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Chizbari the Chipper
Location Dragonguard Sanctum (after The Dragon's Lair)
Ship The Perfect Pounce
Race Pahmar-raht Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragonguard
Chizbari the Chipper

Chizbari the Chipper is a somewhat ironically named Pahmar-raht and a member of The Perfect Pounce's crew. She later joins the Dragonguard and serves as the daily quest giver for hunting down Dragons in Southern Elsweyr.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Dragon's Lair[edit]

Speak to her on board before leaving to Tideholm and she'll say:

"This one is cleaning. You may help clean, or you may stop bothering this one."
What do you do for Captain Za'ji?
"Whatever needs doing. Cleaning, mopping, stabbing. Sometimes this one stabs and then cleans up afterward. Also, Chizbari is well known for her cheery disposition.
Hooray. See? Chizbari is so cheery."


Speak to her about joining the Dragonguard:

"What do you want?"
Za'ji said you might be able to help the Dragonguard.
"Not surprising. I am the only one who can keep a ledger around here.
You hunt Dragons, I figure out where the Dragons are. And what to do with any parts you bring back, yes? It's the most obvious way to help."
Sounds logical. I'll leave you to it.

Speaking to her again:

"You have given this one an important task, yes? Leave me to do it."

The Dragonguard's Quarry[edit]

After Reformation has been completed, she will reside in the Dragonguard Sanctum and give out daily Dragon hunting quests.

When you approach, she says:

"Damned lizards. Chizbari will make them pay."

Once you talk to her she greets you with one of the following responses:

"Some say that Dragons cannot feel fear. We put that to the test. Today."
"The people of Elsweyr cry out, "why do these Dragons plague us so?" The answer is simple—because we have not killed them yet.
You stand ready to hunt these creatures, yes?"
"Even now, Dragons choke out the sun with their broad wings and bluster. Unacceptable.
You will help Chizbari put an end to it, yes?"
"If you come to hunt Dragons, let us speak. If not, be off. Chizbari has no stomach for small talk."
"Hmm. You have the look of a hunter. Chizbari could use you."
How can I help?
"Dragons sail across Elsweyr, burning everything in their wake. Most run and hide. We do not.
But, to kill a thing we must catch it first, yes? Only a fool would chase them on the wing. No, we must hunt them where they feed."
What do you need me to do?
"Track the beasts to their hunting grounds. There, they grow fat and lazy. In that moment of weakness, gather your allies and slay them. A simple task, but a grave one.
The Dragons must die, walker. Will you do this for the Dragonguard?"
Yes, I'll slay the Dragons at their hunting grounds.

When you have one of her quests in your journal:

"Why do you loiter here, walker? You have work to do."
"Those Dragons will not kill themselves. Go. Now."
"Every moment we spend conversing brings greater chaos to Elsweyr. Enough talk. Go. Remind those Dragons why they should fear us."
"Chizbari has many virtues, but patience is not among them. Kill your Dragons, then we talk."

After you accept a quest from her, you can ask her a little bit about herself.

Do you coordinate all the Dragon hunts here?
"Yes. The others busy themselves with dusty old tomes and fancy rituals. Feh. Chizbari has no stomach for that foolishness.
Did we come to this place to talk or to make war? This one says, get on with it!"
How do you know where to find these Dragons?
"Chizbari saw the beasts up close, just after they erupted from Khunzar-ri's trap. They savaged the surrounding hunting grounds. Killed hundreds of hunters as well. This one's nephews burned like kindling in the first days of the disaster."
I'm sorry to hear that.
"Not as sorry as the Dragons will be, walker.
Chizbari studied them from a distance for many long days and nights. Now this one knows their habits—their weaknesses. Some see them as gods. This one sees only quarry."

When you return from finishing an objective:

"Chizbari smells Dragon's blood. The beasts are slain, yes?"
"Hmm. Bruised, but triumphant, yes? Good."
"Hmm. You walk with a killer's swagger. So, the Dragons are dead?"
"Chizbari hears rumors that several Dragons fell to the Dragonguard. A true tale, yes?"
Yes, I killed the Dragons.
"Good. May Namiira drag them to the darkness where they belong.
Take this as payment, walker. Just know that more Dragons will come. Return tomorrow, yes? Tomorrow's Dragons will die as surely as today's."

Speaking to her after turning in her quest for the day:

"No more hunts today, walker. More's the pity.
Many of these beasts remain alive. Too many. We resume the fight tomorrow."
"Chizbari has no more work for you today, walker. Come back tomorrow—then we talk."
"We resume the hunt tomorrow, walker. You will seek this one out then, yes? Good, good."
"You wish to kill more Dragons? Chizbari approves.
Tomorrow, walker. For now, sharpen your weapons and dream of battles to come."