Not that my father's disapproval has any bearing on this conversation."
Where can I find Za'ji?
"He loiters around the city's outskirts, along with his first mate, Caska. Just look for a Dagi-raht and a Senche-raht arguing with each other. You can't miss them.
Oh, and tell them Aeliah sent you!"
Thank you. I'll see if Za'ji is willing to help.

With that, she turns to leave:

Aeliah Renmus: "I should head back to the palace. Good luck!"

Recover and sail the Pounce back to Senchal. Once docked, the rest of the crew will board along with Aeliah. Speak to her and she'll say:

"I heard what happened from the crew. I'm glad you were there to help recover the Pounce. I don't think Za'ji would have handled the loss of his ship very well.
Speaking of Za'ji, did he agree to sail you to the island?"
Yes, we're about to set sail now.
"I'm glad to hear it. I knew Za'ji wouldn't let you down. I'm coming with you. If this Dragon is going to attack Senchal, I want to help defeat it.
Besides, I'm sure you could use an extra hand."
How can you help us?
"I'm good with a bow! Look, I'm aware of the risks, believe me.
But this city is my home. I can't just stay behind and hope you stop this threat. Not when I can help. I won't stand by while my father and friends are in danger."
All right, welcome aboard. We depart soon.

Speak to her again and she'll remark:

"I never thought I'd become a Dragon hunter. A wandering bard, perhaps, or maybe even a diplomat.
Ah, that's not to say I'm having second thoughts! If this is what it takes to protect my home, then … this is what it takes. No matter the risk."

Once on Tideholm, you'll find Caska, Aeliah, and Sai on the beach. After speaking to Sai, the warrior will address Caska and Aeliah:

Sai Sahan: "Aeliah, Caska. You're with me. Stick close and prepare to fight."
Caska: "I'm always ready to fight. Just keep an eye on the little one."
Aeliah Renmus: "I can take care of myself, you know."

Reach the third balcony and you'll hear:

Sai Sahan: "Damn this gate!"
Aeliah Renmus: "Look, above us! The Dragon!"
Sai Sahan: "Prepare yourselves!"

Catch up with your friends, and you'll hear:

Aeliah Renmus: "Who are these people? And why are they attacking us?"
Caska: "They are enemies to be defeated. Nothing else matters."

After speaking to Sai, you'll hear:

Caska: "Be prepared, little one! I can smell them coming."
Aeliah Renmus: "How many?"
Caska: "Does it matter? They will die all the same."

After the encounter with Nahfahlaar, you'll find her in the Dragonguard Sanctum at the dock near the wayshrine playing her pan pipes:

"I'm glad that Senchal is safe, but … making an alliance with a Dragon? I'm not so sure about that."


You must ask her if she wants to join the Dragonguard.

"I can't believe we're in a Dragonguard sanctuary.
My father would tell me stories about the order when I was little. Protectors of the emperor, slayers of Dragons, daring adventurers! It was all quite exciting."
How would you like to join the Dragonguard?
"You want me to join your order? I mean, that isn't to say I don't want to! Of course I do. I want to protect my home before the Dragons destroy it. I just ….
I didn't expect you to ask me to stay."
If you want to join us, you're welcome. But it won't be easy.
"'We only face the darkness of fear so that we may find the light of courage.' That's something my mother always told me. An old Redguard proverb, she said.
I'll join your Dragonguard and protect my home. You have my word."
Then its [sic] settled. You're one of the Dragonguard now.
"I have to admit, our Dragonguard does seem a little motley at the moment. Perhaps uniforms would help?"

You can ask her more about herself.

We haven't spoken much. Tell me about yourself.
"I spent my childhood in Cyrodiil. My father was a commander under Emperor Leovic, and my mother was a Redguard ambassador. Her name was Sadallah.
I had a tough time fitting in with my peers."
Why is that?
"They were always questioning who I was. Was I Imperial? Was I a Redguard? They wanted to put me in a neat little box, but I didn't quite fit.
Anyway, my father joined the Colovian revolt and was given the rank of general by Emperor Varen."
How did you end up in Senchal?
"Father received orders to come to Senchal and help with the restoration. He didn't plan to take me along, as I was only thirteen at the time.
Then my mother died, and … everything changed."
You didn't want to be separated from your father?
"Exactly. And a new city helped take my mind off of … other things.
I felt so welcomed in Senchal. The Khajiit never questioned who I was or where I came from. To them, I was simply Aeliah. That was all that mattered."

Uneasy Alliances[edit]

When you reenter the sanctum, you'll find Aeliah and Za'ji in new outfits.

Za'ji: "We're part of the Dragonguard, Aeliah! It's not stealing."
Aeliah Renmus: "I still think we should ask before putting them on."
Za'ji: "But it looks so good on you!"

Speaking with her before talking to Za'ji:

"Oh, ah. Hello.
Za'ji and I found these uniforms and couldn't resist trying them on. We're forming a new Dragonguard order, right? We thought we should look the part. I hope that's not a problem."

Speaking to her after talking to Za'ji:

"You're traveling with Za'ji? Then I'm going, too. I wouldn't want him to get into any trouble now that he's an official member of the Dragonguard."

As you walk away, you'll hear:

Za'ji: "It's settled. To Black Heights!"
Aeliah Renmus: "And I'm coming with you."
Za'ji: "What? You don't trust Za'ji to handle this?"
Aeliah Renmus: "Not in the slightest."

Outside the Temple:

Za'ji: "Here we are! Khenarthi's Breath Temple, home to sweet winds and pleasant chimes."
Aeliah Renmus: "Za'ji, I don't like your tone. Is there something you're not telling us?"
Za'ji: "Ah, yes, well. This one may not have left home on the ... best of terms."
Aeliah Renmus: "Oh. I'm sorry, Za'ji, I didn't mean to pry. Do you want to wait outside?"
Za'ji: "Lovely Aeliah, your words are as a soothing balm! With you by Za'ji's side, he can do anything. Let's venture forth."

Speaking to her inside the temple:

"Well, this certainly complicates things. Let's hope the Clan Mother will still agree to our request."

After agreeing to find the missing bell for Clan Mother Tadali:

"I can't believe Za'ji would steal a bell from his own people! I knew he was a smuggler, but I thought he had a sense of honor.
You go and find the bell. I'll try to smooth things over with Clan Mother Tadali in the meantime."

Speaking to her after returning with the bell, but before speaking to the Clan Mother:

"Do you hear that? The bells sound like they're playing a song. It's faint, but ... it's definitely there."

Speaking to her after Clan Mother Tadali is offended by her son's tone:

"I never thought Za'ji would be so rude to his mother. When we get back to the sanctum, we're going to have words."

If you speak to her after Za'ji plays the bells the first time, she'll tell you:

"It sounds like the bells are playing the beginning of a song. Perhaps they're requesting a duet?
Unfortunately, I don't think my pan flute will do the trick. There must be something nearby you can use instead."

Speaking with her after the Clan Mother returns:

"We're lucky Za'ji's mother is so forgiving. After everything he's done, I'm surprised she hasn't thrown us all out of this temple."

Za'ji bids you farewell after Nahfahlaar is done with you.

Nahfahlaar: "If you encounter Laatvulon, do not attempt to fight him. Our alliance ends the moment you die."
Aeliah Renmus: "Za'ji, let Sai Sahan know where we're going. We might need his help."
Za'ji: "Of course! This one will heroically play messenger."
Za'ji: "Za'ji does not often say this, but ... be careful, yes? The situation does not sound so good."

Speaking with her before leaving the temple:

"We should go to this mine and find Yahgrondu. It should be just south of here, along the coast. I'll meet you there."

Meet her at the quarry. Nahfahlaar is nowhere to be found.

Aeliah Renmus: "Nahfahlaar was right. This quarry is teeming with cultists."

Speak with her:

"I haven't seen Nahfahlaar, but I don't think he can approach this quarry. The cultists would spot him before he got close.
We might be on our own for this one."
Were you able to spot anything?
"No sign of the Dragons, but there are plenty of cultists. They're mining and keeping watch.
This doesn't make any sense. What would a Dragon cult want with limestone?"
I'm not sure, but we need to find Yahgrondu. He should be in a nearby mine.
"I suspect the Dragon cult seeks something more important than limestone, but what could it be?"

She begins to follow you.

Aeliah Renmus: "The mine's entrance should be west of here. You take the lead."

Speaking with her in front of the mine:

"This must be the entrance to the mine. We should head inside and see if we can find Yahgrondu."

Inside the mine, you overhear a conversation between two Dragons.

Laatvulon: "Join me, brother. My master's power is limitless and he will share it with his devoted."
Yahgrondu: "I will die before I bow to you or your master, Laatvulon."
Laatvulon: "If you insist."
Aeliah Renmus: "Laatvulon! And the other Dragon ... is that Yahgrondu?"

Speaking to her after overhearing Yahgrondu and Laatvulon's conversation:

"This doesn't sound good. We need to get down there and try to protect Yahgrondu!"

As you descend through the mine, you can hear Laatvulon threaten Yahgrondu:

Aeliah Renmus : "Damn it. I hope we aren't too late."

Laatvulon kills Yahgrondu before you can reach him. When he notices your intrusion, Laatvulon commands Ra'khajin to raise Yahgrondu's corpse.

Aeliah Renmus: "He's turning Yahgrondu into some sort of monster! We have to stop him!"

After Yahgrondu is finally down for good, she seems demoralized.

Aeliah Renmus: "Well, that certainly didn't go as planned."

Suddenly, Nahfahlaar arrives.

Aeliah Renmus: "Watch out!"
Nahfahlaar: "Rest, dii zeymah. Your battle is done."

Speaking with her before addressing Nahfahlaar:

"I'll never get used to a Dragon landing in front of me."

Speaking with her after Nahfahlaar takes his leave:

"Well, that went horribly wrong, didn't it?
We should let Sai Sahan know what happened. Maybe he'll have an idea about how we salvage this operation."

When you arrive at the sanctum, Aeliah will be giving the news to Sai.

Sai Sahan: "There's nothing you could have done."
Aeliah Renmus: "I know, I know. I just wish we'd gotten there sooner."

Speaking to her before turning in the quest:

"I hate to deliver such horrible news.
Still, it seems Sai Sahan has a plan. You should speak to him."

Order of the New Moon[edit]

Sai Sahan will give the quest at the Dragonguard Sanctuary and tell you to meet Aeliah at the Senchal Palace. As you leave, you'll hear him and Aeliah chat:

Aeliah Renmus : "I'll meet you outside the palace after I wash the stink of dead Dragon out of my armor."
Sai Sahan : "The stink. You get used to it."
Aeliah Renmus : "Ugh."

Speaking with her after starting the quest:

"I doubt my father can point us directly to a recruiter, but he will know if the cult has been active in the city. Anything he can tell us will help.
I'll meet you in Senchal, in front of the palace. After I take a moment to compose myself."
Are you all right, Aeliah?
"Honestly? Not great.
My first mission as a Dragonguard went terribly wrong. The more we learn about Laatvulon, the less confident I become. If he decides to attack Senchal, I don't think there's anything my father can do."
If we defeat Laatvulon, he'll never get the chance to attack Senchal.
"I suppose. But Senchal has been my home for five years. It means more to me than the Empire ever did. I can't bear the thought that it might be destroyed.
I remember when I first met Za'ji. He asked me who I was but immediately stopped me."
Why did Za'ji stop you?
"I started to tell him about my parents. He shook his head and said, "That's who they are. Who are you."
So I told him everything. How playing the flute reminded me of my mother. How father would never respect me if I didn't follow in his footsteps."
You make it sound like a revelation.
"For me, it was. That was the moment I understood that I was more than the sum of my parts. I didn't have to be one thing.
In Senchal I could aspire to be more than my parents' legacy. That's why the city means so much to me."

Meet her in Senchal, and she'll lead you to the palace.

Aeliah Renmus: "Let's hope my father isn't too busy to see his daughter."

Arriving at General Renmus' office:

General Renmus: "My hands are tied. We don't have the resources to investigate your daughter's diappearance."
Buzinda: "This one understands. Thank you for your time, general."
Aeliah Renmus: "Pardon the interruption. Do you have a moment, father?"
General Renmus: "A moment? Yes, but only that."

Speaking with her before General Renmus:

"That was Buzinda, a local baker. I wonder why she came to see my father."

Speaking with her after talking to her father:

"Poor Buzinda. I can't imagine how upset she must be right now.
If we do infiltrate the cult, we should find Lahini and convince her to leave. Or force her to if she won't listen to reason."

Speaking with her after talking to Buzinda:

"I don't like the sound of any of this.
The more the Dragons destroy, the more desperate people become. And then the cult swoops in, promising protection and purpose. It's a never-ending cycle!"
We need to focus on finding Lahini.
"You're right, you're right. I just hate seeing Senchal suffer like this.
Kazahn seems like our best lead so far. Buzinda said that he likes to drink at the tavern, right? We should head there next."
Agreed. Let's head to the tavern and speak with Kazahn.
"If we find Lahini, I'm sure we can convince her to come home. I just hope she hasn't been hurt … or worse."

Upon your arrival at The Sweet Breezes Inn:

Za'ji: "Aeliah! Walker! Come join us. We were just about to order another round."
Aeliah Renmus: "I should have known we'd find him here."

Speaking to her before assessing the situation in the Sweet Breezes:

"Za'ji and Caska seem to be enjoying themselves.
Well, we're not here to scold anyone. We should talk to Kazahn and see if he knows where we can find Lahini."

Speaking to her before leaving to find the place the recruiter was last seen:

"If we can find the cultist who recruited Lahini, we might be able to convince him to recruit us as well."

Speak to her once you have the map and she'll say:

"While I question the accuracy of this map, it's the only lead we have. We may as well follow it."

She and Caska will arrive in the abandoned house after you find the letter in the attic.

Caska: "Their trail ends here."
Caska: "Walker! You up there?"
Aeliah Renmus: "Not so loud, Caska! What if the recruiter is still here?"
Caska: "Don't worry, little one. I'll protect you from the big, bad cultist."

Speaking to her:

"I'm not scared, I'm just trying to be cautious. One of us has to be reasonable here."

After talking to Caska about what you found in the attic:

Aeliah Renmus: "Then let's get going!"
Caska : "Not you, little one. The Black Kiergo is no place for the general's daughter."
Aeliah Renmus: "Oh, right. I'll head back to the sanctum with Za'ji."

Speaking with her:

"As the daughter of General Renmus, it's a little difficult for me to keep a low profile in a place like the Black Kiergo. You should go with Caska.
Za'ji and I will head back to the sanctum."

The Pride of Alkosh[edit]

You will find Aeliah in the northern section of Pridehome, tending to Moon-Priest Nuziwa's wounds.

Aeliah Renmus: "Just keep the pressure there and you should be all right."
Moon-Priest Nuziwa: "Thank you, young zha'al."

You can speak with her before speaking with Nuziwa.

"The cult cut down anyone who stood in their way. What could they want with such a peaceful refuge?"
We're still trying to figure that out.
"Nuziwa here keeps mentioning a Clan Mother. If there's something special about Pridehome, she'll know. We just need to find her."

After talking to Moon-Priest Nuziwa, Aeliah pipes up.

Aeliah Renmus: "Sai Sahan went on ahead. Tell him about the Clan Mother while I get this one back on his feet."

Speaking with her:

"Sai Sahan is just up ahead. You should speak to him before moving on to the inner temple."

Aeliah chimes in when you reach the temple.

Sai Sahan: "So much death. What could possibly warrant this massacre?"
Caska: "Quick, walker! Get to the Clan Mother. We'll watch your back."
Aeliah Renmus: "You can count on us!"

Speaking to her before entering the temple:

"You go on ahead and search for the Clan Mother. We'll make sure no one tries to follow."

Sai Sahan delivers the news after Clan Mother Hizuni's death.

Aeliah Renmus: "The Clan Mother?"
Sai Sahan: "We were too late. She's dead."
Moon-Priest Nuziwa: "How could Ra'khajin do this? Hizuni was a mother to him. To both of us."
Sai Sahan: "Fate will catch up with Ra'khajin eventually. We'll avenge—"
Nahfahlaar: "Vengeance means little to the dead, Dragonguard."

Speaking with her after Nahfahlaar arrives:

"Nahfahlaar doesn't seem very happy to be here."

After speaking with Nahfahlaar, he flies off.

Nahfahlaar: "Seek the mask if you wish. I will deal with Laatvulon."
Za'ji: "Ugh. Another trip to mother's temple."
Caska: "Oh, no. I am not dealing with another one of your bouts of depression. Aeliah will go."
Aeliah Renmus: "I will? I mean, of course I will!"
Sai Sahan: "It's settled. You two will head to Khenarthi's temple and search for the mask."
Sai Sahan: "Caska, Za'ji. You're with me."

Speaking with her before leaving for Khenarthi's Breath Temple:

"Clan Mother Tadali may still be upset with Za'ji, but she came across as very wise. I'm sure she'll help us if we explain the situation."

Approaching Clan Mother Tadali:

Aeliah Renmus: "Pardon the intrusion, Clan Mother, but ... we bring distressing news."
Clan Mother Tadali: "You speak of Pridehome, yes? And the death of Hizuni."
Aeliah Renmus: "You already know?"
Clan Mother Tadali: "This one heard whispers on the wind. May Khenarthi carry her to sweeter sands."

Speaking with her before the Clan Mother:

"You go ahead. Clan Mother Hizuni and Nahfahlaar both confided in you, and I don't believe that's a coincidence. You should tell Tadali why we're here.
I'm behind you all the way.

Speak with her after addressing Clan Mother Tadali.

"The Halls of the Highmane. Sounds rather ominous doesn't it? I don't think this will be a simple jaunt through some ruins.
Let's just hope Ra'khajin doesn't find the mask first."
We have to go to a statue of the Forgotten Mane, south of here. There should be bells nearby.
""Yes, I know the statue. Za'ji and I passed by it the last time we were in Black Heights. It seemed to unsettle him, but he wouldn't tell me why.
Well, no time to ask him now. I'll meet you by the statue."
Are you sure you want to go with me? Maybe you should let Sai Sahan know what we found./Are you sure you want to come along? You could let Sai Sahan know what we learned.
"Of course I want to go with you. You'll need assistance, won't you?
I know that I might not be the strongest of the Dragonguard, or the most experienced. Or even most resourceful. Trust me, I'm aware of my shortcomings. But I can still help."
You seem determined.
"I'm sorry, it's just … I can't help but feel that I've let you all down.
Yahgrondu was dead by the time we arrived. Could I have done something to find him sooner? And Caska helped you find the Order of the New Moon, not me. And my father …."
And you blame yourself for all those things?
"It may not sound reasonable, but I can't help it. It's easy to doubt myself after so many failures. That's why I want to come with you. I want to do something right.
I want to prove that I'm worthy of the title Dragonguard."

Speaking with her again:

"I'll meet you by the statue of the Forgotten Mane. It should be just south of Black Heights."

Once you arrive at The Forgotten Mane:

Aeliah Renmus: "These bells look just like the ones in Khenarthi's Breath Temple. And look! They're all tarnished."

Speak with her.

"Clan Mother Tadali was right. The bells are tarnished from neglect.
Why don't we perform the cleansing ritual? You just need to press the pedal there to start it."
Can you remind me how the cleansing ritual works?
"I imagine it will be similar to how you cleansed the bells in Khenarthi's Breath Temple.
The small bells glow in a certain order. All you need to do is hit the larger bells nearby in the same order. That should cleanse them."

Speaking to her again:

"If you press the pedal in front of the bell stand, the lanterns should start to glow. Then you need to hit the larger bells in the same order. That will cleanse the little bells.
All you have to do is remember the pattern."

After striking the small bells:

Aeliah Renmus: "We need to hit the big bells in the same order as the little bells. They should be around here somewhere."

Complete the sequence and she'll exclaim:

Aeliah Renmus: "You did it! The bells are cleansed."

Clan Mother Tadali will appear. If you speak to Aeliah first, she'll say:

"Let's not keep the Clan Mother waiting. It sounds like she has something important to speak with you about."

Speaking with her before entering the temple:

"I feel there's more to Clan Mother Tadali's words than pure ceremony.
Still, no time to stand around wondering. We have a mask to find! Let's enter the Halls of the Highmane."

Inside the Halls of the Highmane:

Aeliah Renmus: "Our first trial. Looks like we'll have to find a way across."

Speaking with her:

"Those poles certainly look like grappling points, don't they?
Perhaps that's how we make our way across the cavern. Or, should I say that's how you make your way across the cavern. We only have the one."
We only have one what?
"A grappling bow, of course!
I confiscated this one from Za'ji back in Senchal, but I forgot to return it to Sai Sahan. It's pretty easy to use. Just aim, shoot, and hold on tight."
If we only have one grappling bow, how will you get across the chasm?
"We just have to hope there's another path.
When you reach the other side, look for anything out of the ordinary. A lever to pull or something to light. Anything that may help me traverse the chasm as well."

Speaking to her again:

"If this trial is any indication, Pridehome must train their warriors in the use of grappling bows.
I wonder …. Did Pridehome get the idea from the Dragonguard? Or was it the other way around?"

Aeliah will take the Chasm Bypass to get to the other side after you've crossed and opened the way.

Aeliah Renmus: "Whatever you did, it worked! The door just opened. I'll meet you on the other side."

She crosses.

Aeliah Renmus: "Good work! Now let's see if we can find that mask."

Entering the second trial:

Aeliah Renmus: "Clan Mother Tadali said you had to find light in the darkness. Why don't you try igniting the braziers?"

Speak to her:

"I think this is some kind of test. There's a shrine in each corner of the room, and those braziers look like they're part of a ritual.
Why don't you try lighting one?"

When the dro-m'Athra appear after lighting a brazier, she will call out to you.

Aeliah Renmus: "What are these things?"
Aeliah Renmus: "Get ready to fight!"
Aeliah Renmus: "Defend yourself!"
Aeliah Renmus: "Look out!"

After clearing a brazier, she will encourage you to move forward. After your first shrine:

Aeliah Renmus: "Defeating those enemies lit the lanterns by the shrine. Seems like we're on the right path."

Speaking to her:

"Each time we ignite the shrine's brazier, dark spirits are summoned. If we're able to defeat all those spirits, the shrine's lanterns light up.
I'm willing to bet we'll need to light all four shrines in order to move forward."

Second shrine:

Aeliah Renmus: "Another shrine lit. Only two more to go."

Third shrine:

Aeliah Renmus: "Good job! Only one shrine left to light."

When all four shrines are lit:

Aeliah Renmus: "All four of the shrines are lit. I bet the door will open now!"

When you enter the third trial's chamber, Aeliah will notice something.

Aeliah Renmus: "Sliding stones! Caska told me about these. You move them onto panels to unlock gates."

Speaking to her here:

"I think I understand. You need to push the sliding stones onto platforms to open the gates. Once a gate opens, another sliding stone will be free to push.
Eventually, you should unlock the sliding stone that opens the door forward."
Aeliah Renmus: "Look! A gate opened. Now you just need to find the platform."
Aeliah Renmus: "Nice! The southwest gate just opened."
Aeliah Renmus: "We might need to move the same sliding stone to different panels. Don't forget this one up here!"
Aeliah Renmus: "The gate in front of the doorway opened! We must be close now."
Aeliah Renmus: "You did it! I hope that's the last of these trials."

In front of the Hall of Guardians:

Aeliah Renmus: "Come on, the mask should be just ahead."

Aeliah approaches the statue of Ja'darri.

Aeliah Renmus: "That's a statue of Ja'darri, isn't it? Let's see if there's an inscription."

After you read the inscription on the statue, Ja'darri appears in front of her grave.

Ja'darri: "You have both ventured far and come so close, bit only one may claim the Mask of Alkosh."
Ja'darri: "You who heard the Clan Mother's dying words. Go now and claim that which you earned."
Aeliah Renmus: "Was that ... Ja'darri?"

Speak with Aeliah.

"Well, Ja'darri has spoken. Only one hero can claim the mask, and that hero seems to be you. Which makes complete sense, of course! You have done the lion's share of these trials.
I'm just glad I could help you get this far."
What will you do now?
"I could go back to Sai Sahan and report in. But that doesn't feel right to me.
With so much at stake and so little time left, I want to do more to support our cause."
You need to think of something only you can do.
"You're right. I need to focus on my strengths if I want to help the Dragonguard.
I've always been good with diplomacy. Perhaps I can help gather allies, though I'm not sure who I would even speak to at this point."
What about the Shields of Senchal? That's the largest fighting force in Pellitine, right?
"The Shields of Senchal? Do you really think they would join us?
Well, it's worth a try. Besides, we've learned so much about the Order of the New Moon and their plans. Maybe my father will finally understand just how dire the situation is."

Speaking with her again:

"So you'll get the mask and I'll head to Senchal? Sounds good.
Take care of yourself, all right? No matter how close the mask is, I fear trouble is closer. I don't know what the Dragonguard would do without you."

She leaves for Senchal, and you won't see her again until the next quest.

The Dragonguard[edit]

When you arrive at the Sanctum, Sai, Aeliah and her father will be in Nahfahlaar's Chamber. You have the option of speaking with Aeliah.

"I did it! I convinced my father to join our cause. The Dragonguard now has the full support of the Shields of Senchal.
But what about your mission? Did you find the Mask of Alkosh?"
I had to kill Ra'khajin to get it, but I obtained the mask.
"You defeated Ra'khajin? Well done, you. Now that we have the mask, we'll finally be able to … to ….
Actually, I'm not sure what the mask does."
I'm not sure, either. The mask hasn't done anything yet.
"Oh. Well, at least Laatvulon doesn't have it. And who knows, maybe it'll prove useful. Eventually.
Besides, we may not even need the mask to defeat Laatvulon now that my father has agreed to help us."
How did you convince your father to join us?
"I simply explained the facts. What we know, what we've done, what the cult plans to do.
I can't really pinpoint what exactly convinced him, though I have a feeling he's been considering this alliance for a long time."

Arrive at Doomstone Keep and Sai, Aeliah, and Renmus will be there already:

Sai Sahan: "Look! Above the ruins!"

Nahfahlaar is being attacked by another unidentified dragon and falls behind the keep walls:

Sai Sahan: "Nahfahlaar has fallen. We need to get into that keep."
Aeliah Renmus: "What are we going to do now?"
General Renmus: "Without reinforcements, we have no way to take the keep."
Sai Sahan: "As long as the Dragonguard still stand, there is always a way."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Why didn't Nahfahlaar wait for us? We could have helped him!"

After speaking to Sai, she'll say:

"This is it, isn't it? Our final battle against the Order of the New Moon. A chance to see if our Dragonguard can live up to the name.
Just … let's make it out of this alive. All of us."
How are you holding up, Aeliah?
"Not well, if I'm being honest. Our odds don't look very good, and if we fail it's not just the Dragonguard who will fall. The Shields of Senchal are now at risk as well.
Did I convince my father to join a battle we can't possibly win?"
We won't know until the battle is done.
"I know, I know. And it's not like I'm about to turn tail after all we've been through. I'm just … nervous. Isn't that normal before a big battle?
My heart feels like it's about to pound right out of my chest."
Just keep your bow steady.
"I'm just glad you're with us. I always feel so much more at ease when you're fighting alongside me.
But you have a Dragon to save! And a Dragon to slay, I suppose. I won't keep you any longer. Good luck."

During your battle with Laatvulon, Aeliah, Za'ji, and Caska will enter the fray:

Za'ji: "Have no fear! Za'ji has arrived!"
Caska: "We'll handle this rabble!"
Aeliah Renmus: "We'll cover you! Protect Nahfahlaar!"

Return to the Dragonguard Sanctuary and you'll find Aeliah on the beach playing her pan flute:

Aeliah Renmus: "Hello there, hero. Have time for a chat?"
"We did it. Senchal is finally safe from Laatvulon and the Order of the New Moon.
There are other Dragons to contend with, of course. But we'll defeat those too, won't we? Just like the Dragonguard of legend."
That is what our order was formed to do.
"I've actually been thinking a lot about that. Our order.
I honestly wonder if it will last. Maybe Za'ji and Caska will get bored and seek out another adventure. Maybe another threat will call Sai Sahan away."
You sound nervous about that.
"A little. But mostly the thought makes me … sad.
I've come to think of the Dragonguard as a family of sorts. And I fear that if the order disbanded, if there was no longer a reason to fight, I would lose that."
There's still plenty of reasons to fight. Dragons still plague Elsweyr.
"I know, I know. There's no shortage of work. I'm just being silly, is all.
But then there's also this feeling that our battle isn't truly over. Which is an even scarier thought, isn't it?"
What do you mean?
"What is the New Moon that the cult worshiped? How did Laatvulon plan to rule over Tamriel?
They're just questions that keep bouncing around in my head. It might be nothing, but I'm just not sure this is over yet."

Once The Dragonguard is complete, Aeliah will be playing her pan pipes at the water fountain near the wayshrine in Senchal. If you have not started the Northern Elsweyr questline, she'll remain there until you've completed it. If you have, she'll remain there indefinitely. If you speak to her, she'll say:

"Sai Sahan has made me the official liaison between our order and the Shields of Senchal. It's quite an honor!
It's a little strange that father keeps referring to me as Dragonguard now. Perhaps it's just his way of teasing me."

The Dark Aeon[edit]

When conditions are met, Aeliah can be found in Senchal or Rimmen along with Caska and Za'ji. After she sees you, Aeliah will call you over.

Aeliah Renmus: "Finally! Over here!"
Caska: "Didn't I say we would find them here? Pay up, captain!"
Za'ji: "Bah! Put it on Za'ji's tab"

She has an important message for you from Sai Sahan, as a new threat has emerged in the aftermath of Laatvulon's death.

"We've been tracking you for hours! Luckily, Caska never forgets a scent.
Sai Sahan needs you back at the Dragonguard Sanctum. Something about a letter and a new threat to Pellitine."
A letter? A new threat? Aeliah, tell me what's going on.
"Sai Sahan received a letter from the High Chancellor. The great Imperial battlemage, Abnur Tharn.
According to Sai, the letter indicates you all need to meet as soon as possible."
What's so urgent that Sai sent you to find me?
"All Sai would say was that Abnur Tharn mentioned a threat to Southern Elsweyr. I could tell the letter troubled him, which makes me downright terrified.
Will you go and meet with them?"
I'll meet Sai Sahan at the Dragonguard Sanctum as soon as I can.
"I hated leaving Sai Sahan alone with Nahfahlaar, especially in the mood he was in. Get to the Dragonguard Sanctum as soon as you can.
Oh. And it's good to see you again. Za'ji and Caska feel the same, even if they won't admit it."

You can then ask Aeliah some questions.

So Sai is in a bad mood?
"Not a bad mood. Not exactly. It just seemed to me that whatever was in that letter from Abnur Tharn made him … uneasy. Nahfahlaar was also acting strangely.
I'm worried that something terrible is about to happen."
What do you think is about to happen?
"Honestly? After everything we've already witnessed, it could be anything! All I know is that whatever form this new threat takes, it has both Sai Sahan and Abnur Tharn worried."
You said Nahfahlaar was acting strangely. How, exactly?
"Nahfahlaar paced around like an anxious Senche-raht awaiting the approach of a summer storm. I think he senses the coming of whatever threat Abnur Tharn uncovered.
You'll see for yourself when you return to the Dragonguard Sanctum."
How is the Dragonguard coming along?
"Rebuilding an order takes time. The sanctum is coming along, but Sai wants to get more chapters established as soon as possible.
The Dragons remain a threat, one too large for a single group to deal with."

New Moon Rising[edit]

Before speaking to Khamira about opening a portal:

"I'd offer to help if I could, but I'm afraid I know next to nothing about magic."

After returning from Moonlit Cove and before speaking to Khamira:

"My father, the general, come all this way to visit me? You'd think, right? But, no. He's here to see Sai. Official business.
I'm just his daughter, after all."

Aeliah will be speaking to General Renmus in the sanctum after you speak to Khamira.

General Renmus: "If this Kaalgrontiid actually exists, how can either the Shields or the Dragonguard hope to stand against it?""'
Aeliah Renmus: "Just trust us, father. I swear, we won't let you down."

Speaking with her after she finishes talking to her father:

"Sai gathered us and we're ready to go, but it seems like we're destined to simply hurry up and wait.
And my father arrived a short time ago. He wants to know whatever we can tell him about the floating island."

After speaking to Sai and before talking to Khamira to hear her out about the news:

"Queen Khamira has news? How exciting! You should talk to her before I think better of assaulting a floating island and its resident Dragon."

Before you go into Khamira's portal:

"Such magic never ceases to amaze me!
I'm both disappointed and relieved not to be going to Dragonhold. I hope you don't think less of me for that. But never fear. The Dragonguard will be ready should the need arise."

When you return to the sanctum, Aeliah and Sai will call you over.

Aeliah Renmus: "Look who's back!"
Sai Sahan: "Ah, the Dragonguard's finest! Let us talk."

Speaking with her before Sai:

"My father and the Shields maintained order in Senchal while we made sure none of the remaining Dragons attacked. I understand we have you to thank for saving us.
I'm sorry about your friend, though. Abnur Tharn was a legend."

After the quest:

Za'ji: "Next time there's a Dragon, Za'ji does not want to be left behind."
Aeliah Renmus: "I don't recall you jumping forward to challenge Laatvulon."
Caska: "Now, now Aeliah. The captain always maintains a tactical distance."
Za'ji: "Tactical distance … right. Za'ji is nothing if not prudent."

Speaking with her:

"When we saw the floating island start to break apart, we assumed the worst. I'm glad to see that you and Sai made it back to us."

The Pride of Elsweyr[edit]

You have the option of speaking with her before going to see Nahfahlaar.

"When we saw the island begin to break apart, it was all I could do to stop Za'ji and Caska from leaping into the Pounce and sailing off to fish you out of the sea.
Can you imagine, trying to navigate while parts of the island were raining down?"
I suppose it's the thought that counts.
"The thought …. You know, I've been thinking. Maybe I'm not actually cut out for the Dragonguard. I feel so young compared to Sai. So … inexperienced.
I'm not sure I could have handled being up on that floating island."
You earned your place in the Dragonguard, Aeliah.
"I did? I mean, I did, didn't I? And I took command of our forces down here while you and Sai were up there ….
You always know just what to say, don't you? Thank you, my friend. I'll keep that in mind even as I strive to gain more experience."
Good luck with everything, Aeliah.

Talking to her again:

"You know, I really do like being a part of all this. Aeliah of the Dragonguard. I'm going to make you and Sai proud!"
So, no more talk of leaving the Dragonguard?
"No, that was just a slight moment of doubt. But you've set me straight, and I take my calling very seriously. I go wherever the Dragonguard needs me.
I will make time to return to Senchal and visit with my father, though. I owe him that much."

Speaking with her before leaving for Senchal:

"I wonder why the queen has asked all of us to come to Senchal? I hope we're not in trouble!"

Aeliah will appear in General Renmus's office after you've spoken with him. Her conversation with her father will be different depending on your choices during the quest. If you convinced General Renmus to allow the Shields to stay in Senchal:

Aeliah Renmus: "Father, excuse the interruption, but the ceremony is about to begin!"
General Renmus: "Perfect timing! And Aeliah, I've accepted Queen Khamira's offer. We shall help her reestablish the Elsweyr Confederacy."
Aeliah Renmus: "That's excellent news, father!"
General Renmus: "Senchal needs the Shields. And the Shields need the support of a monarch."
General Renmus: "Now come along. We need to get all of you to that ceremony!"
Aeliah Renmus: "As you say, father."

If you convinced the General to return to Cyrodiil, the conversation will turn out a little differently.

Aeliah Renmus: "Father, excuse the interruption, but the ceremony is about to begin!"
General Renmus: "Perfect timing! And Aeliah, I won't be accepting Queen Khamira's offer. It's time I returned home."
Aeliah Renmus: "You're leaving Senchal? Returning to Cyrodiil?"
General Renmus: "I've done all I can here. And you have the Dragonguard now. It's time I checked in on the Empire."
Aeliah Renmus: "We can discuss this later. We need to get all of you to the ceremony."
Aeliah at the ceremony

When you arrive at the ceremony, your fellow Dragonguard members will call you out.

Caska: "Look, here comes the slayer of Kaalgrontiid!"
Za'ji: "Yeah, all seven of them …."
Aeliah Renmus: "I told you to go easy on the plum brandy."
Queen Khamira: "Five-claw, come here please."

Speaking to her before Khamira:

"Look at all the people! And they turned out for us! I can hardly believe it!"

Speaking to her after the ceremony:

"What a moving ceremony! I feel honored to have been … um, honored by the queen. Well, you know what I mean."


After the ceremony in the Senchal Palace, Aeliah can later be found near the city wayshrine, where she is settling into her new role:

"Sai Sahan has made me the official liaison between our order and the Shields of Senchal. It's quite an honor!
It's a little strange that father keeps referring to me as Dragonguard now. Perhaps it's just his way of teasing me."